Snow on the Mountain

Snow on the Mountain The rich the famous and the most serious skiers come to Wapiti Creek where Jake helps them onto the lifts and Kurt improves their skiing skills It s perfect winter work for men who love the outdoor

  • Title: Snow on the Mountain
  • Author: P.D. Singer
  • ISBN: 9781603708517
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
  • The rich, the famous, and the most serious skiers come to Wapiti Creek, where Jake helps them onto the lifts and Kurt improves their skiing skills It s perfect winter work for men who love the outdoors but like the comforts of hot water and a big bed when there is several feet of snow on the ground For rangers who have been mostly alone with one another for months, it sThe rich, the famous, and the most serious skiers come to Wapiti Creek, where Jake helps them onto the lifts and Kurt improves their skiing skills It s perfect winter work for men who love the outdoors but like the comforts of hot water and a big bed when there is several feet of snow on the ground For rangers who have been mostly alone with one another for months, it s a big change to rejoin civilization Making friends is tough, especially when a ski patrol finds Jake far too appealing for Kurt s peace of mind, and why does everyone snicker about the Alpenschlossl Ski School For two men still finding their way as a couple, it isn t clear if the biggest danger comes from vicious coworkers, would be friends, the mountain, or each other.

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    1. P.D. Singer

      PD Singer lives in Colorado with her slightly bemused husband, one proto adult, and a deficiency of cats She s a big believer in research, first hand if possible, so the reader can be quite certain Pam has skied down a mountain face first, been stepped on by rodeo horses, acquired a potato burn or two, and will never, ever, write a novel that includes sky diving.When not writing, playing her fiddle, or skiing, she can be found with a book in hand.

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    1. Opening Line: “The screams made me turn around to look uphill.”We first met Jake and Kurt in the fantastic 5 star Fire on the Mountain where they worked as fire rangers for the summer season. Two men alone in the mountains cut off from civilization, completely reliant on each other and well, you can guess the rest. Of course both assume the other is straight at first and dance around the obvious signs they're each putting out until a life or death situation forces the truth to the surface. T [...]

    2. Snow on the Mountain is the sequel to the excellent Fire on the Mountain. Whilst it can be read as a stand-a-lone, I would recommend that you read Fire on the Mountain if you really want to get the true measure of how the character of Jake, especially, has developed since the end of the previous book.The book begins a few months after the end of the previous book. Jake and Kurt have finished their summer job as forest rangers and are now working at an exclusive ski resort for the rich and famous [...]

    3. This was a solid, smoothly-written story, with characters I was already attached to after the first book. The plot went a little over the top in its thriller-style resolution, and particularly, for me, in the way that ended. (view spoiler)[I think it's the law-and-order part of me that can't see them all covering up important aspects of a shooting, since these aren't street kids who live around violence, but middle-class guys for whom this had to all be a shock. (hide spoiler)] But I enjoyed the [...]

    4. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as the first book in the series Fire on the Mountain. The plot was just so far-fetched that it was difficult to settle into the story. I want to escape into a fantasy world when reading this type of light romance but I prefer an element of reality, not finding myself questioning the direction the story is taking.Big spoilers following:(view spoiler)[The whole idea that Kurt would unknowingly be taking a job as a prostitute was so unlikely. A [...]

    5. 2.5 stars. I really enjoyed book 1 in this series but this one is not so appealing. The romance is ok but the plot was like something out of an Austin Powers movie. Being forced at gunpoint to have sex with ski-bunnies??? That's so shagadelic baby, yeah!. And the MC's never seemed to come down from the ski-fields. Didn't matter if they were being shot at, forced to babysit the bosses kids, being run over by avalanches, etc, etc. They just never had enough of going round and round those mountains [...]

    6. I fell in love with Jake and Kurt in Fire on the Mountain, and learned interesting facts about being a forest ranger while watching their mating dance. In Snow on the Mountain, the steamy action is interspersed with daring rescues and skiing. Throughout their misadventures, you can't help standing on the sidelines, cheering these two on. P.D. Singer has given us another thoroughly entertaining read!!!

    7. This one's ending wasn't as rushed at the first, but there were some loose ends that I hope are going to be tied up in Falling.

