The Core Business Element of all Time

When it comes to business growth and development, we often look at a list of many factors and elements that affects the overall business performance ranging from SME`s to large conglomerates.  Just name them. But after all that can be named and mentioned, What I consider the most important Factor with full secondary and primary data source as authority, is INTEGRITY without owing any apologies.

Integrity is defined as being Perfectly honest and upright in all things; thoughts, words and actions. A business is considered a living entity or system.

“Honest Business is truthful even when it is not easy or convenient. Honest Business means not lying or stealing for any reason.  A Business of integrity is true at all times to customers (internal and external) in all relations.”

Consider the following allegory;

“There once was a boy who lived with his mother and father. Their family was poor. The father got a job with a company that processed mangoes. The man thought the rich owner of the business would not miss a few mangoes. So, the father stole three mangoes one day for himself, his wife, and their boy. He said to his wife and boy: “What difference do three mangoes make to the business? The owner will not miss them and we like mangoes.” The boy knew that his father did not pay for the mangoes, but he ate one anyway because he was hungry. The father continued to bring three stolen mangoes home to his family every day and they continued to eat. The boy grew up and had a wife and a boy of his own. He got a job with a company that builds bridges, and helped to build a long bridge across a large river. He thought that the rich owner of the bridge building business would not miss a few building materials. So, while he was working on the bridge, he stole materials to build a house for his family. Because he took many materials that were supposed to be part of the bridge, it lacked structural integrity when it was finished. Many people (including the man’s wife and boy) celebrated the completion of the bridge by gathering together on the bridge for a ceremony. However, because the bridge lacked materials that were supposed to be used on it, it was not as strong as it looked. It collapsed during the ceremony and everyone—including the man and his family—were very sad.”-except from Integrity and Honesty: A Family, Three Mangos, and a Bridge by Elder Marcus B. Nash, Africa West Area President.


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Updated 19 October, 2018

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