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9 strongest Marketing Words you Should Know

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. -Benjamin Franklin.

The nine (9) strongest Marketing Words you Should Know are listed below;

#1. You
You should know that Marketing is all about the customer.
#2. Risk Free
The customer should feel secure giving you their money.
#3. Limited Time
You should create a sense of urgency.
#4. Free
I believe by now you must have figured out that no one can resist freebie.
#5. Secret
You should know that everyone wants to be part of a special tip, trick or deal
#6. Easy
You definitely know that no one wants to deal with the hussle.
#7. Instantly
You should know that no customer likes to wait in line. 
#8. Don’t Miss
You should know that no one likes to miss out from that which satisfies. Capitalise on the fear of missing out!
#9. Because
You should show the customers why they need it. When customers perceive products usefulness and easy of use, they are more likely to adopt the product.

Use them with honest and sincere intents. Don’t use them to mislead. Be genuine in your desires to meet needs and satisfy wants at profit.


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