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Making ‘HOPE’ a Business Master Plan

A sense of hope, can help companies of all classification prosper. Hope is what keeps us going. Without hope there is nothing to live for. Every business has a Vision; which is a foresight of what they hope to become. This vision guides and propels actions for the present, which drives them to achieve predetermined goal. But when Hope is not properly anchored on the right source. It gives way…. and boom… there is cause for alarm.

The business is just like a ship sailing without an anchor (hope), is in for real trouble. Like every sailor never jokes with the anchor, every business should never under rate the importance of hope. With the anchor in place, the sailor is optimistic about reaching his destination and his confidence is strong, like wise Hope can be manifest in optimism and confidence.

As leaders of companies seek to instill hope, employees would have the desires to be part of the Vision of the organization. To build hope is to apply the principles of integrity and loyalty in business. When promises are made. They should be kept, that way the employees and employer builds trust. You can not build hope without trust. Terms must be kept and clearly explained.

You must have observed, that those with limited understanding are more likely to give up, when met by challenges, which they think is beyond them. Organizations should focus on training employees. There is growth in repetitious training. As their knowledge expands, there should be room for application of what has been learnt. Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Hope will push you to heights. It will energize diligence, it will breed passion, it will promote resilience, it will execute tasks with little or no supervision and establish achievement of envisioned results timely.

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