What Katy Did

What Katy Did Twelve year old Katy is constantly making and quickly breaking resolutions about how she will change her ways and treat others especially her five younger brothers and sisters with respect and compa

  • Title: What Katy Did
  • Author: Susan Coolidge
  • ISBN: 9780543904706
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve year old Katy is constantly making and quickly breaking resolutions about how she will change her ways and treat others, especially her five younger brothers and sisters, with respect and compassion When Katy meets her Cousin Helen, an invalid, Katy is awed by her kindness, prettiness, and generosity Katy is determined to become like Helen, a resolutionTwelve year old Katy is constantly making and quickly breaking resolutions about how she will change her ways and treat others, especially her five younger brothers and sisters, with respect and compassion When Katy meets her Cousin Helen, an invalid, Katy is awed by her kindness, prettiness, and generosity Katy is determined to become like Helen, a resolution that lasts only a few hours Soon, however, Katy gets a chance to become like cousin Helen than she ever wished as she finds herself confined to her bedroom for four years as a result of an accident Much of the story is focused on the change Katy undergoes during her illness Helen visits again to advise Katy to learn from her experience and to try to become the center of the house by making her room and herself attractive to others One way Katy decides to take Helen s advice is through assuming the responsibility of running the house, a job that consists of giving the servants instructions and ringing her bell to summon her sisters when she has a task for them As soon as Katy has learned the lesson about how to care for others, she recovers and regains the ability to walk Grade 5 8

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    1. Susan Coolidge

      Sarah Chauncey Woolsey was an American children s author who wrote under the pen name Susan Coolidge Woolsey was born January 29, 1835, into the wealthy, influential New England Dwight family in Cleveland, Ohio Her father was John Mumford Woolsey 1796 1870 and mother was Jane Andrews She spent much of her childhood in New Haven Connecticut after her family moved there in 1852.Woolsey worked as a nurse during the American Civil War 1861 1865 , after which she started to write The niece of the author and poet Gamel Woolsey, she never married, and resided at her family home in Newport, Rhode Island, until her death She edited The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mrs Delaney 1879 and The Diary and Letters of Frances Burney 1880 She is best known, however, for her classic children s novel, What Katy Did 1872 The fictional Carr family was modeled after the author s own, with Katy Carr inspired by Susan Sarah herself, and the brothers and sisters modeled on Coolidge s four younger Woolsey siblings.

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    1. I loathe this book.I'll concede that it's enjoyable for the first few chapters. Katy Carr is a tall, rambunctious tomboy who's constantly getting into "scrapes". Her prissy and dignified Aunt Izzy despairs of her wild, messy, nature, but her younger brothers and sisters all think she's the greatest thing ever. Katy is a writer and storyteller with zillions of great ideas, and she's the ringleader of the family, and Papa's favourite. If Coolidge had just kept the story like that, it would have be [...]

    2. A trip down memory lane to read what was favourite book I read and re-read as a child. Back then I associated with the tomboy Katy and her imaginative stories and games. As an adult I still liked Katy and the Carr family. I loved their plans and games and enthusiasm for life. Perhaps, the style in which it was written is a tad old fashioned. It was written in 1872, but there is still certain charm in the way it is told. It is as though the author is confiding in the reader as she tells her tale, [...]

    3. When I was little, I read a ton of older children's books. I read authors like L. M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Eleanor H. Porter, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Margaret Sidney, and so on. For whatever reason, I totally missed reading any of Susan Coolidge's Katy series, though I was aware that they existed. This is possibly why I did not enjoy them much when I read them at age 24.I'm going to note that What Katy Did was written in the 1870s. Even though I was reminded a lot of other books like Polly [...]

    4. If every young girl should read just one book, it should be this. This is a childhood favourite of mine, I love it. It's just the way a children's story should be, simple, slightly nostalgic to an older audience, and with a valuable lesson to learn.

    5. What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge is now published by Alma Classics. This fresh new edition is wonderfully illustrated by Susan Hellard. Susan Coolidge is the pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. The characters in What Katy Did were based on the author Sarah Woolsey and her family.A little about the Carr familyKaty's name was Katy Carr who is the main character. She is full of life and fun and lives in the town of Burnet. There were six of the Carr children four girls and two boys. Twelve year old [...]

