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9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Rich Yet

That’s rich in the ‘you have lots of cash’ sense, not the happy or fulfilment sense. I think that money can make you happy and has the ability to help you reach fulfilment ( hopefully you are satisfied by whatever you are doing to earn it though. )

This is because once you boil it down money is just a tool to help you buy most of the things that you want in life. Be it material possessions, a nice house, a business or maybe even stuff that you just need to survive like food.

Most of us just work the day job and plod away for a few decades. This is called ‘surviving’. You won’t get rich and afford yourself unique life opportunities this way.
Hopefully you are wanting more if you are reading this!

Why you Aren’t Rich Yet

1. No Plan.

You haven’t even sat down and realised that on your current employment path, you probably won’t do much more than pay your house off during your working life. This means one thing, you have no Plan!

2. No Action.

With having no plan, you don’t have a goal or the drive to succeed. So without the drive or realisation to make more money, you have no action, no movement towards more income.

3. Wasting Your Own Money.

You spend surplus money on waste when this extra money could be saved for small business start-up funds or invested in things like shares. Remember that a sacrifice now, will be more than rewarded in the future due to the compounding effects of investment.

4. Wasting Your Time.

With your 16 hours a day that you are awake, you are wasting lots of time on tasks that are not productive for you. This time could be spent at a casual second job for a couple of hours, freelancing online, contracting on small local jobs like house repairs or lawn mowing. These $20-$50 injections of capital quickly add up, and will help buy equipment needed for you to start a small business of your own.

5. No Business Knowledge.

Your knowledge on business and the economy is lacking. Read as much as you can online about small business, online marketing, shares, the markets etc. Get some books out from the library or go out and talk to friends who are involved in business and pick their brain for as much advice as you can get. When you know more about ‘making money’ you ask more questions and become aware of the possibilities that are out there, for you to make a buck.

6. Too Scared To Try.

Spending all of your time wondering and thinking of how you can make money is good but you need to try things to learn. Learning by doing is the best method in my opinion. The feedback is instant and the learning sticks with you. Start making things to sell on eBay or approach local business owners and see if there is anything you can do for them. Stop worrying about what if’s and work through all the roadblocks you will most likely be putting up in front of yourself.

7. Not Enough Networking.

When successful people surround you it is much easier to be successful yourself. Money attracts money so to speak. Not all of us have this advantage so it’s important to keep an eye out for opportunities to network. This could be investment or business clubs, expo’s or just people in your extended friend or family network who have got some entrepreneurial experience to share.

8. Your Patience is Crap.

You have just got to work through issues and stick it out until something begins working. Starting a small business or working towards venture capital may not happen overnight for the vast majority of us. This means that there is going to be times where you want to give up and throw your hands in the air in defeat. Do not do this, push through it. Have some balls.

9. You Don’t Want It Enough.

This one is plain and simple. Despite all these other reasons you just don’t want to be wealthy. You can’t hack the hard work or the setbacks that most will have on the road to success. Be it stress, fear of failure or plain bad luck. Some are lucky, but most of us won’t be so having some faith and creativity will go a long way towards achieving your next goal.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t want more money because I am essentially greedy or materialistic. It’s because I value what money lets us do. It allows freedom in both the way you live and for the pace at which you choose to live. You can get out of laborious work schedules in jobs you may not like and you can have a go at business ventures and such.

Money gives you the power of choice and it is only up to you to make more of it.

Take action in your life and start doing things today.

Good luck!

About Author :
Ben Meyers is an online entrepreneur living in Australia. His online business blog TheMoneyTap contains guides and resources to help others start their own online business. For a free 7 Day eCourse – Build An Online Store visit his blog and sign up:

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