    8. Jake Landon and Kurt Carlson are still learning the basics of being in a relationship. They spent the entire summer under the stars in the Colorado Mountains and quickly went from friends and co-workers to lovers. Now they’ve traded in their ranger uniforms for parkas and ski’s for their new home, new jobs at the exclusive Wapiti Creek Ski Resort. Forest fires have been replaced by jealous co-workers, misplaced affections and a secret the resort keeps that threatens Jake and Kurt’s still f [...]

    9. This is a follow up book to Fire on the Mountain. Kurt and Jake are 5 months into their relationship and working through the winter at a ski resort. They are still learning about each other and not totally solid yet although a lot more steady than they were. There is a lot of action in this book and a lot less of the minute descriptions of the life of a ski instructor than we got of the life of a fire ranger. The balance seemed much more even in this effort. Jake starts off with a daring rescue [...]

    10. This is Jake and Kurt's continuation story. While the summer was spent in virtual isolation in the wilderness, now it's winter, and they work together at a major ski resort. I liked the fact that they interacted with others more, made friends, and even a possible suitor came in the picture. But there's trouble on the mountain too, as enemies of all sorts seem to come out of the woodwork to make things that much harder.I liked this book a lot. It's almost a bit better than the first because the t [...]

    11. Jake and Kurt from Fire on the Mountain are now working in a ski resort during the winter season. They've been together for six months and for the most part are comfortable in their relationship. This time around the action focuses on outside influences, Jake rescues a little boy and ends up with two little stalkers while Kurt takes a job with some very surprising, and unwanted, duties. There's a couple of bad guys, a few too many skiing references that I didn't understand as well as nice guys i [...]

    12. The sex between Kurt and Jake is sweet, hot, and full of love. Ms Singer writes sexy scenes with passion and I always enjoy that aspect of her books. I suppose SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN could be read as a standalone story but having the background from Fire on the Mountain adds so much to the understanding of the characters and why they act the way they do. SNOW ON THE MOUNTAIN is another treat from Ms Singer and I really enjoyed it.Please see my complete review on Oct. 10 at mrsconditreadsbooks/inde [...]

    13. Planning on starting this VERY soon :-)!! I adored the first book and know I'll feel the same with this one. Soon, my pretty. Soon.*****Savoring this series :-) will start this one after I finish a few other books on my immediate queue. While I am in a rush to read this series, I am NOT in a rush to finish it, so I'm going to take more time before tackling book #2 :-)!! Really enjoyed the first book, so it's definitely REALLY recommended!!

    14. I love the first book. Loved the characters. I only got so far in this book before I felt like "Oh seriously!" I continued for a bit then just put it down. I'm sure others loved it but for me it just didn't do it for me.

    15. 3.4 StarsOh man, this book did NOT live up to the decently good one that preceded it. The plot was just too OTT and unbelievable (not the Whore-aspect, that I believe)just that nothing ever came of the whole mess. There are legal liabilities involved here with the wife of a controlling interest owner knowing what the "ski school" was up to if it ever came out as prostitution is illegal in Colorado; the resort could be held accountable, charged, fined - the scandal would be endless and likely ban [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis is the second book in Mountain series. I really liked the first one, and was looking forward reading the sequel. Unfortunately, IMO, this one is not as appealing as the first one. My like/dislike of this book is not steady. At first, I really enjoyed it and was ready to give it a 5-star rating. In the middle, however, it faltered. It's still a nice book, though.(view spoiler)[Kurt and Jake are now in skiing village where Kurt works as skiing instructor and Jake as lift operator. Ev [...]

    17. So in the first book, I commented how it was a slow build up to the romance. That it felt more like a romance than a smexy hot read.I enjoyed that. But what I didn't know was that book 2, was not a new couple, but Jake and Kurt further down the road. Oh my excitement was great after that, since it meant the slow romance build up that started in book 1, was done and we got to enjoy the romance/smexy fun times of the two boys.Kurt seemed far less self assured than he did in the first book, which s [...]

    18. Full Review here thebloggergirls/2015/01/11In book one we meet Jake and Kurt and this is their continued story. They’ve been living together and working for the past 5 months and though they are pretty secure in their love for each other, they haven’t said the “L” word out loud. Jake is still a bit in the closet and this can be frustrating for Kurt, especially when Jake inadvertently leads on one of his co-workers!PD Singer does another fantastic job describing the life and times at a sk [...]

