The Boy on Fairfield Street

The Boy on Fairfield Street Award winning author Kathleen Krull zeros in on the formative first years of the life of Ted Geisel This is the first picture book biography of Dr Seuss written especially for his young fans who w

  • Title: The Boy on Fairfield Street
  • Author: Kathleen Krull Lou Fancher Steve Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780375822988
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Award winning author Kathleen Krull zeros in on the formative first 22 years of the life of Ted Geisel This is the first picture book biography of Dr Seuss, written especially for his young fans who want to know what made him tick The animals in the zoo that his father ran and his fondness for drawing them, the injustices he suffered as the child of German immigrants, aAward winning author Kathleen Krull zeros in on the formative first 22 years of the life of Ted Geisel This is the first picture book biography of Dr Seuss, written especially for his young fans who want to know what made him tick The animals in the zoo that his father ran and his fondness for drawing them, the injustices he suffered as the child of German immigrants, and his inherent sense of humor all fed into the imagination of this boy He was a square peg in a round hole until he found that he could make a living doing exactly what he pleased doodling and writing funny things about the world as he saw it.The last section of the book outlines the important events in his adult life In addition to the evocative paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher, the book is profusely decorated with art from Dr Seuss books.

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    1. Kathleen Krull Lou Fancher Steve Johnson

      Kathleen Krull Lou Fancher Steve Johnson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Boy on Fairfield Street book, this is one of the most wanted Kathleen Krull Lou Fancher Steve Johnson author readers around the world.

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    1. 4 ½ stars, ½ star off because of my personal vegan sensibilities about how animals should be treated. However, this is a beautiful book and it’s very well done, and I’m so delighted that this book exists, I have to give it a full 5 stars. (I initially gave it 4.)Seuss’s books were among the first books I was able to read on my own, and I own several of his books, including some of the ones published most recently. I knew very little about the man though. I learned a lot about him from re [...]

    2. 4.5 STARSExcellent picture book biography of Ted Geisel (Dr Seuss). Lovely half-page illustrations depict important moments in his life, while on the other page tiny illustrations by Seuss himself appear below the story to mirror them. The story itself provides just enough information on Geisel's childhood and youth to show how he became "Dr Seuss" (this is probably what appeals most to children) while more more detailed back matter explains the rest of his career. Highly recommended to any fan [...]

    3. The cover of The Boy on Fairfield Street states that it is the story of how Ted Geisel grew up to become Dr. Seuss. But that text may be missed by the very audience the book is intended for. For a writer whose illustrations are such a standout part of children's literature history the cover, and interior illustrations, of the book are a bit of a disappointment. There is nothing of Seuss’ colorful style to help bring the story of his life alive. This was perhaps a conscious decision by the publ [...]

    4. Intriguing read about the boy on Fairfield Street better known as Dr. Suess. It details his life that was filled with many surprising events (especially since I knew little about the author and illustrator before reading this). I was simple and easy read that could be read by a wide range of readers young and old. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Dr. Suess books as it does a wonderful job of telling his story through text and illustrations.

    5. Title: The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Suess by Kathleen Krull and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Eancher (and illustrations by Dr. Suess). Bibliography: Krull, Kathleen. (2004). The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr. Suess.New York, New York.: Dragonfly Books. Annotation: This book tells the story of Ted Geisel, a boy who grew up on Fairfield Street. As a boy, he loved animals and he loved to draw, however his mother really want [...]

    6. The Boy on Fairfield Street is an awe-inspiring biography of how Ted Geisel became to be known as Dr. Seuss. Throughout the book, you learn of the many adventures and risks Ted took to become one of the most famous children’s authors of all time. He held many jobs before writing children’s stories, such as writing for his college’s magazine, writing and illustrating political cartoons for newspapers, and producing political ads during the war. His life is an example of how even the smalles [...]

    7. In the few short pages of this wonderful children's biography of the author known as Dr. Seuss, I learned more about the man behind the magic then I have ever known!Not only does Ms. Krull do an excellent job of chronicling the author's early life, but she does so in an inspirational way. The message is clear that one need not submit to authority or play by the rules to become a great success. Imagination and the conviction to follow ones dreams is as powerful a tool as any. A message that is il [...]

