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Signs that an Employee is Planning to Quit

Most employees have the habit of quitting their jobs without notifying their employers and giving them the necessary time to search for a new worker that would replace the one leaving. The reason for this action may be fear that the employer may just ask them to stop working as soon as he realizes they are searching for another job, even if they haven’t seen the job yet. Another cause of this action may be fear that the employer may refuse to pay the salary of the present month if they inform them ahead that they are planning to stop. Whatever may be the reason, it is not justifiable to secretly search for a job, stop abruptly after getting your pay and not giving the employer a prior notice of your departure. This situation is a common problem in most companies, that is why employers should be enlightened on how to discover when an employee is planning to quit the job and use that knowledge to safeguard himself or herself by searching for a new worker in the stead of the one planning to quit. This article would unfold to you various signs that shows an employee is trying to quit the job.

Continuous Late Coming

Once an employee starts showing up to work late and this goes on continually for some time, probably giving one or two minor excuses as the reason for their late coming, you can rightly suspect that he or she has been job hunting and attending interviews during those early hours of the day. This is one major sign that the employee is planning to quit.

Lack of enthusiasm and less participation in work

Lack of enthusiasm, eagerness and spirit to work is a major sign that a person is planning to quit the job. Once an employee starts participating less than he or she ought to and frequently disengages himself or herself from work assigned to the team members, then it can mean that such a person is loosing interest and will in the job and if they continue like that, they would consider quitting as an option.

 Weak results

In addition to lack of enthusiasm and less participation in work, most employees that plan quitting a job no longer put in their best efforts to ensure they deliver the best services. As a result, there is normally a decline in their work performance. For employees in this category that formerly had excellent performance would now record weak results because of his or her negligence to work.

Changed Attitude

A changed attitude can be as a result of different things, however it is also a sign that the person is planning to quit his or her job and so cannot be 100% dedicated, committed, and optimistic as they used to be.

Excessive Complains

This is when the employee starts complaining excessively probably about work condition, work environment, work load and tasks to be completed. These were things that he or she used to do formerly without complaining, but all of a sudden, they find it irritating or difficult to do or cope with.


A change in dressing can also indicate that an employee is planning to quit the job. This happens when employees start dressing too formally especially if the current job does not require it. This indicates that there is a probability the employee is attending job interviews, either before showing up for work or after work hours, or even during breaks within the work period.

Being extra careful and secretive

If an employee is working in a place and still searching for another job, that person tends to be extra careful of the things they do and say because they don’t want anyone to discover their intentions and tag them with different names. So in order to avoid this, they become secretive and are extra careful of what they do.

Frequent absence

When the employee doesn’t show up at work as regularly as he or she used to. This frequent absence can be caused by their job hunting or attending interviews to get another job, so it is a key sign that the employee is planning to leave the current job.

Increased personal calls

One major job ethic is to draw a fine line between your personal life and your work life, one of the ways to do that is to commit yourself wholly to work when it’s work time and give time for your private life when you are free from work. Therefore, when an employee starts taking or making frequent personal calls even during work hours, then it therefore means he or she is up to something, and searching for another job is one of the possibilities.

Nothing solid to offer

This doesn’t mean they don’t know what to do or have new innovations or creative ideas to share, but it means they are not willing to offer anything solid or impactful because they would soon be out of there, so they are saving their ideas and won’t share it with a company they are about to leave. They manifest this by keeping silent during meetings, contributing less or nothing at all during discussions, not taking part in long term projects, and so on.

Unwilling to go the extra mile

For employees that know their time is limited in a particular company, they would be unwilling to go the extra mile in their work. They basically would just do their duties and won’t be willing to perfect it to make it exceptional or outstanding.

Not bothered about pleasing the boss

In addition to being unwilling to go the extra mile, they would not be bothered about pleasing the boss in the company in order to get favour or good standing with them because they know the time they have to spend in the company is short.

These are some of the signs that shows an employee is planning to quit from your company. I hope this article has been helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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