The King's Traitor

The King s Traitor Against all odds Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain and watched its regent Severn Argentine grow ever ruthless and power mad

  • Title: The King's Traitor
  • Author: Jeff Wheeler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Against all odds, Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain and watched its regent, Severn Argentine, grow ever ruthless and power mad Robbed of his beloved protector, his noble mentor, and his true love, Owen has anticipated the day when the king he fears and reviles, yet loyally serves, will be toppleAgainst all odds, Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain and watched its regent, Severn Argentine, grow ever ruthless and power mad Robbed of his beloved protector, his noble mentor, and his true love, Owen has anticipated the day when the king he fears and reviles, yet loyally serves, will be toppled Now, as Severn plots a campaign of conquest, the time has come to take action and Owen s destiny demands that he lead the strike.Ordered to incite war with a neighboring kingdom, Owen discovers its beautiful, reclusive ruler, whose powerful magic might even exceed his own Together they mount a daring plot to overthrow the corrupt monarch, crown the rightful heir, and defeat the prophesied curse threatening Kingfountain with wintry death But Severn s evil is as bottomless as the fabled Deep Fathoms To keep his ill gotten throne, he ll gladly spill the blood of enemies and innocents alike.

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    1. I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Jeff Wheeler, and the publisher, 47North, for this opportunity.This is the third and final installment in the Kingfountain fantasy series and, in my opinion, is by far the greatest! This is a series that has continued to go from strength to strength as it has progressed and I am so sad that my journey with it has come to a close!All three books have been told from the perspective of Owen Kiskaddon, who has [...]

    2. This was a great ending to a King Arthur (and Little Mermaid) retelling.I genuinely think this is a series that might appeal more to women than men, it is a greatly told story of trust and mistrust, of justice and fairness. I was just so enchanted by the series and I just loved the magic system - which I do not think it is based on anything I have read so far. The book just left me with happy, a fantasy story with a very positive approach. There is death but I believe it can be coped with. The w [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this from NetGalley. The King's Traitor is a fabulous ending for the Kingfountain series. I listened to the first two books on Audible -- Jeff Wheeler and Kate Rudd are an unbeatable combo--but was so eager to find out how the series wrapped up that I couldn't wait for the audio this time. Very strong recommend!!!

    4. An enjoyable read but far too predictable. It had the premise for a great story but fell flat for me: the fact that it was fairly predictable to guess what was going to happen did the book a big disservice. There was so much potential in there for greater characterisation. A bit humdrum in the end.

    5. Probably 4 - 4.5 stars but extra star for characters making good choices so I don't have to throw my Kindle across the room AND because in the author's notes he mentions Richard Armitage as a casting choice should the series ever be filmed. ;)

    6. First, I applaud the author for writing a fantasy story that deals with meaty human moral dilemmas without resorting to explicit scenes and language. There is a lot to be said (and thought about) in this series about loyalty and ethics.I thoroughly enjoyed the first two in the series, which married War of the Roses history with an interesting magic tradition steeped in history. Throw in some interesting self-centered characters and pragmatic betrayals, and it was a winning formula. Some of the w [...]

    7. What an excellent addition to this series. I love when series just keep getting better and better. The introduction of Sinia is quite wonderful as I was worried about the direction without Evie. Very well done. I applaud you.

    8. Received from Netgalley for honest review,thanks to author.This is 3rd in series of books about Owen Kiskaddon and his life from young boy in too far and growing into a fine Nobleman.Brilliant story,which was well written throughout the series and was a joy to read.Basically a coming of age saga,but really good,well thought out an thoroughly enjoyable.Great series ,I recommend you give it a go.

    9. Reader thoughts: I love it when a series ends well! And Kingfountain certainly ended well. I'll say what I can without giving too much away. Ahem.The overall plot. This ended well because it wasn't just armies fighting and the bigger army wins. No. It was magic (can we move the chess pieces?) and strategy (is the king lying to his messengers?) and sneaking (who's hiding in the snow bank?) and allies (will the commoners follow a tyrant?) and prophecy (why is it still snowing?) and performance (wh [...]

    10. Owen had me worried for a bit. He is such a loyal subject and did Severn’s bidding quite willingly. He seemed so bitter and sad. I was so disconcerted with this character’s direction. I shouldn’t have doubted. With the love and support of so many friends in this book, Owen once again comes to the aid of the kingdom. I especially found engaging the real-life tie-in of the Wizer board. I’d love to learn that game, but I can’t seem to master chess yet.

    11. 4.5/5Great conclusion to a new favourite series of mine! Back then, I picked up "The Queen's Poisoner" on a whim due to its beautiful cover and fell in love with the writing style and the characters.In this third book of the series, we follow the now 24-year-old Owen Kiskaddon who has become an important Lord at court. He is now master of the Espion and enjoys the king's trust. However, he wants to overthrow the king due to his tempers and untolerable decisions. At the beginning of this book, Ow [...]

