Donde Mejor Canta Un Pajaro

Donde Mejor Canta Un Pajaro Basandose en una sugerente frase de Jean Cocteau B un pajaro canta mejor en su arbol genealogicoB Jodorowsky nos sumerge en un amenisimo relato tan comico y sorprendente como heroico y legendario

  • Title: Donde Mejor Canta Un Pajaro
  • Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • ISBN: 9780307347848
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Basandose en una sugerente frase de Jean Cocteau, B un pajaro canta mejor en su arbol genealogicoB , Jodorowsky nos sumerge en un amenisimo relato, tan comico y sorprendente como heroico y legendario, sobre la vida de sus antepasados, desde sus bisabuelos hasta sus padres Esta reconstruccion narrativa de su arbol genealogico le sirve para bucear en el sentido de su propioBasandose en una sugerente frase de Jean Cocteau, B un pajaro canta mejor en su arbol genealogicoB , Jodorowsky nos sumerge en un amenisimo relato, tan comico y sorprendente como heroico y legendario, sobre la vida de sus antepasados, desde sus bisabuelos hasta sus padres Esta reconstruccion narrativa de su arbol genealogico le sirve para bucear en el sentido de su propio ser y su propia vida, a traves de una inmensa geografia Ucrania, paris, Venecia, Chile o Argentina B Todos los personajes, sitios y acontecimientos son realesB , dice el autor B Pero esta realidad es transformada y exaltada hasta llevarla al mito nuestro arbol genealogico por una parte es la trampa que limita nuestros pensamientos, emociones, deseos y nuestra vida material y por otra parte es el tesoro que encierra la mayor parte de nuestros valores Aparte de ser una novela, este libro es un trabajo que, si ha sido logrado, aspira a servir de ejemplo para que cada lector lo siga y transforme, a traves del perdon, su memoria familiar en leyenda heroica.B

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    1. Alejandro Jodorowsky

      Also credited as Alexandro JodorowskyBetter known for his surreal films El Topo and The Holy Mountain filmed in the early 1970s, Alejandro Jodorowsky is also an accomplished writer of graphic novels and a psychotherapist He developed Psychomagic, a combination of psychotherapy and shamanic magic His fans have included John Lennon and Marilyn Manson.

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    3. "Comunque la realtà è la trasformazione progressiva dei sogni, non c'è altro mondo se non quello onirico". Jodorowsky è uno scrittore visionario e questo romanzo ne è la conferma. Partendo dall' albero genealogico, ci racconta la storia della sua famiglia, dei suoi nonni paterni e materni, fino ad arrivare all'incontro dei suoi genitori e alla storia della sua nascita. Un romanzo, una storia che affonda le sue radici tra madri ebree e il mondo latinoamericano, il Cile soprattutto, mescoland [...]

    4. Il problema non è tanto quando Teresa si è arrabbiata, ma quanta ragione avesse!Questo è uno di quei libri di cui non si può dire assolutamente bello o terribilmente brutto.Il suo destino è quello di essere versatile come i giudizi dei suoi lettori. È quindi d’uopo riportarvi i giudizi di alcuni rappresentanti della categoria, personalmente intervistati in strada per voi.Il lettore intellettuale: Jodorowsky è imprescindibile. Le sue tematiche finalmente scevre dal qualunquismo letterari [...]

    5. Where the Bird Sings Best - by Alejandro JodorowskyRead - 29th August 2014.I have just finished the most amazing autobiography given to me by netgalley. Well, I think it is an autobiography, but it’s really about the author’s origins and what fascinating and amazing origins!The story begins in Russia and moves to Chile, but what a move! The story describes the life of the author’s Nineteenth Century Jewish ancestors searching for an escape from persecution and poverty in a graphic and brut [...]

    6. There are two kinds of people in the world. People who want to read a book in which the following sentence makes perfect sense, and those who don't: “The hunchback got drunk, burned the gorilla suit, and began to pelt him with hardboiled eggs dyed black.”If you do - then this is the book for you.

    7. I made it to the halfway mark. There are some genuinely creative & well-done snippets in this book.However.I am abandoning it at this point.I have just read so many rape & other horrible scenes that I'm done. It's not literature. It's not magical realism. It's not mystical. It's just strange & gross & horrifying in too many ways.

