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The Most Powerful HR Platform for Small Business

Today, company culture is a big part of a business’s success. No matter how well you pay your employees if the culture isn’t right, no amount of money is going to help your business thrive. A great culture starts from the top and with most leadership teams in the thick of it all when it comes to small businesses, things can get lost and bad habits can begin.

This is where having a solid HR department can help; and, studies have shown that employees do well with the right HR practices in place. However, when it comes to many small businesses, they just aren’t equipped to offer a fully dedicated HR department. This leads to trouble with compliance, culture, training, and more.

What’s the solution?

Bambee is the first outsourced human resource compliance solution for small businesses. This means that with their help, any SMB can get access to an experienced HR Manager and run like a Fortune 500 company.

Bambee’s HR Autopilot keeps over 10,000 American Businesses HR compliant all year long, with up-to-date HR policies, mandatory training, and regular, two-way feedback between you and your employees. Plus, with HR Autopilot and your own dedicated HR Manager, Bambee can help your business and employees grow in the right direction with the following benefits and more.

  • HR AUDITS: Quickly Identify Your HR Gaps
  • HR POLICIES: Policies That Protect Your Business and Standardize Your Culture
  • TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS: Training That Keeps Your Staff Compliant and Productive
  • STAFF PERFORMANCE TRACKING: Deliver Feedback to Improve Employee Performance
  • UNDERSTAND EMPLOYEE MORALE: Create A Space For Employees to Speak Their Thoughts
  • COMPLIANT DOCUMENT STORAGE: Comply with EEOC Document Retention Standards

In the end, people want to work at companies that are making their best efforts to follow fair HR practices and that create a rules-based environment. Because employees do better and feel better when they understand the rules around the culture they contribute to.

As an added bonus, Bambee offers flat pricing to offer the best plan that works for you. There are also no contracts. So, head over to Bambee today and view their plans to see how to help your business thrive on the most powerful HR platform for small businesses.

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