Roberto & Me

Roberto Me Sometimes you can change history and sometimes history can change you When Stosh travels into the past to meet Roberto Clemente a legendary ballplayer and a beloved humanitarian he s got only one go

  • Title: Roberto & Me
  • Author: Dan Gutman
  • ISBN: 9780061234842
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sometimes you can change history and sometimes history can change you.When Stosh travels into the past to meet Roberto Clemente, a legendary ballplayer and a beloved humanitarian, he s got only one goal warning Roberto not to get on the doomed plane that will end his life in a terrible crash In the sixties, Stosh meets free spirited Sunrise, and together they traveSometimes you can change history and sometimes history can change you.When Stosh travels into the past to meet Roberto Clemente, a legendary ballplayer and a beloved humanitarian, he s got only one goal warning Roberto not to get on the doomed plane that will end his life in a terrible crash In the sixties, Stosh meets free spirited Sunrise, and together they travel across the country to a ball game that leaves them breathless and face to face with Roberto But when the time comes for Stosh to return to the future, he finds that the adventure has only just begun Join Stosh and Sunrise on a journey that will take you into the past, from the excitement of Woodstock to a life changing encounter with Roberto Clemente and into a surprising future

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    1. Dan Gutman

      The author of over 80 books in a little over a decade of writing, Dan Gutman has written on topics from computers to baseball Beginning his freelance career as a nonfiction author dealing mostly with sports for adults and young readers, Gutman has concentrated on juvenile fiction since 1995 His most popular titles include the time travel sports book Honus and Me and its sequels, and a clutch of baseball books, including The Green Monster from Left Field From hopeful and very youthful presidential candidates to stunt men, nothing is off limits in Gutman s fertile imagination As he noted on his author Web site, since writing his first novel, They Came from Centerfield, in 1994, he has been hooked on fiction It was fun to write, kids loved it, and I discovered how incredibly rewarding it is to take a blank page and turn it into a WORLD Gutman was born in New York City in 1955, but moved to Newark, New Jersey the following year and spent his youth there.

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    1. This book has a lot of plot twists that makes you want to keep reading. I've read every book in this series and they are all amazing but this one is special. I'm not going to spoil it you'll just have to find out. I recommend this book because it's just an amazing book you will love it if your into time travel baseball baseball cards and the 60s. You will not regret reading this.

    2. The book I finished reading is called Roberto and me a baseball card adventure by Dan gutman.Like most books in the series the main character Joe Stoshack goes back in time to try and save Roberto Clemente. Because of Joe's love of baseball, he wants to prevent Roberto from dying in the plane crash in 1972.His Spanish teacher has a candle lit for Roberto because she had a tumor in her back but her families was to poor to get the medication so Roberto Clemente donated money for her medication.Thi [...]

    3. Joseph Stoshack, a boy who has the ability to time travel using baseball cards or a picture that has a date on it wants to save Roberto Clemente's life so that he can change history and can have a longer life trying to save people around the Americas and other places. So he decides to get a card from his friend also his coach Flip Valentini. But Flip does not have the card. So Stosh's dad has the card and decides to give it to him. Then will Stosh be able to meet Clemente and save his life?The t [...]

    4. I really enjoyed Roberto and me I would recommend this book to anyone likes time travel or likes baseball. To me so far it was the best one out of the series I've read so far. I was really hoping that Stosh would complete his mission even though I kind of had a feeling that he wouldn't complete his mission.

    5. I liked this book because you learn about history and one of the most saddening death in history when roberto was on his way to puerto rico for a charity event.

    6. love Roberto Clemente. I've never watched him play and yet I love him. I love the way his playing style is described (graceful, royal, etc.), I love his humility, I love that he broke down barriers for Latino players and most of all I love how much of a humanitarian he was. He is all around amazing and every time I read about his plane crash, my heart breaks. Thus, I was surprised that the main character of this book didn't know much about Clemente. He knew a little, but not about his great huma [...]

    7. Dan Gutman's Baseball Card Adventure books make for great reading, especially for those in the target audience of ages 10-14. I have to believe that most boys still entertain dreams of playing in the Major Leagues, so these books serve as a great hook for introducing the joy of reading to even the most reluctant of young readers. Not only do these books allow the reader to learn more about some true legends of the game, they also offer mini-history lessons on the times in which those players pla [...]

    8. What's wrong with this book? I've read a few of the other Baseball Card Adventures. Babe and Me is about Babe Ruth. Jackie and Me is about Jackie Robinson. So when I pick up a book called Roberto and Me, I expect it to be about Roberto Clemente.No. He's in three whole scenes. For the rest of the book, we get to read about Stosh riding across the country in a hippie van with a girl named Sunrise. And that's the good part. I liked how he finally got a love interest. I listened to this on audiobook [...]

