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Smart and Cheap way to Do Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping is a retailing method where the seller does not own or stock the product sold to consumers. Instead, when a retailer sells a product using dropshipping method, he/she purchases the product from the wholesaler and have it shipped directly to the final consumer. The retailer does not have to handle the product directly.

Dropshipping is smarter than the normal method of retailing for the following two reasons;

  1. The normal method of retailing requires that you stock and keep an inventory of the products but dropshipping method does not stock and keep an inventory of the product.
  2. The normal method of retailing requires that you fulfill the shipping order to the consumer but dropshipping does not worry about fulfilling the shipping order.

There are more reasons why dropshipping is smarter but I will only be focusing on these two.

Having defined what dropshipping is about. It is germane to know that there are different methods to approaching the hussle. In this hussle tip I will be unveiling a method that can cost you up-to 30-100 dollars to learn but I will share the information with you for free. The method happens to be the cheapest and easy to approach.

Here are the steps to follow;

  • Get a Domain and WordPress Hosting for your E-commerce Store:

If you already have a domain and hosting you can skip this step. But if you don`t have then click on this link to get a very cheap offer of 12 dollars for domain and hosting for one year.

Once you have gotten the domain name and hosting, then we can go to step 2.

  • Setup Your Ecommerce Store Email Account:

It is the email account that you will use to open a PayPal business account and respond to clients.

  • Design Your Ecommerce Store from the WordPress Dashboard:

Designs are very important especially the site mapping that will lead to action for the visitors is crucial to making sales. So thoroughly map out the design so that visitors can easily buy what they are looking for within the shortest time without having to visit too many pages.

  • Download the Dropshipping Plugin:

The plugin can be downloaded from it is free and the plugin will enable you to import 50 products from Aliexpress for free. This plugin will help you manually pick and edited 50,000+ best selling dropshipping products and now you can import them to your WordPress store without any hassle with editing and setting the prices. You can edit the description if you wish.

  • Install the Paypal Payment Plugin:

Click on plugin from your WordPress dashboard and click on add new plugin. Search for paypal payment then install and activate the plugin. For the paypal payment plugin to work you should have a business paypal account which will enable you to receive payments irrespective of Country. With a Paypal Business Account a Nigerian can send and receive payments which can easily be transfered to your Bank Account.

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Once your shop is properly setup with products, policies, terms, contacts and payment methods is in place. Now is time to market your products via social media. You can develop promotional videos and photos. I will recommend you use Facebook for paid adverts because it is cheaper and will give you better results.

But is this all the secrets, no! What do you do when a consumer buys from your website? How do you then ensure that the consumer gets his product?

Here is the Smart Way:

Once an order is made from your shop. You will then go to Aliexpress, then go to the exact product and buy it using the customers address.

Financial Example with a Wrist Watch;

let’s say you imported a 30 dollars wrist watch to your shop. In aliexpress the wrist watch is sold for 30 dollar but in your shop after importing it, you put the price at 40 dollars. When a buyer buys for 40 dollars from your shop, you will then navigate to aliexpress and buy it for 30 dollars with the buyers address in the shipping address, Aliexpress will take it up from there and ship the product to the buyer. You get to keep 10 dollars as profit. This is just an example. In reality your profit ranges from 2 dollars to 30 dollars on the average for a product sold.


Business requires smartness not just hard-work. Thinks smart and earn big. You don`t need to have a phone to sell a phone and make a profit from selling phones. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment below.