The Vampire King’s Nanny

The Vampire King s Nanny A curvy romance writer paying off her debts PLUS a sexy vampire king healing his heart PLUS a child with special powers Vampire king Thomas needs a woman Not for himself but to take care of his daugh

  • Title: The Vampire King’s Nanny
  • Author: T.S. Ryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A curvy romance writer paying off her debts PLUS a sexy vampire king healing his heart PLUS a child with special powers Vampire king Thomas needs a woman Not for himself, but to take care of his daughter But when he purchases a human with curves better than Marilyn Monroe, all he can think about is drinking her delicious blood Adrielle is a romance writer struggling wiA curvy romance writer paying off her debts PLUS a sexy vampire king healing his heart PLUS a child with special powers Vampire king Thomas needs a woman Not for himself, but to take care of his daughter But when he purchases a human with curves better than Marilyn Monroe, all he can think about is drinking her delicious blood Adrielle is a romance writer struggling with her past To pay off her debts, she sells herself and her virginity at an auction to the highest bidder Who happens to be a vampire king An insanely attractive one But no, she s definitely not going to lust after her captor But the underworld she is brought to isn t safe Vampires are not the only beasts roaming the darkness here and the child she is supposed to babysit appears to have special powers Soon, Adrielle discovers that behind Thomas cold and emotionless outside, he is hiding a heart full of pain Can he fight the beast that has its claws wrapped around his heart Can he keep Adrielle safe Can he love a human against all odds The Vampire King s Nanny is a 108 page standalone paranormal romance in a series of vampire king romance stories It has a guaranteed HEA and contains plenty of action, hot vampires and steam Definitely for 18 readers only.

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      T.S. Ryder Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Vampire King’s Nanny book, this is one of the most wanted T.S. Ryder author readers around the world.

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    1. Title: ➳ツ The Vampire King’s NannyAuthor: ➳T. S. Ryder This is fast paced storyline with few twists & turns when you least expect them► Adrielle/ WandaShe was Virgin that was just been given to the Vampire King as payment for debts… Seen Jonas, He owed over a hundred thousand dollars to the Vampire King. a debt that’s wasn’t even hers- never less here she was…One good thing about being in Jonas's household was that relationships with vampires were strictly forbidden & i [...]

    2. Received I return for an honest review.Naughtiness 4.5*Fantastic read read it in one go I couldn't put it down, theres literally loads to get your fangs into pardon the pun.As always I don't give spoilers but if you love romance with a hell of an adventure plus good versus evil then definitely read this book it doesn't disappoint.Thank you TS for writing it xxxxx

    3. Vampire King Thomas needs a nanny for his little girl, Clarissa so he goes where he knows he purchase one: a slave trade auction. Sleezy though it may be, his intentions are good. His daughter is special and needs someone to teach her about the light part of the world. From the moment he see, Adrielle, lust fills him. Intent on controlling his urges, he brings Adrielle to his kingdom.Adrielle, in an effort to flee her abusive past, sells her virginity to the highest bidder. She gets more than sh [...]

    4. 🌶🌶🌶Hotter than a bucket full of Louisiana ghost pepper 🌶🌶🌶Oh My!!! What a Story!! Its breathtakingly awesome! A Vampire king with character and personality instead of an inflated ego, and a compassionate emphatic fullblooded human woman. That in it self guaranteed a read that was different. The story is even further than that deliciously richly bestowed with the presence of both mythical creatures as well as devious demons. Even more spark, spunk and flavour is added to this st [...]

    5. I didn't enjoy this book. It had the potential to go somewhere in the beginning but it just hit a wall. In the end it wasn't any different from all the other paranormal romances where a vampire kidnaps a human woman and falls in love, the only thing that peeved me more is its length lol.

    6. Thomas looked up at the stars as he walked toward his appointment. He wished he and the others could live above ground to enjoy the night, but he knew many of his people would not be able to control themselves with the scents surrounding them. He knocked on the door and was allowed in. Samuel had a selection of women for him to bid on. But as soon as he got her, he would anonymously call the police to raid this place and save the other women. Hypocritical maybe, but it justified his own actions [...]

    7. Why? Why do authors do this? Why do the publishers or whoever do this to books? The book ends at 7% and then its nothing but excepts and fluff and crap to "make" it longer! Its on KU and I sure as shit am not skipping to the end to encourage this kind of thing. They sure as hell aren't getting credit for the whole book when it doesn't go to 80-100%. Not from me. Its one thing that pisses me off to no end! This practice just needs to stop because there are good authors out there who work their ta [...]

