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Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win – Characteristics of a Quitter

Look, I just chose that title to get your attention and make you say “what!” and make you curious what I am writing about. I do not at all know the characteristics of a quitter, but I know the characteristics of someone who will not quit and I will give those. If you still want to quit, do the opposite of those realities. That ends this introductory paragraph.

All we need is genuine persistence, perseverance and staying power to genuinely win. To quit, all we need to do is do it. I Mean, it is easy to quit, it is not a big deal. Permanent winning though genuinely is a big deal, a very big deal. Sure, those three things I named as winning qualities seem simple, but practice them yourself or even think about them seriously. You just want to sigh just thinking about them. But they are necessary qualities of a winner.

When you really want something, you can never really quit. Sometimes, what you want, wants you so much, that you cannot even go to the grave and have “quitting time”. The energies of a genuinely determined energy or consciousness can be that strong. Only when you do not want something badly enough is it really hard to achieve. Only when your heart, soul and spiritual energy is not in it is it genuinely impossible. So the main quality of a quitter is not wanting it enough.

Having the strength to genuinely stay the course and not quit is what makes the winner, it is the genuine “gift of the magi” not to sell your soul for something less.

Absolute power to do comes from wanting to do what you want to do absolutely. Other than that, there are weak quitters.

So, right here let me give the secret of the Olympic athlete: They want it enough to be relentless. They usually are not natural athletes (William Bruce Jenner and Michael Phelps), they are not from unusually lucky backgrounds that are amazingly perfect and ideal (read any People magazine article about any Olympic games, so they have that relentlessness going for them, that is usually it, and the work and practice ethic that makes them what they are in that part of “the sports world.” But still, in my reality that is a misuse of winning because so much is sacrificed for so little as an award and a great sendoff that lasts moments when real goals can be pursued and gained.

Real success equals real goals in my reality, and not just gold medals or statues or games played well. I am writing about real productive winning in life and all existence and not just settling for something that “can be achieved” because it is there. I am writing about going for something useful.

For the ultimate quality of a quitter is to “settle for” and not achieve what is really wanted. How is that for fulfilling this article title that I have here on this article? I hope I shocked you into going for what you really want in it all. I hope I helped curtail the last part of the title of this article “characteristics of a quitter” in your life. Some will get it, some will not. I am only concerned with those who get it.


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