    8. FULL DISCLOSURE: My publishing company is publishing this book in hardcover in March 2015, it is awesome, and you should read it. Here's why:Huge, weird, joyous, raunchy, full of family legends and disturbingly compelling and surreal incest, Tarot and Jewish mysticism, lovers embalmed in honey and lion tamers more lion than tamer, this book is crazy and yet also completely engrossing and relatable. Even if you haven't seen Jodorowsky's films (but even better if you have—also, go see Jodorowsky [...]

    9. I wish I could give it 3.5. It's not really a 3, but it's not a 4 either. I can't really decide how I feel about it. Weird book. Enthralling stories in parts of it, and contained interesting observations on life and human nature. Other parts felt over the top and forced. Told with the rhythms, tones, and vocabulary of Kabbalah and Jewish folktales, with a little Talmud for flavor.

    10. Jodorowsky is a storytelling master, and once again he shows it with a family saga that may read esoteric (what with all that Tarot imagery and Kabbalah) were it not for the way he somehow always manages to bend those abstruse concepts to his poetics, and not vice versa.*I would like to thank Restless Books for letting me view an ARC of this work through NetGalley.Jodorowsky does not tell a story. He tells The Story, whatever the media and the content.A tub with two honey-included bodies floats [...]

    11. Fantasia sconfinata in un capolavoro ricco di stupore, violenza, pietà. Sessualità brutale, giustificata da un maschilismo radicato in un passato reso becero dalle tradizioni e superstizioni popolari, e dalla immensa miseria di uomini dimenticati da divinità implacabili. Non è lecito porsi domande sull'attendibilità della magia, tra conscio e inconscio, della grande famiglia dell'autore, dato che lo stesso Jodorowsky lo spiega all'inizio dell'ultimo capitolo: "Non so se i ricordi precedenti [...]

    12. I read the first half and put it aside. Finally came back to it and while it is an enjoyable read, it's one that requires much contemplation. The prose forces you to digest everything in small nuggets, which are at times rewarding, at times, as head-scratching as some of Jodorowsky's films.Slow going but interesting. The author's imagination continues to boggle the mind. I felt it was a bit too long though, and could easily have been cut almost in half.

    13. To appreciate this book fully, you should drop acid first.The author probably did before writing it.How often can you combine pogroms, religious mysticism, and rape in one novel?I'm proud that I quit at 50%, but ashamed that I made it to 50%.

    14. Merda. Sesso. Piscio. Cazzo. Sperma. Sangue. Merda. Sesso. Piscio. Cazzo. Sperma. Sangue.Tutto il libro è così.Come rovinare quella che sarebbe stata una splendida epopea familiare con la continua e bruta giustapposizione di sozzure perfettamente evitabili.

    15. CD, this book is the definition of surreal. At times super freaking weird, I felt like I was reading a Salvador Dali painting. It's for lovers of the mystical, grandeur, and who appreciate someone taking the stories of their ancestors and making them absolutely legendary.

    16. “Weird” might be my choice if I had to describe Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Where the Bird Sings Best” in one word. That was my biggest impression, but there are so many dimensions to this “autobiographical novel” that make it unique and at the same time another masterpiece of Latin American literature. I will warn readers that there are many disturbing scenes, but from what I gather, those familiar with Jodorowsky’s other work will find this to share many of his trademark elements. [...]

    17. "Quando Teresa si arrabbiò con Dio" è la fantasmagorica, surreale epopea familiare che Alejandro Jodorowsky ha immaginato, a partire dall'origine del suo albero genealogico. Comica, dissacrante, emozionante e commovente, la lettura di questa saga familiare fa attraversare al lettore tutti i sentimenti possibili, dalla repulsione alla partecipazione, dal divertimento alla meraviglia.

    18. A stew of wild ideas and over-the-top characters, all boiling over on the fierce burner of Jodorowksy's imagination. Does it make sense? Does it need to? It's all about inspiring the reader to live a more mythological life. If you liked the Metabarons, you'll love this.

