A love so strong
It makes me wonder
You can’t possibly be man
But you are
A superman

Why me? Why?
Life, shelter, food
A five-star family
Fabulous friends
A nation I can identify with

You must want something
Your love makes no sense
I’ll make you a deal
You can have all my money
And all of my joy, my body even

I’ll give you all that
But you aren’t interested in just that, right?
You want to love me unconditionally
Till I’m consumed by it
And surrender to you.

You want me smiling all day long
Even if it means taking my tears
You’ll take the ashes if I will, the beauty
You want a kiss on your cheeks every morning
You want that I remain by your side forever.

I know
Yes, I know
The firmness of your touch tells me that
It’s written in your eyes
Just how badly you want me

You’ve made a sacrifice for me
A sacrifice I can’t repay
Why such debt on me?
Now, you want me dancing naked before you
Yet clothed with pride, poise and perfection.

Will forever be  loving you Yahweh

By Kehinde Anita

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