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“Your Right Hand”- By Kingsley Nyamali


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The song, “Your Right Hand” is not just a gospel music, it is a revelation. The Right Hand of God signifies Strength, Power, Ability…. This song shed light on Jesus being at the right side of God, sitting in Authority. Please read Mark 14:62. Let him who reads understand.

The inspiration for this song comes from reminiscing on the amazing and awesome things that God has done in my life. My overall life experiences. The choices, decisions, moves…. these and more has shaped me into the man that i have become, and God has been at The Center of it all. I remember the day I gave my life to Christ, funny enough i had been a “Christian” all along, but i didn’t truly know Christ! The day i gave my life to Christ i was not at Church, neither was i at a prayer house…. I was in my room, in my closet and The Lord visited me! Let him who reads understand. “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

2013 was the year! I was staying with my immediate elder brother, and I was facing some challenges. I needed a change in my life, an upgrade… but things weren’t adding up, so i made up my mind to seek the face of God, and that was how i encountered Christ. I studied the Bible and prayed ceaselessly. There’s this part in the Bible that i will never forget. After Jesus had been arrested and brought before the High Priests… Please read John 18:19-23. I cried! “Your Right Hand is full of love.” “In all his Glory, He could have summoned the Host of Angels, but He chose humility and succumbed to the Will of God!” I couldn’t help but fall in love with Him.

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On the 3rd day or thereabout of intense study of the Bible, alone in my closet, The Lord visited me!
From that day forth, my life changed.

Thanks for reading! If you had a similar experience kindly comment…or if you would like to share your own experience on how you encountered Christ, please do.
Love you all with the love of Christ!

About Me:

I am Kingsley Nyamali a Nigerian gospel Artist from Edo State. Born in Benin in the mid 80’s. I started my musical career as a chorister in the Catholic Church, where I mastered classical music, and also played the Drum set.

I am a passionate and loving Husband, self motivated Singer, Song writer, Motivator….

I was born and raised in a Christian family with a sister and 5 brothers. I attended Victory Primary School and Immaculate Conception College (ICC), both in Benin City, Edo State.

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