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Hussle Tips to Making Progress in Life


Life is a puzzle to everyone who live in it. It is saddled with ups and downs including complexities and uncertainty, because of the challenges of this life, some people  tend to spend their whole lives dissatisfied, in search of progress but we forget that life is beautiful and each of us have everything we need for us to experience and feel the beauties of life.

Despite the problems of life there are also solutions to these problems. Once we are able to find the solution and solve the problem/puzzle, we make progress in the path that leads to happiness and joy. But our inability to solve the puzzle on our path means we can’t make progress until the puzzle/problem is solved, some of us give up after several attempts and accept that we are failures and that we are not capable or smart enough to solve the puzzles. For those who think the puzzle/problem has prolonged for too long, I will encourage you to take courage and fuel your dedication and diligence. Keep trying! Never give up!

I have learnt that there is solution to every problem. I am convinced that there are applicable initiatives packaged for progress in life’s journey. We must let go of languor. Most of the time we become careless, and this pulls down our progress. Each day you can make progress if you do something different to improve what you have done poorly in the past. But this cannot be achieved if you do not come to self-awareness-know where you are now, where you want to get to and then your start planning ways to get there, after planning, you act on your plans and if you did not succeed, you take control of the situation and check your plans again to determine what you need to change, then try again. With every failure your will discover a new way to getting things done, you will learn knew things and you most certainly be closer to the solution. If you always access your performances and seek for feedback and initiatives that will help you progress.

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Another great enemy to your progress in life is the believe that; “I can depend on someone or something for decisions and what I need to survive”- this believe system weakens us and affects our ability to put the necessary effort that will initiate change in the positive direction.

Another great enemy to your progress in life is the believe that; “I don’t have enough knowledge, money and other resources to start, when I have the perfect knowledge, skill, money and other resources then I can approach and solve the problem” My dear friends, you have just enough to start and lift where you stand.

 Another great enemy to your progress in life is the believe that; “its not my fault at all, I blame anyone or anything for my problems.” If you do not take responsibility for your problem, you are saying that you are powerless over the problem that you face and you have allowed yourself to be an object that is only acted upon and not as someone who is capable of acting for himself/herself.

Another great enemy to your progress in life is; “the tendency to lack confidence in yourself regarding the problems that you currently face”  to help you overcome this challenge you have to identify the source of this problem and try to identify the elements that you have power to change, speak to a love one and also focus your mind on the times where you have succeeded in doing things on your own.

Another great enemy is the inability to develop SMART goals. A smart goal should be S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Realistic and T-Time bound.

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You must believe that you can if you dare. You must develop realistic expectations, you must believe that you are special and capable of doing special things, you must focus on your abilities, you must be ready and willing to confront the problem head on, you must be passionate about your goals, you must develop the right attitude, take calculated risk and try and try  again when you fail until you succeed. See you at the top, don’t come late, act now!