Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball

Lengthen Your Stride The Presidency of Spencer W Kimball The presidency of Spencer W Kimball from to spanned years of remarkable growth and dramatic developments in the Church In that time Church membership grew from million to million

  • Title: Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball
  • Author: Edward L. Kimball
  • ISBN: 9781590384572
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The presidency of Spencer W Kimball, from 1973 to 1985, spanned years of remarkable growth and dramatic developments in the Church In that time, Church membership grew from 3.2 million to 5.9 million, the number of full time missionaries serving grew from 17,000 to nearly 40,000 and temples in operation increased from 15 to 36 This book focuses exclusively on PresidentThe presidency of Spencer W Kimball, from 1973 to 1985, spanned years of remarkable growth and dramatic developments in the Church In that time, Church membership grew from 3.2 million to 5.9 million, the number of full time missionaries serving grew from 17,000 to nearly 40,000 and temples in operation increased from 15 to 36 This book focuses exclusively on President Kimball s ministry at Church President, descriging such landmark events as the revelation extending the priesthood to all worthy males, the publication of new editions of the LDS scriptures, and the reorganization of the quorum of the Seventy The accompanying CD ROM created by BYU Studies contains a wealth of additional information, including a longer version of the biography, photos not included in the book, some audio clips of President Kimball including a sample before the surgery on his throat , as well as copies of other books written by or about President Kimball.

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      Edward L. Kimball Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W. Kimball book, this is one of the most wanted Edward L. Kimball author readers around the world.

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    1. The first half of the book is a one or two star, the second half a four or five, so I compromised and gave it three stars.The negatives about the book:* Something about the tone bothered me, particularly in the first half. * It seemed that the author went out of his way to include obscure events during the time period of President Kimball's presidency. The chapter on the ERA, for instance, spends half of the chapter on a woman who was outspoken against the Church and eventually excommunicated. I [...]

    2. This book reminded me of why I loved President Kimball so much. He truly had a gift of loving people unconditionally, and they felt it. Someone said that for the first time in her life she had a deeper understanding of how the Savior loved people by watching how President Kimball treated and loved people. There are countless stories of the things that he said and did that changed people's lives.His ability to work was astounding, not only for a man in his 80's, but for a person of ANY age. His p [...]

    3. Recommended by my dear friend Lon Tibbitts, I was fully engrossed in this book. For those of you who are not Mormons, this is a story of the term this man had as President of our Church. His administration is famous for lifting the ban on ordaining blacks to the Priesthood (or authority to conduct official church ecclesiastical business and perform certain rites). The author (the son of President Kimball), did not shy away from some of the tension and controversy of President Kimball's administr [...]

    4. Edward Kimball's biography of his father is probably my favorite biography of all time. This book chronicles the administration of President Kimball and is equally readable and compelling. I picked it up with the intention of scanning it before teaching my institute lesson on President Kimball. Four days later, I've read every word--including the footnotes! And, I'm exhausted from reading about the man Brad Wilcox characterizes as the Church's "Energizer Bunny." What a great man! I'm grateful to [...]

    5. An excellent biography of President Spencer W. Kimball. Written by his son, Edward Kimball, the book provides a thorough overview of President Kimball's presidency. There is a lot of good info about the big issues from that era (no pun intendedERAt it?) We also get to see the day to day life of the prophet, as he travels the world and struggles with various health issues.The book is very informative in its coverage of the revelation on Blacks and the Priesthood (specifically, now they could have [...]

    6. I ended up reading this entire book in one day last week when I needed to be resting, and I will certainly give it credit for being readable and interesting. In the past I will confess to having a bit of a negative attitude towards President Kimball based on some of his writings and public statements. However, after reading this biography that manages to be both honest and sympathetic, I can now say that I really understand why so many people liked him so much (even if I don't like a few of the [...]

    7. I've read many biographies and found the "engagement factor" of the book to be above average. Not as good as Prince’s McKay book, but still really good.Positives: Balanced candor - a fair mix of inspirational stories mingled with some of the tensions and struggles associated with normal human existence (and leadership). The section on the priesthood revelation was fantastic, and this is the must read section of the book. I've read lots on that subject and found it insightful and faith promotin [...]

    8. There are three must read books on Mormonism and the 20th century. The first is Thomas Alexander's "Mormonism In Transition," the second is Greg Prince's "David O McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism," the third is Edward Kimball's "Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W Kimball."Written by his son, Edward Kimball, Spencer W Kimball's presidency is brought to life and is told in startling detail. This history is particularly interesting because it focuses solely on Kimball's preside [...]

    9. It's amazing to think how much the church grew and how much changed during Pres. Kimball's presidency. It had to have been a very exciting time to live. I loved reading about all the things we take for granted now that were instituted while he was prophet. I learned a lot about the organization of the church and am amazed at how they were able to expand it as church membership expanded across the world. But most importantly, I enjoyed reading about his example as a humble and selfless leader, on [...]

    10. This just did not have the right "feel" to it as I was reading it. Author seems to have gone out of his way to include too many unnecessary details regarding past misdeeds of others. This is the only biography of a Latter-day Prophet/Apostle that I've seen to include a specific notation in the front of the book dissaccociating it with the LDS Church. After having read it I can see why the Church probably insisted on this notation. For a much better read, stick to the biography of Pres. Kimball's [...]

