Spencer W. Kimball, Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Spencer W Kimball Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints None

  • Title: Spencer W. Kimball, Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Author: Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780884943303
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

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    • ï Spencer W. Kimball, Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints || Þ PDF Read by ☆ Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr.
      189 Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr.
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    1. Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr.

      Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr. Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spencer W. Kimball, Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints book, this is one of the most wanted Edward L. Kimball Andrew E. Kimball Jr. author readers around the world.

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    1. I read this in 1978, the summer when Pres. Kimball announced priesthood revelation, Manifesto 2. It was amazing, then, to hold a biography of a living prophet--I loved getting facts about his early life and about his history, long and painful, with illnesses. His example and beliefs informed and influenced my coming of age. I struggled to make up my mind about serving a mission, but after reading a Church News report of one of his Oct. 1980 General Conference talks, prayed and made up my mind. " [...]

    2. As a 12-year-old bassist I shared the stage of the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington,D.C. with many other musicians. The concluding speaker was a short, bald, white-haired man who paused every so often to drink from a glass of water by the podium. I decided to listen. After the meeting ended I neglected my musical duties and approached him, fearing that I would be reproved, but wanting to shake his hand.The friendly warmth of his greeting remains with me to this day. And to this day this is a [...]

    3. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was fascinating, and very inspirational. I had expected it to be a bit dry, but I did not find it to be that way. I love how the authors (Kimball's son and grandson) did not gloss over any areas of his life. Spencer Kimball was very human (especially in his tendency to doubt himself and his struggle to balance work life, church life, and family). But, ultimately, he really appears to be the best sort of human, without any serious flaws. Just th [...]

    4. Spencer W. Kimball led a remarkable life. This book, which is rich in detail and remarkably candid, however, is careful to emphasize that President Kimball, the Twelfth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was very, very unsure of his ability to accomplish all that he was asked to do. The book, written by one of his sons and one of his grandsons, is full of interesting stories taken directly from President Kimball's diaries together with President Kimball's assessment of [...]

    5. This impressive biography covers President Kimball's life from early days until he was sustained as President of the LDS Church. It should be read with the biography covering President Kimball's presidency, Lengthen Your Stride. He was a wonderful man and leader, to understate.

    6. My first biography of a Church President, I loved this book about his life and it made me want to be a much better person! I am grateful for his life and teachings!

    7. President Kimball’s biography, which was written by two of his sons, Edward and Andrew Kimball, opened my eyes to the sincere, gentle, and kind man he strived to be.Because his biography was written by his two sons, they provided a personal view of the man who was to be called as prophet. They had access to his many decades of journals, but they also provided insights in the man they grew up with. Obviously, they wrote with love but they wrote with themselves at a distance: I never felt the bo [...]

    8. A biography that has been on my to read list for 25 years. I wonder if I would have appreciated it as much 25 years ago. I feel like I know Spencer Kimball. I wish I had known him and his wife and called them friends, enjoyed their humor, honesty and wisdom. I learned about the processes of succession in the LDS Church presidency, the origins of "Indian Placement" program and Spencer Kimball's part in trying to get government and Church agencies to deal humanely and decently with Native American [...]

    9. I really like this book for several reasons. Sometimes when biographies are written about great people the authors tend to focus on the strengths and successes and omit the follies and mistakes. This book is written by the children of President Kimball with approval from both Spencer and Camilla so it contains all the mistakes and successes, which brings me to another reason I like it. Pres. Kimball becomes a real person with humor and wit and an affectious personality. The other reason I like i [...]

    10. All I have to say is Wow! Spencer Kimball's biography gives you a real glimpse into the life of an apostle and prophet when the church was in a huge period of growth and change. The work that he did to further the gospel is amazing. He was such a humble man and always was hoping his offerings of service and work were acceptable to the Lord. Makes me interested to see what another apostle/prophets biography is like - but I don't know if other biography's will be as candid or open about all of the [...]

    11. Very engaging book. As it is written by two of his sons, they offer a very unique and human perspective. This book, more than anything I've read sums up how Kimball was different in his concern for people. Additionally the book does include how some viewed him negatively, although a bit hard to imagine the better acquainted you become with his life.There are a number of touching and amazing anecdotes throughout the book, many are toward the end of the book which is good reward for those who fini [...]

    12. I've moved on to the Lengthen Your Stride. Once MK told me this book stops when SWK gets to be prophet I lost all interest. I like to read bio's to learn why people are famous, and for Kimball that means the 1978 Official Declaration. With that said I really enjoyed SWK's Arizona years. Since his stake boundaries covered El Paso & SWK once stayed at my grandma's house, we claim him as a local.

