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Three Negative Reactions

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I react negatively when I am disconnected from my source of personal power, authority & ability.

It is my disconnection from my state of being who I really am that causes my frustration, anger or intolerance.

Being Frustrated is not being able to do what I want to do.

When my actions are frustrated, I become frustrated.

I am frustrated by either my lack of power or my lack of authority.

I cannot be frustrated when I have enough power although I can be frustrated by too much power.

I appear not to have enough power when I am experiencing negative frustration instead of positive achievement.

My achievement is frustrated by my fear of failure.

When I am positively achieving, there is no failure or frustration.

Frustration is my feeling of failure.
My failure is endorsed by my feeling frustrated.

Together they create my need to achieve.
I need to overcome my frustration of apparent failure.

I am only ever frustrated by my anger & my intolerance.

Being Angry is being powerless to respond.
When I am powerless, I am not being who I choose to be.

I choose to be an aspect of my Beingness that expresses my emotional power.

When I am unable to manage my emotional power, I become angry.

Anger is not the absence of emotional power but a reaction of emotional energy.
It is the presence of negative emotional energy.

When I am angry, my emotional power is being channeled in a negative direction.

When I express my emotional energy in a negative way, I show my anger.

I cannot be angry when I am disconnected from my emotional energy.

My emotions are depressed and so is my anger.

Patience is learned by disconnecting emotionally from what is occurring.
Impatience is caused by my attachment to whatever is occurring.

Anger is my extreme impatience at being unable to manage & express my feelings in a positive way.

Being Intolerant is my inability to tolerate what is occurring in my life.

When my beliefs conflict with whatever is occurring, I become intolerant.

The more conviction that I hold in my belief, the more intolerant I become.
Intolerance is caused by my lack of presence and my lack of acceptance.

When I cannot accept whatever is occurring as a present, I will be intolerant of it.

I become intolerant when I can no longer tolerate & endure the situation that I find myself in.

It is not what is occurring that is intolerable but my belief about the situation I am in.
My tolerant beliefs allow me to tolerate whatever is occurring.

My intolerant beliefs disallow my tolerating a situation.

My faith allows my acceptance.

I am being intolerant when I am moving in the opposite direction to my chosen path.

My intolerance is a sign that I am lost; my anger is a sign that I am confused; & my frustration is a sign that I am not following my path effortless.


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October 2013

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