    6. It's kind of disappointing to see how people want to compare this book to other classics. I truly believe that evey book has something different to convey so it wouldn't be fair to dislike a book only because it doesn't come down to the level of other great books.The book had what one looks for in a classic. It conveyed beautiful messages in a subtle fashion. The writer succeeded in highlighting some very important factors that are essential for a successful family life. These include one's fait [...]

    7. This was such a happy, delightful book. I am going to keep this really short, not because I didn't like the book, but there awaits my challenge. This little book is the first of a trilogy. I loved the character of Katy. She is you and me. Elder sister, domineering, annoying, always wanting to be on the top, impulsive, constantly getting into problems, making friends, getting heartbroken - until one day, a fatal accident turns her world upside down. This uplifting story is of Katy who finds a way [...]

    8. What Katy Did has been compared numerous times to Little Women. I would like to clarify: What Katy Did is totally inferior to Little Women.What Katy Did has a very bland writing style, and nothing is described. The descriptions were some of the best bits about Little Women. In Little Women, the characters are three-dimensional and likeable, whereas in What Katy Did, the only one with any personality is Katy - and she's just irritating and arrogant. In short, there isn't anything good about this [...]

    9. What Katy Did bercerita ttg anak-anak keluarga Carr; Katy, Dorry, Johnnie, Phil, Clover dan Elsie plus tetangga mereka Cecy. Ada saja kelucuan dan kejadian unik yg dialami mereka. Dorry punya jurnal harian dan yg ditulisnya tiap hari adl makanan yg dimakannya, ketika Phil kecil sakit, kursi Johnnie yg disayang-sayang bagaikan boneka juga dilumuri sirup agar ikut sembuh. Mereka jg kreatif, menciptakan Kikeri yaitu permainan hide and seek yg dilakukan dlm gelapKelucuan berganti dgn perasaan depres [...]

    10. Twelve year old Katy Carr and her five brothers and sisters have all kinds of fun adventures. A thicket becomes "Paradise", a hayloft a place for a "feast", and the entire house a playground for games invented by Katy. Katy means well, but is impulsive and irresponsible and is constantly getting into scrapes and trouble. After the Carr's Cousin Helen visits, Katy vows to be more like Cousin Helen, who is saint-like despite the fact that she had a bad accident and hasn't been able to walk for yea [...]

    11. I had initially rated this 2 stars as an okay book, but something has reminded me of it recently, and on thinking it over, I'm forced to rate it down. It contains not one, but three very unpleasant ideas which I wish children weren't exposed to:1. Kids have to obey unquestioningly, adults don't have to explain.Any need to expound on this one? The story quite definitely tells us that Katy received her injury because she didn't obey a prohibition, thinking it just one of a long line of "because I [...]

    12. I most possibly detest What Katy Did. The first chapters, an endless odessy into Katy Carr (a tomboyish, mischievous, yet undoubtedly sweet and good-hearted little girl) are encouraging enough for a great book, yet fracturing her spine is not the way to go, Ms Coolidge, to make her nice to her awkward sister and to make her uphold her staunch Christian values. I can see what she was going for (a little girl in emotional turmoil thanks to her outrageously detestable behaviour learns to be a prope [...]

    13. I discovered this book at one of those bargain book outlet dealies when I was a teenager and just ate it up. As someone who read Little Women and Anne of Green Gables over and over again, the fact that no one told me about Katy until I was in high school (and had already bought this book) was, well, negligent on the part of anyone who knew me. This is a wonderful book in the vein of those other, more well-known classics, about a loving, rough-and-tumble family lead by the headstrong Katy. In the [...]

    14. Pretty sweet. A little preachy, but all children's books from back then were on-the-nose. The only problem is I feel that they beat the spunk out of Katy, but I guess that's too be expected from the era. (See Lucinda/Lucilla/that one girl from Elsie Dinsmore. :P)

    15. Ahhh! This book has it's faults, but it's so cute and re-reading it made me be a little girl again. (Seriously, I'd forgotten how much I used to love this book. I knew some bits by heart. :-D)What I liked:1. The characters are all jolly nice. Katy sometimes gets on my nerves, because she REALLY is impossible, and Aunt Helen is too perfect (heh), but they're all nice, in the end. I love Aunt Izzy, don't kill me. She was just hilarious, and her dry remarks about Katy made me giggle. "If you do, it [...]