    13. I loved this book for how personal it was. It is written by President Kimball's son, and he does a lovely job at detailing anecdotes that provide clear and often humorous insight into the prophet's personality, leadership style, and family relationships. Edward doesn't shirk from his father's faults, but is also careful to emphasize his many wonderful traits.Because it is written by his son, though, and not by a trained writer, it's not the best organized or written book. From what I remember, t [...]

    14. A well written biography of Kimball. For a biography from his family, I was a little disappointed at the level of personal insight. Early in the book it was good, but in later pages it was lacking. It was candid, but not so much as some of the more recent biography's of prophets. What was saddest for me is it ends prior to the revelation on the priesthood, which is among the things Kimball is most remembered for. It does an excellent job of building faith that Spencer Kimball was a chosen vessel [...]

    15. This could be considered a watershed book among biographies of LDS church leaders. It was written while he was still alive, and President Kimball told the authors that he didn't want the difficulties and foibles of his life washed over.However, while those times that he felt he had done the worst only lead me to believe more strongly that this man was incredible. He lived an exemplary life. Even more impressive is that he never felt he deserved what he got -- He always felt that he was too small [...]

    16. One of the best biographies that I have read. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned a lot about President Kimball. The best thing about this book is that I really learned a lot about the man and what his life was like. I learned a lot about his trials, his successes and his decisions that affected his life. Really an enjoyable book to read and it is entertaining and easy to read. Recommend it to all who would write a biography.

    17. I enjoyed reading about the early years of the prophet's life. What struck me most was that he was a normal person. The last 100-200 pages were harder to get through, which is why i only gave it 3 stars. I wish the book had gone through the lift on the priesthood ban, but as it was published in 1977, that obviously isn't the case! I would like to read Lengthen Your Stride by the same author, which does cover the years the Kimball was the prophetbut I might need a little break first.

    18. Wonderful biography chronicling the incredibly hard working man--President Spencer W Kimball, 12th president of the LDS Church.I really enjoyed the chronological chapters and the details about his travels, people he worked with, and the succession in the presidency. I would have loved even more from his time as the prophet because he did so much in his 12 years. Loved learning about President Kimball and strengthening my testimony.

    19. What an inspiring book about one of our beloved prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I loved reading about his life and the many choices that lead him to a life that was dedicated to serving others and to be the spokesman for our Heavenly Father. He is truly a remarkable that faced many health challenges and trails yet never gave up. I loved this prophet and learned so much from him as I grew up having him as my prophet. He was truly a man of God

    20. A biography written by his son, of a man I view as a modern-day prophet. You know what I loved most about this book? Spencer's humanity. And his love of life and friends and fun. It is the most inspiring book I've read in a long while -- not just because of the subject, but because the tone is not preachy or moralistic. It just describes the life of a good man, trying his best to love and serve God. I am inspired by his unending work ethic and his humble love for all people.

    21. Such a good book. I found myself refering to this book in everyday conversation (this will happen when it takes 2+ years to read) because of how good the stories are. This man had to have worked harder then any man in the history of the church. So great to see how things were back then. I recommend to anyone (except Blaineyou would hate it).

    22. I think I might come back to this. I find the writing a little dry. The authors obviously love their subject, which is great, but their style keeps catching on the sandpaper emphasis of detail over narrative. Inspiring bits, interspersed with dragging bits. I feel like I have to repent nowrt of.

    23. I read this version because other biographies had been written by authors I'd already read. I was a little disappointed at the end to learn that the final paragraph references April 1977 General Conference. I had to look on to find that he lived until 1985. I'll have to read about the last 8 years in another book at another time.

    24. One of the most inspiring books I have read. More than once, I found myself expressing heartfelt gratitude in prayer for Pres Kimball's life and the chance to get to know him reading his biography. The authors get five plus stars for both their writing style and the courage to include content that was refreshingly thourough and deeply insightful.I can't recommend this book enough.

    25. This is a wonderful biography. It shows President Kimball as a real person, kind, dedicated and caring. I enjoyed getting to know his father. It was fun to read about him as a young man. He called his moustache "Charlie Chaplin". He lost all his savings more than once. He served through physical trials. What a great prophet and leader.

    26. Excellent biography. The books ends before the meat of President Kimball's tenure the church president. I look forward to reading Edward L. Kimball's more recent book that deals particularly with his role as church president.

    27. Spencer W. Kimball was a great man who gave his all to the Lord in his service. He was also a great kid growing up and was as ornery and obnoxious as any other little boy!What a great book and great lessons from a man who was miraculously buoyed up by the Lord BECAUSE he gave his all.

    28. This is a great read! This biography details many of the challenges and triumphs of a truly remarkable man. This is one of the best biographies of any church leader that I have read and it helped me to appreciate the challenge of being an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling.

    29. I loved reading about President Kimball's life. He was such a humble man but completely devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved his love for the American Indians who he tried to help his entire life also.

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