Beautiful Assassin

Beautiful Assassin Michael White is a wonderful storyteller and his work is long on atmosphere and packed with action Kevin Baker author of Paradise Alley Michael White author of Soul Catcher and the New York Times

  • Title: Beautiful Assassin
  • Author: Michael C. White
  • ISBN: 9780061691218
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Michael White is a wonderful storyteller, and his work is long on atmosphere, and packed with action Kevin Baker, author of Paradise Alley Michael White, author of Soul Catcher and the New York Times Notable Book A Brother s Blood now brings us Beautiful Assassin a stunning, relentlessly thrilling, and richly evocative historical novel Fans of Sebastian Faulks s Charlo Michael White is a wonderful storyteller, and his work is long on atmosphere, and packed with action Kevin Baker, author of Paradise Alley Michael White, author of Soul Catcher and the New York Times Notable Book A Brother s Blood now brings us Beautiful Assassin a stunning, relentlessly thrilling, and richly evocative historical novel Fans of Sebastian Faulks s Charlotte Gray, Ian McEwan s Atonement, and Margaret Atwood s The Blind Assassin will adore this gripping tale of secrets and suspicion as a beautiful Russian woman, one of World War Two s most decorated snipers, is caught between her government s deadly intrigues and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Beautiful Assassin by Michael C White Nov , Michael White is a wonderful storyteller, and his work is long on atmosphere, and packed with action Kevin Baker, author of Paradise Alley Michael White, author of Soul Catcher and the New York Times Notable Book A Brother s Blood now brings us Beautiful Assassin a stunning, relentlessly thrilling, and richly evocative historical novel.Fans of Sebastian Faulks s Charlo Beautiful Assassin Destiny Awaits Book Kindle Beautiful Assassin Destiny Awaits Book Kindle edition by Stephanie Nicole Norris Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Beautiful Assassin Destiny Awaits Book . Beautiful Assassin BeautifulAssassin Dress To Kill ShopZolo This section doesn t currently include any content Add content to this section using the sidebar. Beautiful Assassin A Novel by Michael C White, Paperback The Beautiful Assassin is the story about a Russian sniper who, after becoming a hero in her own country, is sent to the United States presumably to help promote the war effort but finds herself tangled in a plot to spy on the U.S and, specifically, on Eleanor Roosevelt I have mixed feelings about this book. Her Beautiful Assassin All About Romance I ve read some plot and character types I usually avoid as I make my way through the Family Secrets series In Virginia Kantra s Her Beautiful Assassin, it s the dreaded or depending on your preference, beloved Navy SEAL hero The good news is, this is the best book yet in the series, good enough that not even the spoilers splashed all over the cover can ruin it. Beautiful Assassin BookBrowse Beautiful Assassin Beautiful Assassin is a fascinating tale that takes the reader on a journey from war torn Europe to the United States before America had entered the fight in World War II I really enjoyed the way it combines historical fact with fiction, and combines real life characters with those in the story. Beautiful Assassin book by Michael C White Thriftbooks Beautiful Assassin is an excellent novel, dealing with personal choices affected by world events and political directives The title does not do justice to the depth of human emotion and personal tragedy addressed throughout the book. Assassin s Creed Aveline The Beautiful Assassin YouTube May , Assassin s Creed IV Black Flag will be set primarily on and around the islands in the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early th century, with the three major cities

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    1. Michael C. White

      Author of Resting PlacesOne woman s journey of self discovery and spiritual awakeningAfter receiving the devastating news of her son s death, Elizabeth ekes out a lonely and strained relationship with her husband, Zach While he takes comfort in support groups, Elizabeth becomes withdrawn and seeks solace from the only thing that helps her forget alcohol A chance meeting with a man on the side of the road spurs her to travel cross country to the site of her son s death in the hope of understanding what had happened.During the trip, she undergoes a transformation, one which allows her to confront the demons of her past but also to acknowledge the possibilities of her future Through the wisdom and kindness of a man she meets along the way, she finds a means not only of dealing with her pain and her guilt, but of opening herself to the redemptive power of love, and of faith in something Resting Places is an inspiring, upbeat story, a tale of real faith in what we cannot see except with our hearts, a novel that follows a character from despair to hope, from despondency to renewal.

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    1. This was an awesome, exciting, and yes, pulse pouding read. Tat'yana Levchenko is a wife and mother who in the midst of world war two, loses her husband and child both. Filled with anger and hate for the Germans, she becomes a soldier, a sniper, and later, a spy. With 300 kills under her belt, she travels to America to promote the Soviet cause and appeal to Americans to get active on the front. I preferred the story when she was killing people, as harsh as that sounds. However, when Eleanor Roos [...]