    11. One of the best biographies I have read, of an LDS Church leader or anyone else. The author has done a wonderful job of recording the life of an admirable, humble man who did so much as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The chapters on the priesthood revelation were like a engrossing thriller, although I knew how things would turn out. I lived through the years that the author described and had so much respect and love for President Kimball, and this book increased th [...]

    12. This book suffers from being largely comprised of anecdotes, but it is still worth reading. The three chapters giving and inside look at how the 1978 priesthood ban was removed make this book worth reading on their own. Spencer W. Kimball was an amazing man so it is fun to spend some time with him in this book. This book is sometimes compared to the recent biography on David O McKay. It is not as good, but still worth reading and is good to read together as it adds history from the years followi [...]

    13. My aunt Helen gave me this book for my birthday right after it came out and I am just now finishing it. What a great book. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first but it was still very good. For someone who doesn't remember how things were in the 70's and most of the early 80's is was very cool to read how things were in the church back then. President Kimball was an amazing man and Prophet.

    14. This book was excellent, so well written, and didn't lag at all. I, however am tired now after reading about all the incredible work he did in his old age. Makes makes me want to work harder and be kinder (lengthen my stride if you will :)) I'm also inspired after seeing the growth of the church and to think of the inspired hand of God as he leads a people and an inspired prophet in today's world.

    15. I loved the section on Controversies - especially the details surrounding the 1978 revelation on blacks and the priesthood. I had no idea Spencer fasted and prayed so much about that decision.The rest of the book was okay - a little heavy on details, but I was touched by anecdotes of Spencer's ministering to individuals. Also, I think it's funny when Ed writes about himself in the third person.

    16. Had YOU ever heard of "President Spencer W. Kimball"? Maybe one of those losers around the time of Polk and Pierce? Nope, turns out he is a leader of the Mormon bigamists! Why doesn't he call himself "King Kimball" instead? It makes just as much sense. He wants us to "lengthen our stride"; seems to me we ought to "widen our stance," as that perverted senator in Minnesota did in his urinal.

    17. This biography by his son is the best of Spencer Kimball. It is more thematic than chronological, but I find I appreciate that approach more. Gibbons biographies seem much more shallow having branched away. I think the presentation of the issues the LDS church was facing in the 1970's and '80's were fairly presented. There were intimations of disagreements and struggles were present but with much inference required. I found the book inspiring.

    18. There was a lot of interesting insights to President Kimball's Presidency in this book. The first and last parts of the book were a bit slow but still somewhat interesting. Some of the more interesting topics in the book were the the 1978 priesthood revelation, the ERA, and institutional history. While I am impressed that Deseret Book would publish a book that was this honest, it still left a little room for candor.

    19. Enjoyable look at His life as the Prophet.A wonderful continuation of the story of the life of President and Sister Kimball. He truly gave his life in service to the Lord. The only issue was with the formatting of this edition, it did not move to the e-book format very well at all. Most of the picture captions just disappeared, many of the foot notes were off the page, and mis-numbered. It made it a little bit difficult to read at times.

    20. An awesome book. Full of anecdotes, background stories, historical and spiritual tidbits alike related to Pres. Kimball and the key points of his administration. The chapters on the 1978 revelation are incredible, as are the personal accounts of his personal and poignant visits with the members. This was one of the best Church books I've read in a while. I really enjoyed it and for multiple reasons.

    21. While this book was sometimes dry, the information was incredible. The author took great pains to not make a saint out of President Kimball. At points, the text did not show President Kimball in a very good light, but in all it to strengthen my testimony that the Lord can accomplish amazing things through very flawed men. By the time I was born, he was almost incapacitated. I loved getting to know this prophet through this book.

    22. This was pretty dry reading but fascinating to get a glimpse into the life of a prophet. It was insightful in light of some of the current issues in the church. President Kimball sure dealt with his share of controversial issues! I especially loved the end where the author shares stories of interactions he had with individuals and how he affected their life for good.

    23. This isn't the most elegant of biographies, but it is worth the cover price simply for the section on the 1978 revelation on priesthood. This section is very detailed and incorporates many first-hand accounts. It is a great insight into the revelation process and how big changes can be made in the church.

    24. (4.5) The only reason this doesn't get a full five stars is that the book is choppy in parts where you can tell that the author was forced to condense his much larger manuscript into a more marketable volume size. Sadly, I didn't purchase the book which comes with a cd-rom version of the longer manuscript and more extensive footnotes. A fascinating and person look at a truly remarkable man!

    25. This book is pretty good. It wasn't very spiritual for me. It had a lot of information but was more like an activity roster. I didn't finish it because it wasn't holding my attention. I will probably skim through the rest of it, but I was hoping for a more spiritually uplifting read. I learned a lot about President Kimball however.

    26. I joined the Church when Spencer W. Kimball was prophet. I am amazed what wearing the mantle of God can do. The book gives insight to the time spent pondering and praying before President Kimball's proclamation of extending the priesthood to all worthy males was made. President Kimball had his own heartaches with his son who became inactive after returning home from his mission.

    27. President Kimball was a titan of a man. He was a loving, powerful, inspired prophet of God. This book gives remarkable insight into President Kimball and his time as President of the Church. The book attempts to give an accurate portrayal of President Kimball, including his human foibles.

    28. I loved this book! Here we see what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Spencer W. Kimball truly did wear out his shoes in the service of others and his Lord. Truly an inspiring man and an inspiring book!

    29. I just read this again, summer of 2014. A good biography, completing the initial biography of his life by his son. Topically organized, some material is duplicated, but very readable, and very honest. It is unfortunate the publisher and author could no

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