    8. A great picture story biography about Dr. Seuss. I read it to my 5th grade class every year. The book helps you understand why Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel created the types of stories and characters that he did. One of my favorite aspects of the book is that each two-page spread has an illustration by Dr Seuss from one of his books that matches what the story is telling us about him.

    9. This book was featured as one of the selections for the March 2015 Dr. Seuss reads for the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    10. A biography of Ted Geisel before he became Dr. Seuss, this story paints a brief picture of his life growing up. Ted Geisel loved books and animals, growing up close to both the library and the zoo. His father wound up running the zoo and these animals and their stories around the table solidified his love of animals too. The Geisels were German immigrants and spoke both German and English. Ted felt like the outsider in his neighborhood. His family business was a brewery and people frowned upon d [...]

    11. (biography)This is a nice biography about Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss). The illustrations are lovely and the information is fun. It was, however, a bit too much for first grade (which is what I was hoping to use it for). I ended up using select pieces, as Geisel's college experience isn't very relevant to 6 year-olds. Overall, a good picture biography for third grade or above.

    12. I loved this book. It helped me to understand from where some of his books were born. The three pages in the back of the book really explained a lot about his life and why he wrote these books. This is a must read for all true Dr. Seuss fans. I highly recommend this book.

    13. The Boy on Fairfield Streetby Kathleen Krull/illustrators Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher with original illustrations by Dr. SeussBiography(Charlotte Award, 2006)Published in 2001This is the story all about Seuss. It covers his life story from when he was a little boy, known as Ted, to when he started his legacy as a children's book author and illustrator. As a little boy he used to play by himself often with toy soldiers and other small figures, spinning stories for them in funny ways. He also us [...]

    14. In beginning my week of celebrating Dr. Seuss with my class, I read his first book (And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry St.) and introduced them to this. This is an illustrated biography of his childhood. There is a clear connection made to some of his early experiences to future, famous works. The text can be intimidating to beginning readers, so I do recommend it as a read aloud. I introduced to students to sections in the back that list all of his titles in order, and also offer insights t [...]

    15. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Kathleen Krull takes the reader on a journey of how Ted Geisel grew into Dr. Seuss. This story had me completely engrossed! I found myself laughing out loud and very angry with how Ted was treated growing up. Students will be able to relate to this story even though Ted’s childhood took place in the early 1900s, because the issues Ted face are still current. Ted felt different, like an outcast, which students today still feel. I loved reading about the e [...]

    16. The Boy on Fairfield Street by Kathleen Krull is a story about Ted Geisel also known as Dr. Seuss. The book’s focus is on Ted’s childhood. Ted Geisel loved exotic zoo animals and had a desire for drawing pictures and making people laugh. The story begins with the joyous childhood memories with Ted’s family. Ted grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was blocks from the zoo and three blocks from the library. Ted grew up loving books and animals. As great as Ted’s childhood was, he had [...]

    17. Who doesn't love Ted Geisel? What, you don't know who that is? Well maybe you know him as his pen namesDr. Seuss or Theo LeSieg.The Boy on Fairfield Street is an incredible story which tells the life of Ted Geisel and his incredible journey to becoming a world known author of children books. Dr. Seuss is so well known that is rare that someone has not heard of him or one of his many books. Children love his stories, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat; and why shouldn't they. These stories ar [...]

    18. Title: The Boy on Fairfield StreetAuthor: Kathleen KrullPublication Date: January 2004Annotation:This book portrays the childhood of Ted Geisel and how his mother fostered his love of books. Growing up, Ted disliked sports and did not fit in well with others in his neighborhood. He began to draw and developed an interest in the newspaper comics. Despite an art teacher telling him he would never become a successful artist for breaking the rules, he eventually graduated high school to attend Dartm [...]

    19. Krull, Kathleen; Johnson, Steve and Fancher, Lou; The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up to Become Dr.Seuss, Random House, 2004, biography, k – 5th, rate 5 lexile AD950LThis is a children’s book about Dr. Seuss and his childhood. It describes his joy for drawing, his love for the zoo, his school life and how he was treated, his struggles with Boy Scouts, up to his adventures in college.I gave this book a 5 for the illustrations and how it’s written as a children’s book to re [...]

