Meditation for Dummies

Meditation for Dummies In the past decade researchers have discovered what great meditators have known all along meditation has unrivaled power to quiet your mind relax your body improve your health and bring love and j

  • Title: Meditation for Dummies
  • Author: Stephan Bodian Dean Ornish
  • ISBN: 0764551167
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the past decade, researchers have discovered what great meditators have known all along meditation has unrivaled power to quiet your mind, relax your body, improve your health, and bring love and joy into your life While over 5 million Americans meditate regularly, millions remain unaware of the physical, mental, and spiritual well being that can result froIn the past decade, researchers have discovered what great meditators have known all along meditation has unrivaled power to quiet your mind, relax your body, improve your health, and bring love and joy into your life While over 5 million Americans meditate regularly, millions remain unaware of the physical, mental, and spiritual well being that can result from such a simple practice Meditation For Dummies guides you down the road to increased awareness and inner peace It also covers the historical origins and traditional wisdom behind modern meditation practice Relax, take a deep breath, and we ll do the rest.

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    1. Stephan Bodian Dean Ornish

      Stephan Bodian is the bestselling author of Meditation for Dummies now in an updated third edition and Wake Up Now A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening He s also the author and narrator of the critically acclaimed mobile programs Mindfulness Meditation and Freedom from Stress produced by Mental Workout and an internationally recognized expert on meditation, stress management, and spiritual awakening His new book, Beyond Mindfulness, is now available on Trained for 10 years as a Zen Buddhist monk and licensed as a psychotherapist, Stephan has been a pioneer in the integration of Eastern wisdom and Western psychology and in the application of mindfulness in everyday life.As a teacher, counselor, consultant, and mentor, Stephan s approach blends mindful attention to moment by moment experience with transformational techniques from Western psychotherapy and the nondual wisdom of Zen and other spiritual traditions Drawing on his decades of experience as both a therapist and a meditation teacher, he specializes in offering guidance that s customized to the needs of the individual practitioner.

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    1. I know that the series of Dummies books--and there must be hundreds of them--isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people are put off by the title alone. And yes, there are plenty of other basic books about meditation that do not refer to us beginners as "dummies." However, I enjoyed this thorough overview and practical approach to meditation from practing psychotherapist Stephan Bodian. He gives a historical, spiritual, and philosophical background on the practice of meditation, then gets down to t [...]

    2. I expected this book to be "just" a meditation handbook telling me what to do, when and how. However, this book is much more and I've actually read it twice to absorb all the amazing information.Although Meditation for Dummies is full of practical meditation tips and guides you through your meditation practice pretty effortlessly in a way that's easy to understand, it contains lots of life wisdom. The author, who is an experienced psychotherapist, also provides readers with helpful advice on str [...]

    3. I've should called this book "Meditation for Dummies". Articles like I read in "Meditation for beginners" I always read in glossy magazines. I don't think this book is ok for beginners. In "Meditation for beginners" you even can't find a good explanation of the concept. But, in my opinion, it's the most important thing for beginners - to understand deeply what they're going to do. After this book I understand meditation superficially. But this book prompted me to find explanations of meditation. [...]

    4. They call minds like mine "monkey-mind," but mine's more like a hamster in a cage. I didn't like reading a book with a "Dummies" cover, but I found Bodain's discussion on meditation helpful - although I admit to skipping sections such as "what to wear." I'm glad that he does not press the religious aspect too hard. There's something here for everyone who wants to experience the physical and mental benefits of meditation - you've just got to "know your motivation" in order to find the right kind [...]

    5. I've always liked the for Dummies books. Beyond the amusement I get each time I consider the title (because I am a dummy in many ways and it is nice to get simple, complete instruction), they are generally quite well written and have loads of information. Must be some really good editors behind it all. I find it an optimistic that even a dummy can do this, whatever it is. I bought this book years ago, and what I remember most is that it presents so many different mental/physical technologies tha [...]

    6. I really liked this book for giving all essential information about the subject and not only.The book covers all you need for a begginer including history of meditation,techniques,benefits and experiences of the author and other people.I am a yoga practisioner and meditation complements practise of the Hatha yoga.Highly recommended for all interested!!!

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    8. Good for its size This book might be little but it has some helpful tips on meditation and yoga . Found some new meditations to give a try

    9. As good a place to start as any I reckon. Warning: Only about 10% of this book is actual instruction on how to practice meditation.

    10. A very helpful book on the topic of meditation, full of practical tips you can use. It also gives you an overview on the background of meditation, as well as a variety of different meditation techniques. The main focus of the book is on mindfulness meditation, which the author suggests as a basis for other meditations you can try at a later point. He also gives tips for how to incorporate meditation into your daily life and what to do if you encounter difficulties. This book is also not limited [...]

    11. I'll admit I did not read every page. Not because it wasn't interesting, but more so because it seems so complete, a lot of the information came across as obvious. Of course, it's a book for "Dummies" so I can't really consider that a flaw. Though repetitious at times, it's a simple yet thorough intro into meditation. If I manage to make meditation a regular thing, I can see picking this up again to advance and broaden my technique.

    12. Meditation for Dummies is a wonderful book for those who want to start dabbling in meditation. The book is very thorough and covers everything from the history of meditation, to the proper postures, where to meditate, the top 10 questions and 10 meditations, and much more. The book is very nicely organized and full of helpful hints, tips, stories, and different meditations. One of the best things about dummies books is that you don't have to read the book cover to cover to get the most out of it [...]

