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Generating Business Ideas Made Easy


There is a saying that, “sharing is caring”, hence I am showing my care by divulging an information in this article that will help your business succeed, in fact, this tool is so good that I can`t resist sharing.

New ideas are littered all over the place but getting these ideas organized is the problem. The essence of this article is to guide you in getting new ideas in an organized way, so that you can make informed decision that will help your business grow.

The very essence of organizing ideas is to necessitate idea management. Idea management is germane for the following reasons;

  1. It will help you identify new products and services

  2. It will reduce cost and wastage

  3. It will help you identify strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats

  4. It will increase revenue and lots more.

Having said that, we can see that idea management is indispensable for business success. Now,  lets look at the method that will help you manage new business ideas. There are several methods, but I will be emphasizing one popular method-  The SURVEY method. I know a lot of entrepreneurs as myself hate surveys; (please don’t stop reading because survey is the only way out of your business challenge and am going to introduce you to a tool that will change your hatred for survey to love). I feel that most businesses don’t like to participate in surveys because it is boring, stressful and time consuming. The software am introducing you to in this article has made surveys even more fun, less stressful, faster and accurate. This tool really focuses on the experience of the survey participant and survey creator gets.

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The Tool to Use

The basic fact is that, SurveySparrow is an intuitive survey tool that by far supersceeds every other survey tool in the market. It can help you cover every customer touch point through  a conversational interface that enables customers to relate positively with your survey. It will  also help to gather the neccessary data for each prospect and will help to make good decisions on each prospects. SurverySparrow is a non-intrusive data collection tool.

The 14-days trial period of SurveySparrow will expose you to every feature that will make your survey stress-free and fun. SurveySparrow first-rated-easy-to-use interface, conversational-like experience and features like recurring surveys and audience/data management will surprise you.

Basically SurverySparrow will help you do the following;

  1. Build better customer experience

  2. Build better employee experience

  3. Build better product experience

The easier, smarter and faster the survey tool, the better your business ideas and less unforeseen problems that will make you waste money and other business resources.

My Recommendation

I personally recommend SurveySparrow because I can create a number of irresistible surveys that yields quality results, this survey tool is smart and helps me analysis key variables, I really love the fact that I can make my surveys personal by ‘Piping’ previous answers in subsequent questions thereby increasing the participants experience with the survey, I also get to collect well managed data accurately and timely. Lest I forget to add that they have a thank you feature that allows me to send a customized “thank you” message to survey participants.

The features of SurveySparrow are enormous and cannot be over emphasized, I will challenge you to visit the company’s site by clicking here and use their free trial to see what am really talking about. You will find out that my explanation in this article does not capture all they have to offer at very affordable prices.

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Take the plunge and see how different your business will become as you are able to access accurate and timely information that will necessitate decision making to shape the future for your business.


Here is the Story of how SurveySparrow started:

“It was the third reminder email from his HR that did it. The email asked him to take his monthly employee satisfaction survey when it occurred to Shihab Muhammed that he absolutely detested filling out surveys.

“It wasn’t just me! I haven’t met many people who are enthusiastic about filling in surveys…That got me thinking. Why would anyone go on doing a boring task if they had the option of making it interesting? Here’s a problem and I was sure that there was a solution to it.”

And so, Shihab went ahead and found a company to make surveys better!
Okay, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but Shihab, along with his Co-founder Subin Sebastian, did make it happen. They created a platform to make surveys better. If you hadn’t guessed already, that’s how SurveySparrow came into being.” -SurveySparrow -About Us

Thanks for reading, go now, try SurveySparrow and furnish us with your experience in the comment session below.