    2. For all the books I have read over the years set around or during World War II, I have yet to explore every facet of it. The Soviet Union's involvement is one such area I am still relatively new to. And so, when the opportunity arose to read and review Michael C. White's novel, Beautiful Assassin, I was quick to volunteer. The novel opens with an American journalist on her way to meet who she believes is the namesake of the novel, a woman she has long been searching for. The two women talk long [...]

    3. This book would be really good if it dropped the love story at starts to develop late in the second half of the novel. While care is taken to develop it, it doesn’t quite fully work. Beautiful Assassin is the story of Tat’yana, a woman and a sniper in Russia during the Second World War. Because of her beauty and her amount of kills, she is sent to the US, to try to rally support for the war. The most compelling part of the novel is the first part. This takes place during the German invasion [...]

    4. As a teenager, I spent a summer fighting boredom by reading several collections of Reader's Digest Condensed Books from the mid-1960s. Beautiful Assassin could have fit right in with those--a not-too-challenging, vaguely guy-oriented war-themed escapist story. I do not understand the use of an intro/epilogue framing device. Not only was it unnecessary, it eliminated any suspense that I might have had about the outcome of the final chapters.

    5. What brought me to 'Beautiful Assassin' was the obvious theme of a femme fatale, a woman who could give a man a hard time (I just ran into this pun), and, on occasion, even take his life. Plus, there is the added frisson of reading about a killers' exploits, which, when in the right hands, could make some really interesting reading - a lady Jason Bourne in action, not with kicks and fists and body tackles, but her eyes on the safe end of a long-range rifle, her composure the stuff of legend, her [...]

    6. It seems that I have been directed to Russia in my recent choice of reading materials. My last book was "A Mountain of Crumbs", a memoir,by Elena Gorokhova, who painted a vivid picture of her youth in the Soviet Union.It is important to suspend one's belief system when reading this WW II era thriller. We are introduced to Tat'yana Levchenko, a lovely, but menacing sniper, who managed to kill off more than 300 Germans and thus became the darling of the Soviet government. The story traverses her l [...]

    7. This book certainly held my attention. I enjoyed it. While I don't think it was the best book ever, it was a bit of a novel concept with an interesting character and plotline. It felt a little out there at times, but the author was fairly good at pulling it off.I wasn't super thrilled with the very beginning or the ending of the book. The book starts from the perspective of someone researching this beautiful assassin - a soviet army sniper in WWII, but then delves into the story of that person f [...]

    8. This was an awesome book! It gave new insights about WWII that are less common in most fiction books about that wor. Getting insights in the Russian side of things, the life of a female soldier and the way of working of a sniper. And most of all, the building of the cold warVery catchy book that I truly enjoyed

    9. I really liked this book. My two criticisms are that the ending was too neat and I didn't like the protagonist being referred to as an intelligent lady. In many of her conversations, she didn't come off so bright. And that bugged me.

    10. This was an amazing book, detailing the adventures of a fierce, female, Ukranian soldier during early WWII. Historical fiction- this book gave me a lot to think about.

    11. Beautiful Assassin chronicles the great journey of Tat'yana Levchenko, from the miserable conditions of the Eastern Front at the Siege of Sevastopol to the elaborate residences of diplomats and world leaders. Tat'yana becomes involved in a conflict much more complicated than the simplicity of war against the Nazis. She is forcibly assigned to act as a spy for the Motherland during a long trip to America. Tat'yana will come to face the tough decisions of staying loyal to the Motherland, or breaki [...]

    12. This is a good read on several different levels. Meticulously researched, the book shows the life of female fighters in the Soviet Union during WWII, the secret service, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the KGB. It's also an effective love story and a thriller. I enjoyed reading it, and highly recommend this book.The author is the founder of Fairfield University's MFA Program in writing, and you can see him read from and discuss how he researched the book here:youtube/watch?v=H_aTF

    13. I will admit that I grade on a curve for literary fictionIf I could give half or quarter stars, I think I would give this a 3.5. Michael has another winner on his hands. Each of the three novels I have read by him have been so very very different from the one before. Beautiful Assassin has a great tone and voice. Also, I learned a lot about the USSR and WW II. As always, it was wonderful to see and talk to Michael at my Book Club meeting. He is such a nice person--very smart and well read--but d [...]