    19. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a weird dude.I read this book because Vice magazine published the first chapter in it's fiction section. I was taken with that, and decided to read the whole book.I was very interested in this because the story is a sort of mythical telling of his Jewish ancestry as they came from Europe to the new world, specifically South America. My family is Jewish, and I have family that lives in Latin America, so while my family story is different, there are certain over lapping ele [...]

    20. I never much cared for Jodorowsky's movies. "El Topo" worked fairly well as a story, but I found the meaning behind its symbolism to be very obscure. Conversely, the themes of "The Holy Mountain" were powerful, yet I found the film worked poorly as a narrative. In prose, Jodorowsky's spiritual themes are conveyed in a more coherent way. Simply put, this is an astonishing, horrifying, unforgettable work of fiction. Jodorowsky blends mythology, Judaism, the tarot, esotericism, Kabbala, Christianit [...]

    21. Tremenda questa nonnetta che si arrabbia con Dio e non ne vuole sapere di farci la pace!E' da questo scoppio d'ira matriarcale che si svolge la complicata saga di questa originale famiglia cilena di origine ebreo-russa.Ed è un bel raccontare questo di Jodorowsky,ricco,fantastico,ironico, che unisce la liricità dei racconti yiddish al realismo latino americano.Teresa si arrabbia,ma anche gli altri personaggi della storia si muovono nel mondo e nella storia cercando di affermare se stessi al di [...]

    22. é un libro pieno, esuberante, barocco, eccessivo.Non sono riuscita a finirlo tanto è eccessivo, ma forse perchè questo libro si è incuneato in una parte complicata della mia vita in cui non avevo davvero più spazio nemmeno per me stessa.Ne ho letto più di metà prima di incastrarmi e nonostante quello che ho appena scritto, mi è piaciuto perchè le storie raccontate sono grasse, piene, e ci sono scene memorabili come quella di un protagonista che scivola con un improvvisato sketeboard sop [...]

    23. This novel is both utterly depraved (as in, gallons of every single kind of bodily fluid gushing everywhere) and sublime as it reaches for the stars from the dankiest part of the gutter. The plot and characters move along more like a series of Jewish folktales or myths, and each scene could be something out of one of his films, shot through with every extreme of humor, beauty, and disgustingness. It can be a bit wearing at times to wade through all this, but also like his films, all of this madn [...]

    24. Well, that's a strange one. Magical realism meets LSD, or maybe ayahuasca, to tell of diaspora and communist revolution.

    25. No, non ci siamo. Non c'è l'afflato epico di "Cien años de soledad", e ciò che là era invenzione qui è stancante imitazione.So many books so little time Addio Jodorowsky, non mi mancherai.

    26. Where the Bird Sings Best is a wildly imaginative, complicated, genealogical epic of a novel. Jodorowsky sprinkles metaphysical and philosophical gems throughout the book in some very poetic and surreal passages. While I liked the book, I did find it hard to follow at times due to all the characters, quite a few with the same names. I had to stop trying to kept track of everyone (the family trees did help) and allow myself to get carried away into Jodorowsky's world, which was easily done. While [...]

    27. I didn't finish it, which says it all. I have never not finished a book. I think it might be a poor translation? I am not up to speed on my Jewish religious knowledge or Jewish mysticism so it is quite possible I am entirely missing the point. It's confusing in plot (a book that needs multiple family trees should try to be extremely clear), at times vulgar (perhaps a translation problem?), and not gripping.

    28. A very beautiful and very insane book. Jodorowsky's imagination is prodigious. His creative energy is beyond belief. But he is so mad. A raving lunatic who repeatedly insists that he's telling the true version of events. Copious amounts of sex, violence, poetry, and lush descriptions of the phenomena behind our visible world. Very entertaining, but not easy to relate to.

    29. This is a classic work of autobiography.Autobiography that deals with three generation of the family of the writer-presenting a rare glimpses of the contemporary times from the social and historical viewpoint, capturing the history of a nation in transition all the way through. the work captures from the viewpoint of the author, apiece of Latin American history and culture. The volume under review is the wondrous story of the journey of a Jewish family from Ukraine to Chile- in search of a bette [...]

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