    19. 4.5 stars. This is the sequel to Fire on the Mountain and Kurt and Jake have winter jobs at a ski resort. Life is more complicated when there are other people around.More of Kurt's past is revealed in this book and Jake continues to act with mature competence softened by moments of vulnerability and self-doubt that balance perfectly. Their relationship grows against a background of the 'everyday' goings on at the ski resort that give the book a good dose of action and adventure. As a non-skier I [...]

    20. I didn't enjoy this as much as the first one, but yeah, Kurt's kind of a dumb jock - idiot. LOLI knew what the ski resort was all about and f-ing Kurt was working there. Jake was great in this. Writing wise, it was weird b/c Jake's POV was first person and Kurt's was not I can see why both POVs were necessary but it really struck me as odd. I totally loved Mark. My fav. part was Jake drunk and he watching Mark and Kurt's interaction drunk. It was best. I think the relationship was explored well, [...]

    21. Main Characters: Jake Landon & Kurt CarlsonKey Themes: Established Couple, Coming Out, JealousyLocation:Wapiti Creek Ski ResortBook 2 of the Mountain series. Jake and Kurt are now living together and working at a ski resort. Jake operates the ski lifts and Kurt is an “instructor” at the top ski school in the area. At the start of the story, both MCs are in the closet. Sadly, the main storyline was really disappointing - (view spoiler)[Kurt signs up with a ski school that is widely known [...]

    22. The continuing adventure of Jack and Kurt who want to be together, but don't know how because there are some difficult questions about Jake's studies that will be taking him away as well as his very in the closet behavior.The story is set in the expensive Wapiti Creek Ski Resort. Jake Landon has never skiied before while Kurt Carlson is a top world class skiier who can get the big money teaching skiing, but there is a shady side business that makes of a mystery, then there is no mystery and then [...]

    23. **Audiobook Review**This was another great story with Jake and Kurt. I was afraid things would slow down between them after the way the first book ended, but boy was I wrong. This one was even better than the first story! It was so intense with a lot of unexpected twists, plus a few super hot scenes to wrap it all up. Along with a little extra story at the end to make me really hope that these two can keep advancing as a couple as time goes on. There is a lot of mystery and suspense to this one [...]

    24. How did two nice guys like Kurt and Jake get stuck in such a ridiculous plot? I really enjoyed their relationship. Once again Singer shows she really cares about getting all of the little work details right, this time around its the world of resort skying. Thankfully she does't go overboard like she did in their last outing. But then the plot just took a ride on the crazy train. I was willing to accept Kurt misunderstanding the complete list of his duties and not being down with them, but the fa [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and I was pleased the second was a continuation of the story of the same characters six months later, rather than a vaguely related follow-up of a minor character.The setting and characters in this book were just as enjoyable and interesting. My main gripe was that the overall plot arc was a little too unbelievable, as was the naiveness of one of the characters in the situation he found himself.However, it's an enjoyable romp, and I still recommend [...]

    26. Reviewed for Prism Book AllianceFinn Sterling narrated this first person title, and he did a fabulous job. He was easy to listen to and just sucked me right into the story. I can safely say that his narration helped the story come alive for me. I read Snow back in October when I first listened to Fire on the Mountain and did not enjoy it nearly as much as I did this time around. For complete review see prismbookalliance/?pos 24125

    27. Listened to the audio version of this book. The narrator was great and I would definitely listen to more by him. This second book of the Mountain series is even better than the first, as the author takes us from firefighting to ski slopes. Her description of working and playing on a slope seems so authentic, I felt like I was whisked away to this destination. The shady business going on at the ski school added a whole new dynamic and sense of danger to the story. I also really liked seeing Kurt [...]

    28. The first book in the series, Fire on the Mountain, was excellent. This book was as bad as that one was good. It seemed the author was just trying too hard to come up with a sequel. The story line was so ridiculous and I often got lost in the endless descriptions of the navigation of the ski runs. I was really disappointed by this one, especially after enjoying the first book so much.

    29. Enjoyable story - I hadn't read book 1 so I started behind the line, but it didn't really matter I don't think. I found it a little disjointed with the secondary characters and their motivations (view spoiler)[- they seemed rather extreme in their actions and reactions. (hide spoiler)]Narrated by Finn Sterling - 3.5 stars

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