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3 Things To Ask Yourself When Your Business Isn’t Going Right

#1  Am I Committed? To be successful in business you have to commit to it. It’s good to check yourself and find out if you have been committed to building and growing your business. By committed I mean giving 100% to the growth of your business, putting in the effort necessary to make your business more than a side hobby, and invest the time and energy into making it a business that you want to profit from.  

Get focused on what you really want…streamline your business, get clear about what services or products you offer…then stick to it until something happens.  You need focus to grow your business. You can’t jump at every shiny object, new business idea or opportunity that flashes before your eyes. Don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing from the goals and plans you already have. Distractions cause decrease.  

You grow a great successful company by committing to it until you get your break. Stick it out through the rough patches. Keep your eyes on your prize (your desired results) and be in it to win!  Decide today to recommit your time, effort and resources to growing your company. Don’t settle for what’s convenient. Stick to your commitments. To really succeed at any endeavor, you will have to inconvenience yourself and be willing to do things that take you out of your comfort zone.  Write yourself a commitment contract that says:

I ____________________________  commit my time, effort and resources to growing my company. I will do the things that take me out of my comfort zone. I will reach my desired results, because no matter what challenges I may face, I am in this to win!”   Signature _____________________________     Date___________

Then sign it and put it somewhere that you can see often remind yourself of your commitment to your business.

#2 Am I Connected? A great part of success in business is being connected to the right people. If you’ve been a lone ranger, it’s time you come into the fold and get the support and guidance that can save you years of frustration and bad business moves.  

Consider your five closest business relationships. Do you have the help and support around that you really need? When you are connected to the right people in your industry, it causes doors of opportunity to open for you and you can gain keen insight through the right conversations and observations.

Your circle should include a mentor or coach that can help you leverage your knowledge and help you fast track your business.  You also need a peer group that keeps you accountable and give you support.  You become like those you hang around, so get connected with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are excelling in their businesses. 

This week create a “Get Connected” chart. Put a photo of yourself in the center of a circle, then add photos or write in the names of all the people you want to be connected to.  Consider all the different types of people you need in your support circle and put them on your chart. Do you need a coach? Do you need an accountant or maybe a virtual assistant? Do you have a purpose partner and peer that you can collaborate with or bounce ideas off of?  As soon as you can get connected with the right people…the right relationships can greatly benefit you and make being a entrepreneur much easier and enjoyable.

#3 Am I Counting? Oftentimes, entrepreneurs have no clue how much it cost to run their business because they haven’t really counted up the cost. They haven’t really set a goal for their business. Many business owners have no clue how to come up with their “stay in business” number (how much it will cost you to stay in business and profit). That is why they get so frustrated trying to go to the next level because they simply don’t know what to do to get to the next level. 

Avoid running your business blind by taking time to crunch the numbers and count up what’s working and what’s not. The only way you can track your real results is by looking at the numbers.

Count what’s happening daily, weekly and monthly in your business revenue or expenses. The truth is, if your business isn’t growing, then it’s dying. If your numbers aren’t increasing regularly then you are fizzling out.  

Write out what you actually have made and how much are you really profiting.  You need this information to plan better, market better and get more creative in increasing sales. Sometimes you’re only one success tool, one tele-call, and one workshop away from meeting your financial goal.

This week, I want you to create the GREAT fifteen list: 15 ways you can make your month more profitable. Include on your list all the ways you can generate income from your business, pay yourself, and keep your business running at a high level.

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