Bittersweet A heart wrenching yet tender tale of two women whose boundless devotion to each other is continually challenged in nineteenth century America

  • Title: Bittersweet
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9780380799503
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • A heart wrenching, yet tender tale of two women whose boundless devotion to each other is continually challenged in nineteenth century America.

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    1. Nevada Barr

      Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction author, known for her Anna Pigeon series of mysteries, set in National Parks in the United States Barr has won an Agatha Award for best first novel for Track of the Cat.Barr was named after the state of her birth She grew up in Johnstonville, California She finished college at the University of California, Irvine Originally, Barr started to pursue a career in theatre, but decided to be a park ranger In 1984 she published her first novel, Bittersweet, a bleak lesbian historical novel set in the days of the Western frontier.While working in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Barr created the Anna Pigeon series Pigeon is a law enforcement officer with the United States National Park Service Each book in the series takes place in a different National Park, where Pigeon solves a murder mystery, often related to natural resource issues She is a satirical, witty woman whose icy exterior is broken down in each book by a hunky male to whom she is attracted such as Rogelio.Currently, Ms Barr lives in New Orleans, LAcmillan author nevada

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    1. I keep trying to like this book, but it is so heavy on the "lesbians will be hunted to the ends of the earth by horrible small men who kick puppies" -- which isn't historically inaccurate -- that it is tedious. The sex is pussyfooted around, all pun intended, unless it is a graphic description of marital rape. I'm trying to find the joy or even historical interest in this book, and I'm coming up short. I begged my girlfriend to just tell me the last 100 pages of plot, but she was as heartless as [...]

    2. I have always liked Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon books, and I supposed I would like this one. I was surprised to find it was not in that series, but gave it a whirl anyway. I'm glad I did. Just because you are not in a certain culture doesn't mean you can't understand that the people of that culture have human feelings just like you do, and Nevada paints a beautiful picture of this relationship. I found myself wishing it was a series of books, and that the characters went on and on. But they didn't [...]

    3. Every once in a while I will pick up a book that I know nothing about, and these books have the chance to surprise me or cause me to stop reading halfway through. To be honest, this book was something completely different from what I usually read. I think the thing that forced my hand was the title, and that it was the only lesbian book my e-library had. So without knowing much more than that, I picked it up (figuratively of course).The main plot of Bittersweet is the struggles of two very diffe [...]

    4. Originally posted to the Lesbrary, at lesbrary.wordpressThe back copy of Nevada Barr’s Bittersweet promised me a truthful, accurate portrayal of two women living together in the 1800s West. Imogene, a spinster teacher, is forced from her job in the East when her secret affair with a female student is revealed. She ends up in small Pennsylvania farming town, where she starts a friendship with Sarah Mary. However, malicious gossip eventually finds her again, and Imogene and Sarah are chased out [...]

    5. This is a hard book to rate, because while the storytelling was at best mediocre, I found the story itself engrossing. I've never read Nevada Barr before but have learned that she usually writes a series of mysteries. I confess that I'm not tempted to pick up anything else by her, but, to her credit, she did a great job choosing her topic in her attempt with Bittersweet to write historical fiction. Based on "women's diaries", according to the book jacket, this story describes the lives of two wo [...]

    6. I got this book for fifty cents at a chich book sale and what a buy. The story is about 2 women in the who travel from PA out to Nevada when it is first being settled. The relationship beween them builds and you get to care very deepl about their lives They fcae down so much hate and sadness but in the end, despite the title being very true, you are left savoring the sweetness of this book. I was sad when in the author bio I saw this was her first non-mystery novel but then when I saw it was pub [...]

    7. This book so surprised me. It is historical fiction that deals beautifully with a lesbian relationship. I learned from the historical setting and times described in the writing but I ended up admiring the love between these two women. I came away thinking, "Heck, love is love!" and I am a straight female. For sure, the plot is believable. Another bonus is it totally surprises the reader in some spots.

    8. An unusual woman disguised as man story, set in a believable historical backdrop. The book is enthralling and tugs at emotions. Though there's no HEA ending, Sarah became a stronger person at the end.

    9. I'm not generally a huge fan of historical fiction, but I listened to the audio book version of this and I really enjoyed it. The start was a bit slow, as it seemed to take a long time for the two main characters to connect with one another. However, I was listening to that part while on a long drive, so I don't think the slowness was as noticeable as it might have been if I was reading it.I sort of went through phases of really liking the characters, and then not liking them quite so much.I rea [...]

