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How To Build Your Creative Confidence?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and valuable, that can be useful in solving problems. It is the act of inventiveness and turning imaginative ideas to reality. Creative confidence means believing in yourself and in your ability to be innovative. You exhibit creative confidence when you are willing to trade one idea (which didn’t work out) for another idea( a new idea). Creative confidence also means not giving up on yourself because you failed to come up with an idea that meets people’s need. It is the acceptance that everyone has the potential to be creative and one can tap into it in so many ways. Just because you haven’t come up with a great idea now doesn’t mean you can’t come up with one tomorrow, this attitude is called creative confidence.

Everyone needs to know how to tap into their creativity and build their creative confidence, because creativity adds value to you and your work, and your creative confidence would determine if you will actually create something new, or if you will quit after a couple of failed attempts. Now, let us see the 5 ways we can build our creative confidence.

  1. Understand that you have the potential to be creative. The notion that some people are born creative and others are not is a wrong notion. Everyone is born with unique qualities and traits, and everyone has a mind to connect with(and that is where you can tap into your creativity). Believing and understanding this truth is crucial if you want to build your creative confidence. Why I said that is because people around you may try to drown your confidence with many thoughtless words of discouragements, maybe after few failed attempts to create something. They may tell you that you just don’t have what it takes, and you are simply wasting your time and resources trying to invent something that you can’t. Those words of discouragements has made so many people abandon their inventories and shrink into their shell, because their confidence have been destroyed. Therefore, an understanding that everyone has the creative ability within would stand as a foundation in your innovation, so people’s words of discouragements would not make you give up on yourself and your ability.
  2. Understand the true meaning of failure. There is no rule in invention that states you can only try once. There is no rule to the number of attempts you can make as you try to develop something. Because you failed or have failed a couple times in your attempt to create something does not mean it is the end of the road for you. Failure is actually a stepping stone to success. By this I mean that when you fail, it means you have tried something this way and it didn’t work, so now you know it doesn’t work this way, and you can try it the other way. So, you actually made progress. Failure is part of the process of invention. It is not something you should be ashamed of, and not something that should drive you to quit. Failure helps you narrow your options until you get to the right one that would work for you. Importantly, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, don’t let people rub failure on your face as your inability to be productive, then discourage you to give up. That is why an understanding of the true concept of failure would help you succeed instead of quit.
  3. Now that you have understood that everyone has the potential to be creative and having failed attempts does not mean you can’t be innovative, the next step is to overcome obstacles, and by this I mean to face the problem and overcome it. To help you do this, you need to gain new experiences. These experiences would open you to ideas you have not explored before and can be key elements to solving your problems. When trying to overcome your obstacles, commit yourself to continue till you succeed and not give up along the way. The more you seek for experiences and try again, that is the more your confidence would boost. However, not trying to overcome your problems and relaxing would make you grow unsure of yourself overtime.
  4. Furthermore, to build your creative confidence, surround yourself with the right set of people. Avoid people that discourages you and make you feel like giving up, and surround yourself with people that believe in you and support you. Just the way the wrong set of people can destroy your confidence, that is how the right set of people can build your confidence with their encouraging words and relentless aid. In addition, your inner circle should be like-minded to you. They should be people who think and explore their mind. They have a profound influence on you, and if you all are like-minded, you’re likely to build your confidence and succeed sooner rather than later.
  5. Finally, having put every other thing in place, this last step is vital to building your creative confidence. Channel your creativity to meet the right reasons and solutions. What is the whole essence of creativity? It is to bring imaginative ideas to reality. Note- imaginative ideas that would be useful to people. In other to boost your creative confidence, let your invention be useful to people, let your creativity actually solve problems and give people solutions; whatever you decide to do, creatively meet people’s needs, then your creative confidence would grow. The logic is simple. The more you do something meaningful, the more you feel good about yourself and confident of your abilities. This then becomes the final block to continually build your creative confidence.

We have come to the end of this article. In summary, we discussed what creativity and creative confidence means, then its importance, finally we discussed how we can build our creative confidence, and that is by –

  • Understanding that you have the potential to be creative.
  • Understanding the true meaning of failure.
  • Overcome obstacles.
  • Surround yourself with the right set of people.
  • Finally, Channel your creativity to meet the right reasons and solutions.

Thanks for reading!

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