    9. This book was called Roberto and Me by Dan Gutman. This book was about a boy named joey who can travel back in time using baseball cards. The genre of this book was historical non- fiction because it had facts about when a famous baseball player died in a plane crash in 1972. This boy named joey gets a note from his spanish teacher and it says he is flunking spanish class. He goes to her class the next day to make up some work. His spanish teacher is in a wheelchair because when she was very you [...]

    10. I read a book called Roberto and Me by Dan Gutman. The book is about a kid named Joe Stoshack, but he goes by Stosh. He has a special power that every time he hold a baseball card, he can go back to the year the card was manufactured. This time he wanted to save Roberto Clemente’s life before he got on a plane and died in 1972. He went to year 1969, three years before he died to warn him not to get on the plane.One positive comment on the book is how I liked how a lot of the events in the book [...]

    11. I just read the book Roberto and Me. I finished reading it February 7th 2013. The book is wrote by Dan Gutman. The book is 180 pages long. I rated this book four stars because I really liked it. The best part is that in this book he gets to go to the future. Your going to have to read the book to find out who, why and how the person brings him to the future. He still ends up going to the past. He goes back in time to save Roberto Roberto Clemente. That is the basic information of the book Robert [...]

    12. Roberto & MeHistorical/Science Fiction198 PagesThis book is about a boy, Joe Stoshack, who can travel through time by using baseball cards. He finds out about Clemente from his teacher. who Clemente was supposed to give money to, so that her infection-that now keeps her confined to a wheel chair-can be cured. Sadly Roberto died before he could, but Joe wants to change that. So he travels through time to 1969 and finds himself during a Jimi Hendrix concert. He travels to Cincinnati where Clem [...]

    13. Stosh's Spanish teacher, Senorita Molina, uses a wheelchair. When Stosh meets with her to talk about how he can pull up his terrible grade, he takes advantage of the occasion to ask a question he's had for ages--why does she have a candle burning on her desk? Turns out, she keeps it in memory of Roberto Clemente, one of the most famous Puerto Rican baseball players of all time. Roberto was more than just a great ball player--he was also a dedicated humanitarian. And one of the things he planned [...]

    14. In this book there are three main characters. They are Stosh, Flip, and Roberto. Stosh is a teenage boy that plays baseball for his local team. Flip is the coach of this team and also owns a baseball card store. His store sponsors the team and Flip is also a huge part of Stosh's life. Flip mentors him and is like a second father. One day the topic of some of the best players in baseball history. Flip mentions Roberto Clemente. Stosh has no clue who that is so decides to go back in time to invest [...]

    15. I think this book was not that good. It was not good because half the book was spent talking about hippies and Woodstock, and six or seven pages was actually about Roberto and his advice to Stosh. It was an pretty easy read. But the other half of the book was about burning fossil fuels and the polar ice caps melting and Florida being submerged. But the book was about Stosh going back in time to save Roberto, but goes to the wrong year and ends up in Woodstock. From there he must hitch a ride to [...]

    16. Roberto & Me, by Dan Gutman was a great book. This book was about a kid named Joe Stoshack who can travel through time with baseball cards. In this book he goes through time with a Roberto Clemente card. The purpose of this is to go back in time and save Roberto from getting on a plain that will kill him by dropping. Read this book to find out more about the crazy and fun events Joe goes through to save Roberto's life.I personally really liked this book it was full of adventure and mystery. [...]

    17. Stosh has the unique ability to travel through time using only a baseball card. He holds a card from the year he wants to visit, and suddenly he is there. In Roberto & Me, Stosh travels to 1969 to meet baseball star and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. His goal is to warn Roberto not to take the tragic plane flight that cut his life so short. However, Stosh soon learns changing the future is more difficult than he expected.This book and the other baseball card adventure books are great for you [...]

    18. Roberto & me is about a boy who can go back in time with baseball cards to warn people about something that will happen to them. Roberto used to be a famous baseball player in Puerto Rico who died while trying to save people during a war. The boy who went back in time and warned Roberto that he was going to die if he tries to save other people. But Roberto still wanted to do it he said "if i save thousands of peoples life and lose mine, i will be happy because i know i saved other peoples li [...]

    19. tom is a boy a that can travel through time using baseball cards. He travels to the time that the baseball card was made. One day he had and idea to save a baseball legend called Roberto from a plane crash that happened 20 years ago. tom could change baseball history. But lots of things come in his way from men trying to kidnap him to convincing Roberto to not go on the plane. After he had talked to Roberto it was no use he still wanted to go on the airplane even knowing that he would dye. Then [...]

