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How Startup Owners Can Benefit from Having A VPN​


Startup owners have put a lot of thinking time, resources, and energy into getting the business off the floor. Startups are also better ingrained with the target market, making them one of our favorite business models.

However, many startups are not doing as well as they should because they lack a simple tool: a VPN.

Gone are the days when these were just there for some internet surfers looking to change their location at will. Today, they hold a lot of promise for your business. We have discussed some of such benefits below.

Network Security

The many dangers of using public and free Wi-Fi networks are why we recommend that people stay off them. However, you are not safe either when browsing the web on encrypted networks.

Getting your internet network to a solid level of encryption is not an easy task, especially for people who are not tech-savvy. Fortunately, you can get around all that when you use a router on your VPN. This ensures that all devices connected to your router are secured.

Protect Files and Communication

Sensitive files will be sent over your network from time to time. This could range from internal memos to invoices sent to clients. Depending on the nature of your startup, you can be sending more sensitive data than that.

Hackers have perfected the art of hijacking conversations and tweaking it to their taste. Thus, your invoice can be intercepted and modified to divert the payment to the hacker’s coffers. Conversions can also be infiltrated, blocking out one party and carrying on till the victim is breached.

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All of that will happen when the hacker can see what is going on within the network in the first place. With a VPN in the mix, even your ISP will be none the wiser to what is going on internally.

Bypass Geo-restrictions


Expanding a startup is a lot of work. You have to travel to different locations for a better market survey, meeting with investors, and more. When on such trips, you might find out that some of the services you used to have access to are no longer working.

When such happens, you have simply been affected by geo-restrictions.

That happens when content creators and distributors limit the regions that can have access to their services. Suddenly, services like PayPal stop working – and can even flag your account for suspicious entry. You might not even be able to get into your proprietary email accounts or business modules.

Your VPN will come with a lot of servers in different countries. The best VPN for you will be one that also has a handful of servers placed in your country.

The solution to this problem thus becomes as simple as connecting to a supported server from where you can access the services you had been blocked out from.


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