    8. First off let me just say that this is not your usual vampire book! Yes, there are vampires, werewolves, demons, angels and humans, but they are not what you would typically think of when you see a vampire book.The vampires live underground and can't go out in the sun, which in some books is normal, but they also have a problem with the moon being too bright so they have an underground kingdom where Thomas is the king of the vampires.The vampires were made by the arch-demon, Samuel. He made them [...]

    9. Adrielle is a romance writer who has curves and has been unlucky in love. She is on the run from her husband who has been abusing her. Unfortunately, she went from one horrible situation into another. Samue who is a very powerful demon has her up for auction to the highest bidder. Thomas who is the vampire king is looking for a nanny for his daughter. Since his wife died, he is looking for someone who has light to be in Clarissa's life so she doesn't grow up to be jaded. Thomas buys Adreielle fr [...]

    10. This is a book review of The Vampire King's Nanny by T.S. Ryder. Thomas is the king vampire. He is looking for a person to show the beauty of life to his daughter. Thomas goes to an illegal human auction and buys a girl named Adriele for two million dollars.Thomas is not pleased in using this service, but he will do anything for his daughter.Adriele visits the underground home of the Vampire King. She is a plus size gal, however the author writes positive things about being plus size. The author [...]

    11. I received an ARC of this book; the following review is strictly my personal opinion. Super sexy and cold-hearted vampire king Thomas has only one love in his life: his daughter Clarissa. Clarissa is a very special child with strange powers no-one understands, and it's clear she needs more than just her father's devotion. Thomas vows to get her a nanny, but as a vampire he can't just hire from the local agency. He determines to capture and hold a nanny somehow. Struggling romance writer Adrielle [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book with all these stories.I like everything I read by Mz. Ryder and this story is no different. We have the Vampire King Thomas who bought a nanny for his daughter. He paid $2 million dollars for Adrielle. Adrielle was on the run from an abusive ex and also a debt collector mob boss. That is why she was in the auction. It was either that or death. So he takes her to his kingdom underground. She meets Clarissa who she later finds out is a half demon, half Angel child. Also [...]

    13. Thomas is the vampire king and he is on a mission to get a human nanny for his daughter. As a vampire, he is confined to the darkness but his daughter belongs in the light. Thomas goes to a human auction and buys curvy Adrielle. While he would love to get his hands and fangs on her, he most desperately needs her to raise his daughter. Adrielle was desperate. She owes a lot of money from getting away from her abusive ex. Her only choice is to be auctioned off to pay off her debt. When Thomas buys [...]

    14. This read like bad cinema. I am a fan of this author. Because I’ve enjoyed so many of her other series, I purchased without question. I do not understand the 5 star reviews. Adrielle went on and on about being abducted by Thomas. Yet when he said he did not want her as a sex slave, she tried to seduce him. What?! In fact, she had her own reasons for staying hidden. Thomas was a very weak vampire king and Adrielle was just ridiculous. I swear this was written by someone else. I felt nothing for [...]

    15. This is an amazing story. The vampire king, Thomas, and his followers live underground in an elaborate compound never going above ground. It is safer for everyone involved. The vampires don't cause trouble for humans and humans have no clue vamps are real. That is until the night Thomas goes to find a nanny for his daughter, Clarissa. Thomas sees Adrielle and knows she is the one for Clarissa. She is scared to death, but when she meets Clarissa she is entranced. This is just the beginning. There [...]

    16. Right from the beginning this book has you. Thomas, the vampire king, is at an auction to buy a human nanny for his daughter. Clarissa is special and she needs more than the darkness of the vampire. He buys Adrielle to be with her, and to show her the light and goodness he can not. This book is exciting and really a page turner. There are more questions than answers at the begining of the book, and the author does reveal the answers through out the book. The are surprises and other creatures, bo [...]

    17. Thomas is the king of the vampires and he wants a nanny to help her daughter to see the light of life. He decided to buy a woman in an auction.Adrielle is bought by Thomas and she is not very happy to go underground with him. However, once she sees Clarissa she decides to help her.This story was a bit of a mess for my liking.Too many paranormal characters; vampires, demons, angels, and a werewolf. There is too much violence also and too much fantasy in just one book. The only character I liked w [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Thomas and Adrielle are brought together by some really difficult circumstances. He needs a nanny for his daughter but as a vampire has limited options. When he buys her, it brings him much more than someone to care for his daughter. The author really developed the characters well and offered a great mix of action and romance. Thomas is an interesting character with a lot of depth. Adrielle has some tough choices to make and has to adjust to a whole [...]