    20. Gutman's tenth Baseball Card Adventure features Joe Stoshack, who can travel through time by touching baseball cards from different eras. After Stosh learns about humanitarian and baseball star Roberto Clemente, he travels back in time to try to save him from his early death. Stosh's time travel brings him to Woodstock, where he meets a friendly hippy girl named Sunshine and hears Jimi Hendrix. Stosh then travles with Sunshine to meet and learn from Clemente. When Stosh returns to the present, h [...]

    21. I loved this book! It was very exciting traveling through time trying to find Roberto Clemente. I think it was one of Dan Gutman's best book yet! I think it was a great book because it was very adventures and exciting.The book begins with a boy named Stosh. He's a boy who lives in are time and go's back in time to meet Roberto Clemente. When he go's back in time he meets a girl named Sunrise. He's go's back in time to tell Roberto to not get on the plane of 1972. When they meet him they go aroun [...]

    22. Roberto and Me is a scientific fiction baseball book. This is the 10th book in the series, going in no particular order. This book is about 14 year old Joe Stoshack who has the power to travel back in time using baseball cards from the specific year he wants to go to. One day Joe's baseball coach tells him the story and tragedy of how the baseball player Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash on a flight to Nicaragua to help the victims of an earthquake. Joe then decides that he wants to try and [...]

    23. I think this book genre is historical fiction and it is man vs self. This book is about a boy named Stosh who has to go back in time and save a man name Roberto Clementine. When he goes back he tells Roberto don't get on the plane. but when Stosh gets back to the present he goes to sleep and sees his great-grandson and he brings him to the future. Stosh finds out that the future is all old and nothing knew has happened. His grandson tells him to become more involved with the Earth when Stosh get [...]

    24. I liked how the author made every chapter make you want to read even more to see what will happen next for Josh Stosack. What I didn't like about the book was that Stosh wasn't able to save Roberto's life from the plane crash going to Nigeria because of the card he had was a 1969 Roberto Clemente card instead of a 1972 one which was when the plane crashed. What I liked about this book was that it was generous from Stosh that he went back in time to save his teacher's life from an illness in her [...]

    25. I liked this book a lot and my 5th grade self would have loved it. Dan Gutman is one of my favorites, and this book is engaging from the start. "Stosh" is able to time travel with the help of his baseball cards and this time he sets out to save Roberto Clemente from getting on the ill-fated rescue plane in 1972 that claimed his life. He lands in Woodstock, and eventually makes his way to Cincinnati to meet Clemente at a game. Along the way we learn a bit about the 1960s and early 70s, and about [...]

    26. Roberto And Me by Dan Gutman is a great book. In the book Roberto travels back in time to go and try to save his life. Although he didn't save Roberto's he ended up saving someone else's.I liked the book because I learned a lot about Roberto Clemente. I also like it because it was about baseball and I love baseball. I couldn't stop reading it!I would recommend this book to 4th to 8th graders. If you like baseball or history then this book is great for you. You'll also like this book if you like [...]

    27. Roberto and me is a great book. I think it is a good book to read if youir are into adventure. Drew went back in time to save the amazing baseball player Roberto from going on the plane that crashed in 1987. Drew was very excited to see Roberto he never thought this day would come. Roberto didnt Believe "the strange little boy" but drew had to get him to believe him. It was a fast book because I always wanted to read what happened next. I would recommend this book to my classmates because it was [...]

    28. this book was really good but short i liked how the boy wanted to help out so much. he did int what an amazing player to die on an airplane. its weird but this boy can go back in time using baseball cards i think theirs were they get the science fiction from. this was such a great book because the boys teacher gets cured by him going back in time and changing the past. Roberto doesn't crash in the plain and ends being a star good book.

    29. Roberto and Me was a decent book. It is an ok book about baseball. In my opinion it wasn't bad Although it is about baseball which I love, but it was still ok.It is about this kid who can travel through time with baseball cards. He wanted to go back and save Roberto Clemente from dying in his tragedy. Read the book to find out.I would recommend this book to people who like baseball. Also to people who like books about older baseball players. This book was ok and not great.

    30. This book is called Roberto and me written by Dan Gutman. This book is complete fiction. This book is Stosh trying to save someones life. His attemps end up failing but he realizes something good still happens from this. So at night he here's rustling in his room. When he looks he sees a child who claims to be his grandson from the future. Everything after this is action filled. I gave this book 5 stars due to its ability to keep me intrested.

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