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Let me tell you a story about a friend, who inspired me to greatness and who helped me know my flaws and I believe, we can learn the principle of unity here.

Many at times we take friendships for granted, people enters into relationship for different reasons, perhaps for the wrong reasons or either the right reasons. In the year 2014, before I left for a church mission (For: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), my ideology of friendship was different, I had little or no friends, and this has happened throughout my entire life. I was very careful and selective about whom I walked with or whom I named friends.

I was enshrined with this quote “FRIENDSHIP NOT BY FORCE OR COMPULSORY“ For that reason I learned to do things myself and to achieve goals myself. My independency made me unique but something was missing. I didn’t know how to socialize and work together with people in a team, until November, 2015, when I met a friend and a missionary who was brought to an apartment where I was transferred to be trained. Everything about him was unique and special. He taught me a lesson I had never learnt before. Guess what, he became my best friend and made me feel like a human, prior before then, I had lived a robotic life.

Brother Lord Gyamfi extreme left, Family of Brother Kindness at the Middle and Brother Kosin extreme Right. Photo taken shortly after Brother Kindness Conversion.

Unity and brotherly love was our anchor. We learned together, we worked together and most importantly we improve upon our weaknesses together. All this I cultivated while on mission.

But there was a much better experience which I learned after mission and that inspired me to admire the true nature of friendship. After mission life was tough and rough. My friend started a blog called husseltips and it did a lot of good than imagined. We both had our own difficulties, conditions and cultural differences, but my friend’s undying care, advise and love motivated me. “True friend are those who stand by you when you are at your worst and make room for you in their life”.

This made me come to the conclusion of friendship, our individual identity and husseltips. I expressed this later in a letter I wrote to him and these were my thoughts: “I just don’t know why you named your enterprise “husseltips”. But I am beginning to understand why you named it so. Perhaps, life has toughen you and inspired you to great ideas that no one knows. Ideally, in my mind, I thought why not “Successtips”, because your ideas are guide to success. But the truth is, “before success, one has to Hussle, equivalents to “No pain no gain”. People say “Lord you are good and you are blessed with talent, but I say Kosin you are God gifted and magnificent than I am.” No one at your age could accomplished the things you have achieved, you have proven track records of it. Those who knows you can attest to it. Is that not God gifted? 

Think of it for a moment. The powerful content you and your wife post everyday with your consistency, sets both of you apart.

Lord Gyamfi and Kosin Oghenekaro (A.K.A Chris)

I know even at this denture, where I struggle in life with my family, I will never forget your effort, the opportunities and sacrifice you gave me. If I have ever disappointed you, please kindly forgive me. Besides you, I have never seen a friend or other words known a brother like you, but yet from different mothers. Always blessed the lord for the wife you have and hold her close to your heart. I know she will never fail you. I don’t have much to say, I have to get going. HUSSELTIPS!- the battle begins and we will forever fight to the end.

HUSSELTIPS! – until victory is attain, we will never stop fighting! ” Dear friends, if you have ever nurtured friendship and family, one would come to know that the thin line that lies between them is “TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS FAMILY, AND ANY FAMILY WITHOUT FRIENDSHIP CANNOT PREVAIL”  I found a true friend and I truly did discover a belonging family. God blessings, Thank you.

Writer: Lord Gyamfi

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