    19. There are unusual vampires in this story. Not only can they not go out into the sunlight, but they cannot even go out into the moonlight. As well as vampires who live underground, there are demons, and an especially nasty demon named Samuel. He kidnaps and sells human women as sex slaves. Thomas needs a nanny for his daughter and so he goes to one of Samuel's sales and buys Adrielle. Then he contacts the police to stop Samuel and free the other women. His daughter is a very unusual child and she [...]

    20. I can always count on this author for a quick read that's packed full of story. This one has it all - suspense, action, intrigue, romance, and some steamy fun. Thomas is a great character and my favorite of Ryder's vampire kings. He's been betrayed, so he's wary, but fiercely protects those he cares about. Adrielle is the perfect match for him. She's known abuse and hard times and has a timid side, but she doesn't hesitate to speak her mind to sexy vampire king. Add in an innocent child with pow [...]

    21. Adrielle has a lot of debt, and she owes a not very nice man a lot of money, and he wants payment.She is now forced to sell her virginity at auction to pay off some of her debt.Thomas needs a woman to be nanny to his daughter. He didn't count on the human he purchased being so interesting to him. They both feel the attraction, but they both bring baggage to the table, and neither really trusts the other. When danger comes knocking on their door, will they let go of the past and fight for their H [...]

    22. Adrielle and Thomas' story is a bit different as she is bought to be nanny tohis daughter, even though he is a vampire and can't be her biological father. Enter Samuel, Clarissa's biological Dad and an Arch-Demon. Samuel is stirring up all kinds of trouble in order to get his daughter into his clutches, while Adrielle and Thomas are circling each other with lust filled thoughts. This is a 4⭐ Short read with lots of emotion, passion and a little girl who needs lightness and human contact, more [...]

    23. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book.It may be that vampires are not my jam. I enjoyed this one OK, but not as much as I enjoyed the previous books I've read by T.S. Ryder. The world she built was so intricate and detailed, I think it would read better if it were longer and some of the background could be expounded on further. Add to that, there's A LOT going on in the plot and with the characters from beginning to end. That being said, I still enjoyed The Vampire King's Nan [...]

    24. Actually a cute and quick read that plays out like a paranormal fairy tale.Adrielle is taken to bring a bit of light and goodness into the life of the vampire kings daughter.Thomas has issues letting go of the past and the loss of his wife. So he does what he needs to keep his daughter safe and good even when it stands against everything he believes.There are a few key characters that makes this story better than I anticipated with and ending that was surprising and happy.If you're in the mood f [...]

    25. Really good story! I liked this story, I admit it was a little hard to warm up to Thomas in the beginning but stick with it and you will be glad you Did! There is a lot to like in this book, you find yourself looking for more details on a bunch of the secondary characters. It makes you want more books which is kind of the Point! So good job, this author leaves you happy, but wanting more! While I did get this as an arc copy, it was good enough for me to purchase in support of this author.

    26. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!Adrielle escapade an abusive relationship to be sold as a slave.She could not catch a break.However, she was bought to be a nanny.Thomas bought Adrielle to be a nanny, but at the same time he feels an intense attraction towards Adrielle.Adrielle is not immune either.She thinks that Thomas is a tall drink of Yumminess.Will both of them give in to their mutual attraction ?The storytelling was awesome.Act [...]

    27. This book grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go until the very end. A rousing story of vampires battling demons, darkness against light, and evil against good, while at the same time the vampire king battles his own inner personal demons. It is a story of physical walls for protection from outside forces, as well as a story about personal walls built to repel emotional abuse, hurt and rejection. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    28. This was an interesting and entertaining story full of a multitude of supernatural characters, the main characters in this story are Thomas the vampire king, Clarissa his sweet and beautiful daughter and Adrielle the spunky yet vulnerable human thrown into a supernatural world. It is a fun book and has a sweet romance although full of obstacles that seem to want to stop the love from growing.I received a copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.

    29. Another fabulous book from T.S. Ryder! Mindblowing storyline with vampires, angels, demons and werewolves. Hot and steamy sex, sassy banter, battle of good vs. evil, action, loyalty, family, surprises and a wonderful HEA! I am never disappointed in this author's books and look forward to reading many more! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of the book.

    30. A heartwarming story with a lot of twists in it. Vampire King Thomas has a big heart even if he technically lost it when changed from human to vampire. That in combination with the 'bought nanny' Adrielle and his daughter Clarissa - who is a combination of dark and light - makes an interesting story. Well worth reading. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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