A Private Affair

A Private Affair Sean is a muscle bound private in the military looking for an exciting change in his love life As he searches his bedroom becomes a revolving door from his wife to his lover to his sexy new roommat

  • Title: A Private Affair
  • Author: MikeWarren
  • ISBN: 9781934230954
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sean is a muscle bound private in the military looking for an exciting change in his love life As he searches, his bedroom becomes a revolving door from his wife, to his lover, to his sexy new roommate But eventually the door will swing wide open to reveal his erotic alternative sex life He soon gets caught in a triangle of love, lies, deceit, and wild weekends, whichSean is a muscle bound private in the military looking for an exciting change in his love life As he searches, his bedroom becomes a revolving door from his wife, to his lover, to his sexy new roommate But eventually the door will swing wide open to reveal his erotic alternative sex life He soon gets caught in a triangle of love, lies, deceit, and wild weekends, which will sway him in the wrong direction, and his exotic path will give the military a new reputation He enters a world where his sexual interest has reached its peak, but the interest is out of the ordinary Let s just say he will Be All That He Can Be Will Sean get the best of both worlds or just simply turned out

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    1. Be All You Can Be, Literally!Sean Matthews joined the military to provide for his wife and child. The initial separation put a strain on their marriage, but Sean was doing the best he could for his family…the legal way. With his new assignment at Fort Meade, only twenty miles from his home in Baltimore, things should get back on track. Should being the operative word. With his wife giving him the sexual cold shoulder, how long before Sean gets tired of self love and looks for someone to satisf [...]

    2. Private Affair is tale about a man coming to terms with his hidden homosexual desires. Private First Class Sean Matthews is a member of the United States Army. struggling with his sexual desires while on duty. Curious and feeling a bit experimental, Sean submits to his inner desires, which leaves him reeling. With a wife at home and a reputation to uphold, Private Matthews is caught between a rock and a hard place. The conflict the central character experiences makes for a good read, but the abu [...]

    3. This book had me confused, I really didn't understand how a man of 25 married with a child didn't know or should I say didn't want to accept the fact that he was gay, it took him being in the military, having a gay friend for a roomate to realize this. I was always told or I had heard stories mentioned from people who are gay say they knew they were gay at a very young age, now here's a story of a young man of 25 from the rough streets of Baltimore claiming to have once hated gay men, finally ad [...]

    4. abandoned ship at 95%Urrrrrhhhgg!!! Enough is enough. *eyerolls* What a clusterf*ck of roller coaster mess.Some nice dialogues. Most monologues annoyed me to no end.

    5. If I rolled my eyes once more at the sheer foolishness, I’m sure they would get stuck that way. An extremely effeminate soldier? Really? In what army? And the situations the MC would find himself in, had me asking once again, who does that? Why am I reading this? And the ending… Really???

    6. A Private Affair is Mr. Mike Warren's debut novel which chronicles the awakening sexuality of private Sean Matthews and it is a page turner. Drama, lies and infidelity abound, the story of Sean Matthews is both engrossing and troubling. Mr. Warren does a good job crafting a complex, multi-dimensional character who just can't keep it in his pants. While there are a number of issues I have with the story, I am rating this novel 4/5 stars. This rating is largely based on the fact that I could not p [...]

    7. Be all that you can be!This debut by Mike Warren has all the elements that make for a steamy novel. Sex, sex and more sex, also lie’s, deceit, cheating along with some mayhem. Add a stalker, some wives and a gay roommate and you come up with A Private Affair. The title is perfect for this novel and while reading you will see why - other than the most evident - the main character, Sean Matthews, is a Private in the army. Sean is married to Venus and the couple has a young son. In order to feed [...]

    8. Starting a new life is great and sometimes scary but if you find the right person to share it with then everything should be just fine. How do you know if you have found the right person when it seems like everything that you thought was right might not be right anymore?Sean Matthews is a young man with everything going for him: a beautiful new wife, a healthy baby boy and a promising career in the United States Army. He is having a hard time living away from his family but he gets to go home to [...]

    9. A Private Affair by Mike Warren is a well written novel. This book kept me entertained. I could not put it down. I had so many “well damn” moments.Sean is a muscle bound private in the military. As Sean hangs out with his army roommate Cameron he starts to discover changes within himself.He soon gets caught in a triangle of love, lies and deceit.The story line is strong and well developed with exciting drama and suspense.The story will capture your interest from the beginning and hold it unt [...]

    10. A Private Affair by Mr. Mike Warren was an excellent book. If you are a reserved individual; then guess what this book is not for you. Reserved meaning you are restrained in action and words.Sean a married private that is serving his country while in the military. Sean is in a world of his own; especially when he comes to realize the different things/experiences that may come his way. He's a man that loves his wife, but can't put his finger on the love that they have for each other. One point wh [...]

    11. When I decided I'd like to read a m/m novel with two black guys as the lead this was not what I was expecting. I was expecting the guys would develop a relationship and fall in love. I wanted to compare if it was different for black gay men versus white gay men. This wasn't the novel for that. This was all about the drama. This book's premise was an interesting one. I found Cameron to be a tad bit unbelievable. I don't know much about the military but I don't think they'd take too kindly to a ve [...]

    12. I think this book had potential, but it threw me off with all of the extreme sexual overtones. It was just straight raunchy at times, and in no way does the author compare to E. Lynn Harris. Sean was just pissing me off because he was gay and just afraid to stand up and admit it to himself. He made so many dumb decisions in the book that I wanted to knock him upside the head! It was a quick read, but I don't think I'll be reading part II in time soon.

    13. Nice, quick readThis is a great story about a young soldier who is coming to terms with his sexuality in the military. There are enough twists and turns in the story to keep you entertained, but it can be somewhat predictable at times. The story concludes with a cliffhanger that sets up the next book well. I'll read the sequel and hope the story gets better.

    14. Sean is not your typical hero. He is a flawed character. He is selfish. He is a liar and a cheater. I found this book to be like a soap opera. Liars, cheaters, stalkers.you name it. But I must be in the right mood for it because I found it entertaining. Entertaining enough to want to read the sequel :)

    15. Sorry, this story is extremely unrealistic to me; or maybe it's just straight unbelievable! From beginning to end, the most unbelievable things occurred, in some place I never want to be in, if they act like that there! Come on, Son!

    16. After reading this book you will never view the army in the same light. It will make you wonder what really goes on in the armed forces. All that I can say is wow.

    17. I thought this book was okay as far as m/m romance goes. I wasn't too fond of the ending, though. I really want to know what Cameron's answer was!

    18. Love it!I enjoyed this book and can not wait for book two. It's a book you will not want to put down.

    19. Nope - nope nope. Not my style at all. Too much focus on sex and very little imaginative plot. Stopped with relief midway through second chapter.

    20. mike warren writes for the masses. if you want some gender loving sex and humor, then this is the one for you

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