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15 Guidelines to Become a Successful Event Planner

Event planning is the process of planning, organizing, executing, and managing events. These events are weddings, birthdays, festivals, parties, meetings, ceremonies, activities, conferences, and lots more.

An event planner is the person that carries out all the duties of event planning. They put in all their efforts to make sure events go smoothly. They are in charge of choosing the venue the event will be held, hiring the caterers that would be in charge of foods and drinks in the event, selecting the choice of entertainment, and other aspects of the events.

Event planning is not an easy job, but it is fun and exciting if you love drafting out plans and bringing them to life, or if you love making things happen and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Here are 15 guidelines to become a successful Event Planner.

  1. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

If you haven’t already, place obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree as your priority if you want to become an Event Planner. It is not as if you cannot start without a degree, but people would prefer hiring a professional to handle their events, and professionals are required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Your degree option is equally important. Consider getting a degree in either Hospitality management, Business, Marketing, Public Relations, or Tourism management; these choices of degree further trains you on how to be an effective event planner, and will avail you with the opportunity to develop your inherent traits. In addition to these, try to go for professional certificates like Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) or Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP).

  • Get Experience

As I earlier stated, people would be more comfortable if you are a professional, and they would feel their events are in good hands if you have previously accomplished event planning. Now, what are the opportunities available for you to get experience-

➡️ Volunteer to render your assistance when someone plans an event. It doesn’t matter which field you are placed because every bit of experience you get is important.

➡️Take responsibilities when opportunities avail themselves. Don’t wait for someone to do it, instead make it your responsibility and put things in order.

➡️Take a course on event planning to improve yourself.

  • Create your Event Portfolio

Advertise your work using photos, brochures, and invitations of events you have planned. Organize it to easily present your experience and share your stories. You can create a website, social media accounts, business cards to further advertise yourself.

  • Be Social and Friendly

Your work as an event planner will give you the opportunity of meeting different types of people; this would not be a problem if you are social and friendly. A social person is a guru of small chats; he or she starts conversations, make contributions to conversations, smiles and laughs often and easily, invite people to get involved in activities, ask questions, and gives compliments. So, if you are social and friendly, you can adapt to any situation, and adjust to the different lifestyles you will come across.

  • Be a hard worker

Event Planning is not an easy job, nor a day’s job. It requires time, resources and commitments. If you want to be successful in this field, you have to be hardworking and willing to commit yourself, time and resources to make your events successful.

  • Work Ethics

Event Planning just like other jobs has its own work ethics. They include time consciousness, completing tasks on time, maintaining cordial relationship with clients, and having the ability to pay close attention to details.

  • Be determined to succeed

If you are determined to succeed, you would be willing to offer your best services and do all you can to make your events spectacular.

  • Be Organized

Organization is an essential skill that every worker must possess irrespective of your job field. To be organized is to be timely, pen things down, draft and follow schedules, create back-ups, not procrastinating, and set priorities.

  • Positive Attitude

To be positive is to be optimistic and see the good and opportunities in things. It means to focus on the bright side of your career. Every worker faces unforeseen obstacles in their businesses and jobs, but only those with a positive attitude would triumph over it and get back on track.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Communication helps us express our ideas to people, and understand their expectations from us. Good communication skills includes been a good listener, polite speaker, clear and audible when speaking, asking questions and granting requests.

  1. Nurture Relationships

It is not easy to get clients, so you need to strengthen your relationship with them in order not to loose them to other event planners. Learn to stay in touch.

  1. Follow the Trend

No one wants their events to look out-of-date. Researching new ideas would help you know what’s in Vogue, and following the trend would make your events look classy and popular.

  1. Request for Customer’s Feedback

You may feel satisfied with the efforts you made in planning an event and the outcome of it, but it is important to know what your client feels about the event; this would help you make plans to improve yourself and the quality of your events. Occasionally review past and present customer’s reviews, to check your improvement.

  1. Be a Problem Solver

Don’t give up when you face challenges trying to acquire a client or fixing up an event. Be a problem solver by thinking of ways to overcome your challenges.

  1. Be Creative

The mind is the home of creativity. As an event planner, you should work with your mind. You have the potential of transforming a large empty room to a space filled with warmth, dash of colours, energy and laughter. Think of things people haven’t done before and do it, or do the normal thing in a different way.

If you follow these 15 guidelines, I am confident that you will become a successful Event Planner. Thanks for reading.

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