    14. After loosing her family in the war Tat'yana joins the military as a sniper to shoot the Germans. She makes her mark and witnesses first hand the cruelties of war. Eleanor Roosevelt hears of this women from the Ukraine and invites her to the US. Even though the Soviet Union and the Us are Allies, the cold war looms in the distance. Tat'yana becomes a pawn for the Soviets trying to find out secret information. Interesting how nothing is what it seems---Tat'yana offers hope to her comrades. She ha [...]

    15. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a soviet woman's experience of living as a pawn played between Russian and US cold war political ideologies in the early years of WWII. The conflicting moralities of war, revenge, friendship and patriotism in the evolution of conscience of one young woman trying to draw a line in the shifting sands of competing political ideologies alternately warms and breaks your heart throughout these pages.

    16. The character development in this book was wonderful. The story full of intrigue. The author's descriptions of events during the war were very realistic and heartfelt without venturing into the world of gore. I loved the idea of viewing war through a female soldier's eyes. The book was also a very interesting look into the pre-cold war relationship between the US and USSR. A great summer read for sure

    17. Beautifully written, engrossing 'spy' novel, but very different from the norm. It tells the story of a WW2 Russian sniper who is sent to America, ostensibly to encourage increased US funding for Russia's campaign against Germany, and military intervention in the European sphere. Very believable, I was often tempted to google various historical characters to see if they really did the things suggested.

    18. Excellent story! The main character is perhaps a little naive, but I suppose from where she came from and the time this takes place, WW II, is very possible. The tension of the story is almost immediate. It give the reader some rest in a few low spots, but the story continues to move, and the tension continues to build. I also thought that there were a few things left unresolved that I wish I knew more about, but in the whole, Excellent!

    19. More like 3.5 stars (again!) on this one. I enjoyed the story of the female Russian sniper who's sent to America to tour with Eleanor Roosevelt in order to raise money for the Allied cause. What I didn't care for was the ending, which was sort of like several chapters turned into a few sentences. I wish it had been flushed out a bit more, it's almost like the author was writing and then realized he was about to hit his page limit.

    20. I enjoyed reading a historically based novel that featured Eleanor Roosevelt. I also enjoyed the history in this book. I felt, however, that at times it was poorly edited, and the opening chapter that introduced Tat'yana's story within a story felt so stiff and awkward that I nearly abandoned the book. I'm glad I persevered, however. Not a stunning literary accomplishment here, but definitely an enjoyable read, once the reader gets past the opening to Tat'yana's story.

    21. This didn't really fit the thriller mode for me - there was a lot of emphasis on the heroine's emotions. But there wasn't a lot of character development, so it didn't work very well as a non-thriller type, either. But the premise was interesting and it certainly had its moments. It's not one I would recommend out of all I've read lately.

    22. i wanted to love this book, but just couldn't. the storyline was interesting, and the scenes in the war zone and soviet union were well done, however, once the main character arrived in the US it felt just a little plodding. a female sniper/spy is a great idea for a novel, but ultimately too many of the characters were left underdeveloped.

    23. I don't know why it was so hard for me to get involved in this book. but I loved the story. The old woman in the prologue was never going to open up, but when she did, the story flowed. So much about Russian history we have been isolated from, and this book makes me curious Now to read more about Eleanor Roosevelt.

    24. The story was interesting. A female sniper- and a great one- forced into spying in America makes for a good read. Several unnecessary F words throughout the novel in my opinion- I don't see why an old lady retelling her story would need to use that kind of language, even if you could argue that it was surely used during war- why would she repeat it to a young female reporter

    25. Absolutely phenomenal. It had me at a loss for words which does not happen to me often. I felt like I was in the room as everything was happening and it was completely wonderful. Excellent, excellent read

    26. Well written first person perspective - novel based on a historical figure from the Second WW, a female sniper who in real life had 309 kills.Conveys some of the tragedy and intrigue surrounding the Russian front and the early years before the USA entered the war.

    27. In my year of learning about The Cold War, I have been looking high and low for good novels that have women as the main characters. This surprise find was all that and more!Very well written. Wonderful characters. A good look at a shaky time in our world and country's history!

    28. By far one of the best books I've ever read. I couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed seeing WW2 from a Soviet female sniper's perspective. I can't believe I found this book in the dollar store, of all places!

    29. Based on true life story of the famous Russian sniper Ludmila Pavlichenko. Very interesting story, but I must check the text and see if I can find some more editorial reviews. Other writings by this author had "stick figures", maybe this one is better!

    30. One of those interesting "what if" historical novels. Solid writing from Michael White, just like in Soul Catcher. Enjoyed the first 3/4ths of the book much more than the last 1/4th. Ending seemed rushed and slapped together with none of the care, detail and engagement of the first few chapters.

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