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5 Best Side Hussle Tips – “Money Maker”

Your day job might help meet your primary needs. But your side hussle will give you the financial freedom you always craved because a little extra cash can go a long way to save the day.

Below are some hussle tips that can help you achieve financial freedom.

#1. Drop Shipping Hussle

This is about the best side hussle. It provides you the opportunity to sell products directly to buyers without stocking the products yourself, you don’t buy the products you sell, you don’t carry the inventory and its cost neither do you do the shipping, the manufacturer carries the inventory and ships the product on your behalf to the buyer. All you have to worry about is the “marketing”.

Another fascinating thing about drop shipping hussle; you get to start within any of your favourite passion.

Do you love styling people’s hair? You can sell hair extensions and other magnificent hair products as you build an audience who enjoys hairstyling tutorials.

Almost any niche can be pursued with drop shipping hussle.

Just be creative and run wild with your ideas. After all, you are the owner of your business, you always have the final say with drop shipping hussle.

How much can a drop shipper make?

To answer simply: hundreds to thousands to millions of $$$.

There is no roof on how much you can make drop shipping. The world loves shopping online.

Larry Flowers, A marketing and internet director have been making a living from drop shipping hussle for more than 10 years now while Felix Page has a store that consistently makes $20,000 revenue each month on a solid profit margin from drop shipping hussle.

Want to start? Click here

#2. Instagram Hussle

An average Instagram influencer charges at least $200 per sponsored post and this figure increases to thousands of dollars as audience size increases.

Hussle Tips for becoming an influencer

  • Pick a niche
  • Get an Instagram business account
  • Write an effective Instagram Bio
  • Focus on your content quality and features
  • Post regularly and daily
  • Use the right hash (#) tags

You won’t be able to monetize right away. So, invest your time in growing your followers by posting several times a day, every day.

Do you love cooking? You can build an Instagram following around your catering hussle. You also get to monetize your Instagram account through; sponsored posts, Instagram take over or selling your catering services.

#3. Sell Photos

If you’re skilled in the art of photography and you own a camera. Extra cash can be earned by providing photographic products and services.

Pictures you took can easily be used to add value to items that becomes irresistible to consumers, giving you more money than directly selling them. These pictures can be branded on mugs, t-shirts, canvases, banners, Windows etc.

You make extra hundreds or thousands of dollars a month selling pictures online on a stock photo site. If you are into wedding photography, you could make thousands of dollars $$$ and even more.

#4 Sell Gigs on Fiverr

You can make anywhere from $50 to $200 a month depending on the gig you sell on Fiverr and your prospect for success on Fiverr is largely dependent on the reviews you get i.e your star ratings so you should map out a plan to get quality reviews and you will see yourself make quality cash $$$ on Fiverr.

#5 Start Blogging

In the beginning you might not make anything at all from blogging and you will invest everything, but a determine diligent blogger will stick it out past the first few years and eventually ending up making cool cash $$$ enough to quit his full-time job.

We recommend you read —>>> Common Blogging Pitfalls

Conclusively, the reward for venturing into a side hussle will way surpass your expectations and land you on envisioned success. Be determine, strategic and focused. Have fun!

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