    16. I cannot tell how much i loved and enjoyed this book. First of all from it's cover -which is different from the one in good reads. This book reminded me a great deal of little women, for the story is about a little girl named Katy and how she managed to grow into beautiful young women. She is the eldest among her siblings -same as me- and to be honest i feel ashamed not to be as good and kind as she is. Maybe i liked the book because it's one of the classics and i do like the way writers are tel [...]

    17. I remember being given this book by my aunt when I was little. Probably the first proper English novel I read, since English is not my native language. I also learned the phrase "Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you." from this book. I must say that as a kid, this book really mesmerised me.

    18. Filled with insipid, shallow morals. All the characters are boring and one-dimensional. If you want to teach children about patience in dealing with hardships, there's better ways to do it. This felt like an antiquated version of stories with The Millers.

    19. I have always loved this book, even as a teenager. I felt as if could relate to Katy. And when Katy was paralyzed, I too felt paralyzed and learned how to be patient and kind with her.

    20. 2.5 *I can't go any higher than 2.5 because the first half of this book was nearly unbearable. I will admit that it got a lot better and had some complex themes throughout, but overall it was pretty average.

    21. 4.5/5 saoĐọc có cảm giác như đang đọc Emily ở trang trại Trăng Non vậy, yên bình quá

    22. So this book was sorta weird, in as much as I'm not really sure what I think of it. I started out really liking it. The antics of Katy and her siblings made me laugh out loud several times. Katy is a tomboy, impulsive, always getting into some scrape, saying the first that pops in her head other words, fun. The kind of girl most of us would have loved for a friend when we were that age.~*~*~*~SPOILERS TO FOLLOW~*~*~*~*~*~The problem, though, is when Cousin Helen comes in half way through the boo [...]

    23. I came across What Katy Did while browsing bookshelves at The Works (and I also bought What Katy Did Next & What Katy Did at School and Little Women & Good Wives, all Wordsworth Classics editions). I knew nothing about What Katy Did, which seems to be a relatively unknown children's classic. I thought it would be similar to books such as Betsy-Tacy and Milly-Molly-Mandy but for a slightly older age group, which it is. At first.Katy Carr is a spontaneous and playful 12-year-old who is the [...]

    24. As delightful a read as always. One of my firm childhood favourites.The older I got the more I really appreciated the religious aspect of patience and evolution of one's self through the trials we go through.In general though the interactions of the family and each distinct character was what drew me. Tis a heartwarming story. The family and their escapades are enjoyable to read.I've read a few reviews which seem to either dislike the idea of religion at all in the book (what were you expecting [...]

    25. The book was published in 1872 and it is the story of a girl, Katy Carr, who is twelve and lives in Burnet, a small town, with her father, her two brothers and three sisters and Aunt Izzie, her father’s sister. Katy’s mother has died a few years before the story begins. The father is a very kind man but a very busy doctor who works all day so the children are supervised by their aunt who is a small woman with good intentions but no control.Katy is the leader, she is a bright, funny girl, wit [...]

    26. I remember having this when I was little, simply because my name is Katie too (although note the different spelling) and I don’t think I ever read it. That all changed when I decided to read some of the Wordsworth Children’s Classics. I liked this book and I will read the next two, although this has not been my favourite from the classics.The story follows Katy Carr as she does some serious growing up. At the beginning of the book she is carefree, and although not inconsiderate, she thinks m [...]

    27. I read this many years ago, but I still remember it fondly. It's a wonderful old classic like Anne of Green Gables, but it is shocking how underrated this book is. It's one of these books filled with the adventures (and misadventures) of a spirited girl named Katy Carr, though her siblings also play a part in this book (albeit smaller)One can only wonder how Katy would have fared today after her accident. With today's medical technology, she probably would have been on her feet a LOT more quickl [...]

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