    12. Perfect conclusion to an extraordinarily well written series. I applaud Mr. Wheeler for the three stellar novels making up the Kingfountain trilogy. And, for creating so many memorable characters.

    13. My heart hurts, I've been on a binge and my supply has been cut short. How will I survive until June?My reviewing skills are not to be taken seriously but I will say that I love everything about this series all from the characters, romance and politics. I'm at the edge of my seat and bawling my eyes out, I fear if I get too emotional writing this It will become a spoiler so I'm going to stop myself before that happens

    14. Ahoy me mateys! Grab your grog! Though the first mate and I have very different reading tastes, occasionally we do overlap in our reading choices. When I found out he had read this series, I commandeered his reviews! So you get one from me and a bonus additional review from me crew. Please note that I write like I talk and the first mate writes like he thinks. Hope ye enjoy!From The Captain:This novel is the third in Kingfountain series. A third stunning cover. Seriously, the cover designs are j [...]

    15. 4.5 stars. Thoroughly enjoyable fantasy world with a fast pace and enough intrigue to keep me hooked (although the foreshadowing was a bit heavy handed at times for my tastes). I enjoyed the magic of the realm as well as the occasionally surprising character development. This trilogy was a fun read.

    16. I wish I could summon proper words for this series but I really can't. I have never been more invested in a main character, honestly. And I usually don't care much for politics in books but holy crap this was written so well and intriguing and fjfhtkss EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD AND I JUST NEED THE NEXT THREE BOOKS NOW.Also yes Richard Armitage as Severn please

    17. I'll admit, when I started this book, I was not a huge fan of 25 year old Owen. We've seen him go from sweet and shy 8 year old boy, to noble and virtuous man, to jerk. At least in the beginning it seemed that way. It's okay because his changes were not without cause- they made sense. He'd grown as a character. He redeems himself in the end.(Spoilers ahead if you have not read the first and second book). The King's Traitor will wrench your heart out and throw it on the floor and stomp it into du [...]

    18. 4.75 starsThis third installment of the Kingfountain series is amazing! Once again time has jumped forward and Owen is now 24 years old and disillusioned with not only his own life but with King Severn as well. Owen’s world is awash with lies and subterfuge at every turn. So much is happening in this complex story it keeps you riveted because you don’t want to miss any clues that might pop up or plot twists that happen suddenly. I tried to write chapter notes when I started the book but I qu [...]

    19. In book three we jump eight years. Owen is now 24, and is not happy about the person he has become as King Severn's right hand. He is sarcastic and jaded. His former love, Elysabeth, who Owen still carries a torch for, is now a mother of two, reaches out to Owen in friendship. Etayne reprises her role as protector, from book two and truly loves Owen, but that love is not returned. King Severn over the years is getting more twisted through his insecurities and Owen has grown less tolerant in foll [...]

    20. This 3rd book in the series has been my favorite so far. Owen has been charged by the fountain to keep the true heir of the realm safe, but it is no easy job with a ruthless and paranoid king. Owen is still heartsick about the loss of Evie, married off to someone else, when the King forces him to offer his hand in marriage to a reclusive and beautiful Duchess. His heart has been hardened for so long, yet it begins to soften. Meanwhile, he and the King's Poisoner (his best friend) must find a way [...]

    21. I was hooked on this series from the first book (The Queen's Poisoner) and read all three in quick succession. Like its predecessors, this one did not disappoint. This one has an even stronger Arthurian influence, and Jeff Wheeler's treatment of the legend is smooth and engaging which makes the story both familiar and new at the same time. The only disappointment is that the next one does not come out til June.

    22. I've really enjoyed this series. A perfect escape for at the end of a teaching year when I've been so tired! Glad I tried this author. I just found out there are six books in the series-- so after finishing what I thought was a trilogy I will probably pick up this story again.

    23. If you like magic, lords, ladies and kings on the battlefield- you'll enjoy this story. This is clean, no bad language or scenes and very well written. The story has treacherous deeds, love lost, and binding loyal friendships.

    24. I'm hooked. Jeff Wheeler is now one of my favorite authors. Reading stories like The Hobbit, Dragonriders, and the D&D based series (I forget the name at present) not to mention all the Sci-Fi I've read, Wheeler's writing satisfies the fantasy/sci-fi geek in me.

    25. This ending! That's how I think endings should be. Solve the main problems but leave some mystery. I know that there are another 3 books and unanswered questions but I'm actually satisfied with this. (At least for now) I miss owen already .

    26. Highly imaginative and satisfying story rooted in old myths and history. I loved Book 1 in the series but was less pleased with The Thief's Daughter. The King's Traitor, however, has convinced me to keep reading the series.

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