    20. Awards: Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee (2005)Grade Level: Kindergarten to Grade 3Summary: The Boy on Fairfield Street is the life story of Ted Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss. The story tells about how his love of reading, doodling, and the animals at the zoo led to his becoming the one of the most famous children's authors. Review: Dr. Seuss' intense popularity makes this book a must-read for children. The fact that Dr. Seuss was most successful when he was finally able to make a livin [...]

    21. Read this book to the younger children in library. The Kinder class really enjoyed listening to the history of Theodore S. Geisel. There is something about being young and thirsty for more knowledge. Read this to the prek3 and prek4 and again they were quiet as the story unfolded about the young Teddy. The Prek4 paid close attention to the pictures and found similarities to other Dr. Seuss stories. The 2nd and 4th graders really enjoyed learning that Ted went to college and sadly didn't fit in. [...]

    22. Anyone who loves Dr. Seuss, like me, will definitely appreciate this book. I cannot recommend it enough. I believe that this book could very well turn a "non-Dr. Seuss fan" into an avid follower. The storyline follows the development of Ted Geisel, who would later use various pen names, including “Dr. Seuss.” By reading this book, every reader can experience Ted’s insecurities, thoughts, encounters with bullies, and inspirations for his stories. The illustrations are warm and colorful. Whi [...]

    23. This was an excellent read with charming illustrations. I have always loved Dr. Seuss' work, and his biography is just as inspiring. This is a story of a boy who was told by his art teacher that he was doing everything wrong, whose parents felt doubtful that he would go to college. Yet he went on not only to be a popular cartoonist for Dartmouth's university newspaper, but to become a bestselling children's author.This book begins with Seuss being a young boy still going by his given name of The [...]

    24. Dr. Seuss is my utmost favorite author of children’s books. I love his creative use of non-sense words. This biography chronicles the early life of Ted Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. I believe primary children will really enjoy hearing about the childhood of an author they may be well familiar with and this might be a great way to introduce or reinforce the genre of biography. A fun lesson I would implement for primary school children would be to interview a classmate about what they did l [...]

    25. -presents account for Geisel's childhood, up until he moves to New York-great illustration! Each page of text has a full size oil painting accompanying it. HIstorically accurate details and bright colors give readers a sense of the times. On textual pages, author includes small pictures of characters from Seuss books, which add excitement to those pages.-focus on youth is interesting, however the parts of Geisel's life where his creativity really shines is summed up in only a few pages. This see [...]

    26. A highly readable and relatable look at Ted Geisel's (aka Dr. Seuss) childhood. He struggled with some of the same issues kids face today: bullies, trouble at school etc. Each two page spread features a full page, color painting mirrored by a page of text with a Seuss illustration underneath. Often the Seuss image ties into the text and points to some of the inspiration behind Seuss's most well-known work.Following the story is a four page spread on the author that gives more information about h [...]

    27. Theodore Geisel’s life story is given in the form of a children’s storybook. Starting from when he was a child in Springfield, Massachusetts, this biography takes an honest look at who Theodore Geisel was before he became the well-known children’s author and political activist Dr. Seuss. Theodore Geisel followed his heart and found a way to make a living by publishing silly, fantastical stories and illustrations that represented who he was as an individual and as a very opinionated politic [...]

    28. I don't know how I have not reviewed this before. This is one of my favorite picture book biographies. I love reading about Theodor Seuss Geisel's childhood (especially that he drew on the walls of his bedroomd his mom let him!) and how he came to do what he love and what he was gifted atdrawing pictures of unusual animals and creatures and writing rhymind verses. I reread this last week to my class, and they really enjoyed it. It was at least my 5th read of it. The illustrations of a young Ted [...]

    29. This is a very nice picture book of the good doctor. It chronicles his life from growing up in Springfield to launching his writing career in NYC at age 22. Each page includes a small drawing that highlights how he drew upon his own life experience to create his characters. The children really enjoyed this book when we read it this week to celebrate his birthday. They were very sensitive to the injustice Ted Geisel suffered in his life--bullying, discriminated against for being German, and how h [...]

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