9 Powerful Steps in Starting a Courier Service Business

Step 1 create a name for your small courier service business.

Step 2 Apply for a Business license in your country.

Step 3 Identify A Target Market -Decide whether you want to focus on residential or business customers, or Both. Decide what type of packages you will pick up and deliver such as personal gifts, checks and money order, perishable goods or body organs. Limit the weight of the items you pick up and deliver you desire.

Step 4 Know Your Competitors -Call competitive delivery or courier services in your area. Obtain their rate for various package sizes, client types or mileage if applicable. Price your services comparable to these other courier businesses.

Step 5 Create A Website for your business courier service or have a web designer create one for you. Place your website on all business cards, fliers, brochures and advertising materials. Place your website in various search engines such such as Google.com and Yahoo.com.

Step 6 Contact Small businesses, office complexes, hospitals and schools to procure commercial clients. Leave a business card and brochure with business manager. Stress that you can provide more personal attention with your courier service over larger companies.

Step 7 Advertise your courier service business in the print and online yellow pages.

Step 8 Maintain a log of all pick-ups and deliveries. Arrive for each pick-up on time as customers will be more likely to use your service again.

Step 9 Hire other drivers as your business expand. Create and manage a despatch centre, then customer service agents. Spend your time focusing on building, expanding and manage existing and new customers.

Reference Source: Bornforentreprenuers.com

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