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How to Digitalize Your Mechanic Shop and Make more Money?

Are you thinking of expanding your mechanic shop? Do you want to reach more customers around your area and make more cash? If you want your mechanic business to grow to zenith heights, the internet has revolutionized the world, about half of the world`s population is online and the number is increasing every second.

You can harness these opportunities and make huge deals off it. People spend an average of 3 hours per day, thats approximately more than 90 hours in a month. A huge number spend their time shopping, socializing and sharing.
Below are some basic steps on how you can start;
1.       Online Local Business Listing:

You can use; Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo e.t.c. Online local business listing are not just a digital version of the Yellow Pages, where you have to fish through information and flip through pages to find what you’re looking for. They are far better ways through which users can quickly identify, learn about, and contact local businesses relevant to them and their area of residence. Online local business listings can work magic for your small Mechanic shop. A local Business Listing is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location or category. One way local businesses can get found by online searchers is by inclusion in business directories.

People can easily find your mechanic shop through searches and you can use google map to localize your listing or advertisement to a particular region, so that people in the region can easily find your shop and contact you.
Billions use google search; when a keyword that is related to mechanic shop is typed by a client from your area, your workshop will pop-up and will be suggested to the searcher with information of where they can find your mechanic workshop with an information of your products and services.
2.       Create a Social Media Account:

There are Billions on Facebook and twitter including other platforms, you can create a social media account for your mechanic shop and post quality images and videos of your service and product offerings. You can also add online schedules and appointments. You can include your phone numbers and mails. As you get more fans you can then convert these people to paid customers. There are lots of features you can exploit and have a wide outreach for your Mechanic business.

3.       Get an APP:

Getting an App for your mechanic workshop can inform users of new products and offers, it can help you stand out from the competition and reach out to wider demographics. It also Sync users’ email and social media accounts with product and service processes and increases the level of accessibility your customers have to you. The point of a mobile app is to seamlessly connect and interact with your customers, making it a valuable tool for your mechanic shop. Apps reduce costs of SMS messages and newsletters. It will build a strong brand for your shop and boost your profit.

4.       Create a Website:


Usually, when we talk of digitalizing your mechanic shop, the first thing people think of, is to own a website, while owning a website is important, its usually not necessarily the first thing to do. Apps are alternative to owning a shop online. In getting a website, you have to determine what you want people to do there. You can include features like your contacts; if you want them to call you, a map; if you want them to easily locate your shop, an online schedule and appointment; if you want them to make an appointment or you can build an ecommerce site; if you want them to buy products. You can also offer free oil checks and other promotional offers.
You can start with one of the above ideas or all of the above. As your mechanic shop expands, your priorities will change. You can advertise to expand your reach by creating targeted online adverts or campaigns and use analytic tools to measure your progress and behaviours of your customers. Don`t be afraid to start, the tools are easy to use. Take a Dive!!!

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