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How to make Extra income while sleeping?


While most people won`t sleep because they want to make an extra income. You can be sleeping and making extra income. But the question is how can this be done? While there are several ways to do this. I will be speaking on one tough, reliable and dream breaking method. And that is through BLOGGING. A lot has been said about blogging over the years and this business is still very trending so long as the internet stands. You and I know that the internet and web technologies have come to stay for good.

Blogging is the world most popular way to make extra income. And the good thing is that it is cheap to start and will only take you a few minuets to set up your extra income-making blogsite.

We all know that you can start a blog for free. But it will be more rewarding to have your own unique domain and a hosting platform. When it comes to getting a domain and hosting a lot of people struggle. For me, I use 1&1. With 1&1 you can start a wordpress hosted blogsite with as little as 12 dollars for your first year for hosting and domain. The blog loads fast plus you have lots of blog designs to choose from.

Once you have done the above, you can start turning your creativity into cash by developing wonderful contents that people will love and want to share. You can get ideas from google search engine, social media contents, other website, blogsite and survey site. The ideas will help you write on popular topics, and this will get you huge traffic in no time. To also increase site traffic, you can use facebook advertising and give gifts to your readers. Facebook advertising is very effective and very cheap to start and get immediate results.

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First Strategy to Make Money Off Your Blog

Once your blog is up and running it is best to start off by join different affiliate programs, perhaps you may want to join the once that are related to the topic you are writing about. Using this post as a case study. I have registered with 1&1, their products are great. I have also registered for their affiliate program, and this post topic is very much related, so what I did was to add my affiliate link in this post, when someone reads this post and want to use my recommendation, he can click on my affiliate link, which will take him/her to the 1&1 website. If he/she purchases from 1&1 website. I get to receive commission for that purchase at no cost to the purchaser.

Second Strategy to Make Money Off Your Blog

The second strategy comes as a result of increased site traffic because earning from this strategy is directly proportional to traffic, but for the first strategy it is not directly proportional to traffic, but web traffic can also influence earnings from the first strategy but not as much as this second strategy. The second strategy has to do with selling of advertisement space on your site. As your traffic grows the value of your advert space will also grow. You can start off small like making $10 per ad, but as time goes and traffic increases you may eventually charge up to $2,000 per advert space for a month or less.

Third Strategy to Make Money Off Your Blog

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This strategy is a combination of sell and sponsor. You can sell your own products and sponsor other people`s content or logo. The sponsor part may sound like advert selling but it is not the same. I sometimes publish articles for companies and get paid for doing so. Though am paid for it but its not really a payment per say but the company`s way of saying ‘thanks’ for agreeing to sponsor us on your site.

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