    10. Whew. I can’t say I enjoyed this novel, exactly. Although I don’t regret reading it either. But I do feel as if I've been put through the ringer a bit.Mystery writer Nevada Barr’s foray into historical fiction is so convincing in its depiction of the hardships of the Old West, I could practically feel my skin leathering in the relentless desert sun and taste the dust rising off the stagecoach trail. It tells the story of Imogene Grelznik, a "spinster" schoolteacher forced by a scandal [inv [...]

    11. This is an interesting look at attitudes towards same-sex relationships in another century. It is a work of fiction, but no doubt is a story that could very well have happened. Life was hard for women in general in this time, and for lesbians, would have been even harder. You gained your status based on what male you were connected to--father, husband. If you had neither, you had no husband and were of marrying age, you had nothing, no right to vote or sign legal agreements. Barr points out the [...]

    12. RecommendationRecommended to those who enjoy John Irving or David Adams Richards novels. ReviewWhile the writing is good (but not amazing) I found a sincere attachment to the characters and their lives that left me thinking about them long after I finished the novel. A beautiful romance/family drama that shows the many different types of love and how they can develop and change over time.

    13. One of those books that stays with you. I remember the clever and hard-won solution two women found to be a couple in even less tolerant times. I don't know if their plan would actually work, and the suspense would be wearing, but it is emotionally satisfying to think that they tried.

    14. An easy-enough read, but the story was too "femme danger & butch power" for me. The "love" story takes place between a late-20s/early-30s woman and a teenager (gross), and at a certain point they basically agree that if a man tries to marry Sarah, she'll just go along – bc obviously femme women are just waiting for a man, and butches have to fight those men off bc we have no agency. I dunno. This author is also, AFAIK straight which is doubly strange. Weird shit happens in this, and maybe [...]

    15. Unlike some other readers I wasn't disappointed the lesbian sex wasn't more graphic. Barr--I thought--developed the relationship between the two women very well. I think my only issue with the book was leaving horse carcasses in a spring used for drinking. What? Maybe I'm missing something here. I enjoyed the book a lot. Good writing and good story.

    16. Feels like an alien’s approximation of a same sex relationship. An entirely implied physical relationship between the main characters intermixed with graphic rape scenes leave the nature of the main characters relationship up to debate as well as the message of the novel.

    17. I wanted to like this more than I did. I didn’t feel the intimate connection between the main characters. Sarah was so timid and shy that I couldn’t shake the feeling Imogene was taking advantage of her while trying to replace Mary Beth.

    18. It may not have been my kind of book to read. There were beautiful descriptions and the writing was great. The storying line is where I got uninterested in. I would recommend the book for the writing, it kept me reading.

    19. Listened to this on audio. It was alright. I did enjoy the story but it seemed to drag on too long. It is depressing but very real.

    20. BittersweetI have read Nevada Barr for years. The plot line was shocking to me. I will continue to read Ms. Barr.

    21. I selected this novel because of the author, Nevada Barr. I have never read any of her work but have heard great things about her mystery series involving a park ranger. Supposedly, they are a "different" sort of mystery. Since this was a stand-alone book I thought I'd give it a try. Overall I can say Ms Barr impresses me as a writer. This is basically a western novel but definitely a "different" sort of western. Ms Barr's word choice is superb. Her descriptions of the locale, the scenery, the v [...]

    22. SPOILERS!!! I have seen people going on and on about the student/teacher relationship, but to those people I say keep reading. The thing is with this book you need to put yourself in their shoes, forget about morals today but look at morals then. You married young and died young, so the age difference between the two characters happened. If Imogene had been a male and they were married which Sarah did marry a much older man then it wouldn't have been an issue.This story is mostly about Sarah in [...]

    23. I wish I had found the time to review this when it was still fresh with me, but maybe it is better like this. To start off, I can safely say that this book or rather this audiobook stayed with me for quite awhile.The whole story starts really slow with long graceful descriptions. In the course of the detailed account, I felt I got to know the two women (schoolteacher Imogene Grelznik and her student Sarah) really well. Imogene left her former post, because of a romantic relationship with a femal [...]

    24. This is a very different book from the main body of Barr's work, her mystery/crime thrillers whose protagonist is ranger Anna Pigeon. In this stand-alone, painstakingly crafted historical fiction, Barr gives us a pair of main characters, lesbian women who contrive to remain closeted (not really a social choice but a survival skill) and who use a variety of means in order to stay together during the 1800's, outside the control of men. Have you ever wondered how lesbians and gay men got by in prev [...]

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