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Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

Depending on your type of business, sometimes additional workers are needed in the organization during some specific period due to increased demand of products, services and excessive workload. These additional workers are not normally your regular staff, they are people that just comes in to work for that period of (normally an agreed duration of time), after the contracted time is exhausted, they return to their various personal businesses; they are referred to as Seasonal workers. At one point or the other in your business, you may need to hire seasonal workers, that is why this article would be helpful to you, as it discusses the tips every employer needs to know when hiring seasonal workers.

  1. Employment contract- remember that these are not your regular staff, so there is need to draft out an employment contract before they even begin working. The employment contract should contain the duration of time the services of that worker would be required, work days and hours, the agreed salary or wages, included incentives or not, work condition, and so on. The essence of the employment contract is for the employer and worker to reach an agreement in order to avoid future problems that may arise. The contract now serves as an evidence of their agreement.
  2. Team Selection- it is true that seasonal workers are short term workers but that does not mean that they shouldn’t be carefully selected before recruitment. The essence of hiring them is to get the necessary added support to your original workforce, so if you hire the wrong people and add to your team, it may have a negative effect on your team and your organization as well. Therefore, it is important to select and hire the right people to add to your team as they too can make a major difference and impact on your organization.
  3. Start early- start early to hire your seasonal workers because just the way you are sourcing for added workers, other companies are doing same. The importance of starting early is to get the best seasonal workers and not the ones left over by other organizations. So, catch them early!
  4. Ask for referrals- asking your current staff or trusted friends to refer people willing to work during the season to you is a wonderful way to get good workers. This is because someone is standing in for them, assuring you that they would work effectively and deliver the best services. Also, it would help you have an additional contact in case you need to reach those workers another time.
  5. Train your new team members- most managers don’t really do this because they see the seasonal workers as short term workers, so they feel there is no need spending or should I say wasting resources to train and equip them when their contract with the organization would expire after some time. The irony of this is that by refusing to train your seasonal workers, you are only causing damage to yourself and your organization. Remember that the essence of employing them is for you to boost your business and grow, so by not training them, you are not helping them develop the necessary skills needed to deliver excellent services and it would only affect you and your business at the end of the day.
  6. Consider their personalities and attitudes- before hiring them, watch out for their personalities and the attitudes they possess. This is important because it would have a profound effect on your organization’s performance. If they possess a good personality and a positive attitude, they would be able to contribute positively to the organization’s growth, but if their personalities, character, and attitude is negative and bad, it can crumble your business’ good effort and render everything void. This is the reason why you need to consider the personalities and attitudes of the prospective workers before hiring them.
  7. Treat them with respect- treat them respectfully and with regards. Don’t make them feel less important in the workplace. Help them settle in and fit into the organization as part of your team and not just extra hands needed. Don’t let other long-term workers look down on them or disrespect them. Let them feel belonged at least for the time they will spend with you. If you can respectfully do this, they would be happy, relaxed and comfortable, and be ready to deliver their best services to you.
  8. Advertise the job opening- the advantage of advertising the job opening is that the news of it would reach out to many interested workers and as a result, a lot of applications would be coming into the organization. With much applications to sort and decide on, you would be able to get the best people out of the many applicants. On the other hand, if you don’t advertise the job opening, the applicants would be less and you would have to manage whoever comes in because you dire need the extra hands.
  9. Keep records- keep records of the information of your seasonal workers; their contacts, qualifications, the services they can render, and other information included in the employment contract. By keeping record of all these necessary information, you would be able to review them and easily reach, contact, and employ their services whenever you need them.
  10. Retain your seasonal workers- this may yet be one of the important tips you should consider. Retaining your seasonal workers would save you the stress of having to search for and employ seasonal workers every time you need extra hands in your organization. In your bid to retain your seasonal workers, let them know your intentions before their current contract with you expires and discuss whatever terms or conditions that needs to be put in place to ensure it is successful.
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We have discussed 10 tips for hiring seasonal workers. If you consider and apply them as you recruit your seasonal workers, it is guaranteed that you would employ the best services and get the additional support and growth you expect for your business. Thanks for reading!