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The Inward Approach to Problem Solving

Today, I saw powerful quotes about looking inward, the quotes have really inspired me to change the way I have approached difficult situations. I will list but a few of the quotes for you to read, just maybe it will inspire you to do something different that will change many things or even everything.

Here you go;

 “To live happily is an inward power of the soul.” Marcus Aurelius

“As you allow flow and change to occur, and as you keep looking inward, letting go of situations that cause you grief, and increasing the amount of time spent in situations that allow you to be happy, your world will change.” Doe Zantamata

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” Plutarch

“The intelligent person will go inward first. Before going anywhere else, you will go into your own being. That is the first thing, and it should have the first preference. only when you have known yourself can you go anywhere else. Then wherever you go you will carry a blissfulness around you, a peace, a silence, a celebration.” Osho

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu

There comes a time when you have to look inwardly and search yourself but we don`t always give opportunity for that time. We often look outward first rather than inward. 

When you are sick, where does the doctor look? Outward or inward? Well, the answer is, it depends on what the medical doctor is looking for and the problem he wants to solve. 

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There is nothing bad in look outward or inward for solutions but when the problem does not require we look outward and we look inward, then we are looking rightly.

Hence when there is a problem, let’s try to know what the problem is, what led to the problem and the current situations surrounding the problem. When we do this we look inward and try to understand the problem before looking outwardly for solutions. The problem is that when people are confronted with problems they either wish the problems goes away like the wind or they rush quickly at the solution. Some even blame others and live with hatred in their hearts. Blaming others and hating will only create for us a compound problem. Why not keep the problem simple rather than compounding, complicating and compiling problems for ourselves.

Remember that problem is part of the cycle of life and you have to solve them until you find your place in the cycle of life. We are problem solvers and creators-that is what we do; solving and creating problems- hence everyone wants to be helped and wants to help.

But be careful not to create problems for yourself and others but even when you are careful, you are still either a problem to yourself or others. I do not know why it is like that. But do your very best not to create for yourself unnecessary expectations, because when the expectations are high and the resources are low there is bound to be trouble within and outside.

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The change will not just happen in three weeks of self examination but the true result can be found in consistent and diligent efforts to reach your goals strategically.