    13. I have wanted to properly learn some basic meditation techniques for a long time, so that I am mentally equipped to start the day off with a calm and relaxed state of mind and reduce stress and anxiety levels throughout the day, especially at bedtime. This guide is ideal for me, as it provides a good foundation for meditation novices, such as various relaxation/breathing methods, concentration/awareness techniques, and also the pros and cons of different sitting postures and meditating at certai [...]

    14. Chapter six begins, "If you're looking for simple, concise meditation instructions, you've come to the right chapter." I'd say that goes for this book as a whole - basic techniques and mechanics for beginners are available here. The book is easy to follow (dummies, duh), and provides much additional info of interest - where/when to meditate, how long, are eyes open or closed, what to do with your hands, what if your foot falls asleep, etc. It continues on (over 300 pages) to more advanced stuff, [...]

    15. The author sounds well-versed in the topic and this book has all you need to start meditating and a lot of reasons to convince you that you should start now and keep it going. The writing is clear, informed, interesting, and a good balance between cute Eastern stories and Western perspective (e.g scientific findings). The book is probably longer than it should be, but no harm in that. Go ahead and delve into Meditation with this book if you intend to. Good place to begin your studies and a lot o [...]

    16. I really have always been fascinated by meditation. This book is a nice introduction to the many facets of meditation. I however enjoy reading things front to back and all the sidebars and off-shoots made it hard for me to finish this book. It is designed to be skipped around and that is just not my way of reading. I feel this book better suits those who don't mind skipping around and reading solely what is meaningful to them. It has a CD and I'm about to start using the CD for my own meditation [...]

    17. I've been meditating for years. Thought I would do some reading to open my mind to new possibilities.Although this book has a wealth of information, it is written in a negative fashion. seemed to focus more on points that may go wrong than what may go well.Thus I recommend going to more traditional writings.But what is true for one does not apply to all. So experience it for yourself and judge yourself.

    18. I truly enjoyed this book. Many people had suggested meditation as a method to relieve stress and live a happier life, but I really felt "in the dark" about what meditation was and how it works. This is filled with some wonderful concepts that i could easily apply to my life immediately. I have read other meditation books (to be sure) but this (for my money) is one of the best and surely a great starter book for anyone interested in meditation.

    19. This a great little short meditation reference book that I enjoying rereading every so often just to reacquaint myself with the benefits of meditation. This time around I'm reminded that I need to sign up for a yoga class and work on exercises that improve my posture. My meditation technique of choice is counting my breaths. It builds concentration and the high from breathing oxygen gets me focused and relaxed lol.

    20. wow. among my most prized possessions. this book has given me the ability to relax again - a skill i think i had forgotten for a while. while respecting religion, bodian offers several styles of meditation from several religious traditions that everyone can practice. clear, simple, concise, informative, helpful, entertaining, interesting, relaxing, and fulfilling. if you don't own a copy, get one.

    21. There are a few misquotes, one notoriously from the Sermon on the Mount in the Bible, and I think his link between meditation and the repetition of the Jesus Prayer in Orthodox Christianity is inaccurate - monks do not say this prayer to focus in on one aspect of their consciousness; they say it because they are literally asking for mercy and kindness, even if it's 3x, 12x, 40x or 100x in a liturgy.

    22. The only thing that did more to alleviate my stress and anxiety was finally leaving the job I hated. This book ran a very close second. It is extremely useful, helpful, simple and doesn't get mixed up in any religiosity (making it easily accessible to the spiritual, the secular, the theistic and atheistic without alienating any of the above.)

    23. An excellent primer for someone who wants to know what meditation is all about. Covers how-to, why-to, what to expect, the practice of meditation in a modern life, and aspects both secular and spiritual. Anyone who is curious about meditation will find assistance and instruction in this highly-accessible book.

    24. Great basic fundamental description of meditation with an emphasis on mindfulness. My particular reasons for reading were to work on reducing stress. The author has a number of approaches to help me.Throughout the book, he presents numerous ways to approach meditation with no prejudices or biases toward one approach or the other. If you want a "starter guide", then this is the book.

    25. An excellent introduction to meditation. Bodian gives helpful and practical information on the mechanics of meditation - posture, breath, even where to put your hands. He gives an excellent overview of the different traditions behind meditation as well as several specific meditations. The accompanying CD contains brief meditations led by Bodian.

    26. Being the only "for Dummies" book that I have ever read, it would be pointless to compare its effectiveness with other titles in this series. I learned some simple exercises for shaking the stress from the brain and learned more on the importance of breathing, posture, and having a clear mind.

    27. Some Dummies book I enjoy a great deal. This was not one of them. It was too full of magical stuff and not enough on mediation in practice. Me with my only 1 and a half practice had done more stuff that in here. There are better books on the topic.

    28. This was a great read. Despite the title, there's nothing dumb in this book. It gives a thoroughly overview on meditation and why it is important, with many reference to psychology as well as spirituality. It shows how to start a path of self awareness without falling into new age nonsense.

    29. This was the best "for dummies" book I have ever read. The author did a great job at explaining the history of meditation and gave plenty of different exercises to give you a taste of the various meditation methods. Anyone who wants to learn about meditation should read this book!

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