Marriage Of Convenience

Marriage Of Convenience A number best seller in the African American Romance category A complete story with no cliff hanger brought to you by best selling author Cher Etan Jonathon is facing losing it all His grandfather

  • Title: Marriage Of Convenience
  • Author: Cher Etan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A number 1 best seller in the African American Romance category.A complete story with no cliff hanger, brought to you by best selling author Cher Etan.Jonathon is facing losing it all.His grandfather has given him an ultimatum Marry and be in a stable relationship by the time you re 30, or lose out on your inheritance.There s just one problem the women Jonathon has so farA number 1 best seller in the African American Romance category.A complete story with no cliff hanger, brought to you by best selling author Cher Etan.Jonathon is facing losing it all.His grandfather has given him an ultimatum Marry and be in a stable relationship by the time you re 30, or lose out on your inheritance.There s just one problem the women Jonathon has so far associated himself with are less than marriage material, and would probably cause issues in the long run than they re worth.So when he bumps into Leila on the way to a benefit she s organizing, he soon decides she s the perfect woman for the deal.Smart, caring and attractive, and not the kind of woman who would get greedy and take him for all he s worth.But how will Leila, a woman who s been heartbroken in the past, feel about marrying for convenience And when Jonathon s granddad realizes his grandson s marrying a woman of color on an average salary, how will he react Find out in this touching romance story by best selling romance author Cher Etan.Suitable for over 18s only due to sexual scenes so hot you ll need an ice shower.

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      Cher Etan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marriage Of Convenience book, this is one of the most wanted Cher Etan author readers around the world.

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    1. What??? 3.5 Stars!!! This story could have at least been longer with a decent epilogue!! It was a good story. Jonathon needed to get married by his 30th birthday in order to inherit his grandfather money. So he literally ran into Leila and forge the plan ahead. Funny thing is that Jonathon thought he was thinking with his head but it was his heart thinking for him the whole time. So once grandpa got wind of the marriage, he decided to be a jerk off and renege on the deal! (asshole) I just wish t [...]

    2. WasteLike I didn't not like this at all. It just went from one extreme to the next! At one point, I wanted to stop reading it was just that hard to deal with. Anyway, I tried didn't like it that's it.

    3. Conveniently GoodMarriage of Convenience is a good read and deserve a rating of four stars. I would recommend this book to anyone who a good interracial romance.

    4. The impact of a convenience union meets the reaction of a divorce of convenience.4.00 stars. Jonathan Leary needs to be married by his 30th birthday and have it last at least 2 years before he can inherit his grandfather's billions. Leila Masters, a lawyer, needs help providing payments for her mother's medical treatments. The meet via a minor car accident where Jonathan hits Leila, a few days later, they enter into the arrangement and marry. Weeks pass and they dine with the grandfather; grandf [...]

    5. After the glowing reviews and hearing about the plot, I just knew this would be a win for me. However the author spent too much time on the basics of the characters as in why they were in the situation they were in now and less on how they felt about one another. When the first love scene popped up. I was not emotionally invested and thus couldn't finish the book. Don't get me wrong I love the BWWM genre, but this one had me seriously doubting the reality or fantasy of it all. Maybe it picked up [...]

    6. I didn't like this book at all. It had a lot of potential but the story moved so fast I couldn't connect with the characters. The love scene felt detached and there wasn't any real tension building up to the scene. This story would've benefitted by being twice as long so the author could further develop the characters, their relationship, and the story. Maybe she was just rushing to get to the sex? I only made it halfway through but I like a good story, strong tension, well developed characters [...]

    7. It was okayThe hero fell in love way too fast ( like in a couple days). The couple barely knew one another and within a week he was "in love"with her and wanted to buy ok of this game life together. The story moved too fast and it seemed pages were edited out for content. The only thing that saved it were the hot sex scenes. I hope the books get better. Good luck to Me. Etan

    8. Loved it from the beginningThis was a great love story from beginning to end. Would love to see this story continue. Without giving away the story, I loved how the author did not drag out the interaction between the main characters. Although they did not want to admit they were falling for each other. they were true to each other. I could not put this down once I started reading it.

    9. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I enjoy BWWM Romance and lately have been finding the authors telling the same story over and over, but not this book. I read it in one day because I couldn’t put it down. The author put a new spin of the billionaire romance that made me want to keep reading. As an author myself, I find myself needing more to be please; this book gave me the more I was looking for. This is a Goodread. Love it!

    10. Nope.I did not enjoy reading this book. I did not like this at all. It was completely off, the guy came off as a complete wimp and she seems like a total bitch! Certain words and phrase she used, were on the boarder of being racist. The guy was dumb and not in the least manly! It was a complete turn off from actually finishing the book. I powered through and skimmed the last few chapters and was disappointed.

    11. Conveniently convenientA good book and a great read. The girl was simple,down to earth and focused. Knew what she wanted and what she was about. The guy didn't recognize love even when it hit him in the face. They didn't take long to come to their senses. It was beautiful. I especially like the reality of it all. This writer is good at keeping it real. I recommend her any day.

    12. Decent plot but things were missingThe sex scenes were clumsy and didn't fit in with the characters. The characters seemed to jump from place to place without explanation. It just didn't seem like she was in love with him. He expressed his love on several occasions and she seemed indifferent. Overall disappointing.

    13. A good summer read. He must marry to secure his inheritance. She is unattached and caring for an ill mother. She seems perfect to meet his immediate need. Circumstances bring them together. Of course they fall in love. Then the complications begin. This is a quick, fulfilling read. Enough said.

    14. Jonathan needs a wife before he hits thirty in order to receive his $3 billion inheritance from his grandpa. Good thing he runs into the perfect candidate and I mean literally hits her with his car. After meeting Jonathan, Leila repeatedly runs into him and wonders why, but soon she finds out. This was a nice read and the couple was nice too. >_<

    15. PlanThis is a young man who had to find a bride by the time he reached the age of thirty . I enjoyed the way the mother worked with her son to make sure he fine the perfect wife . Both mothers in this p book are great people. Wish the book was just a little bit lower so you see how things worked out between Leila and Jonathan

    16. GreatThis was a great romance fiction. I enjoyed reading it from the beginning to the end and I honestly want to read more from this author on similar titles or maybe even a series to this book. It would be nice to know if Jonathon and Leila ever found it in their hearts to forgive his grandfather

    17. SweetReally sweet story of a hard working young woman trying to take care of her sick mother. The hero is trying to find a wife before he turn thirty. On his way to a Starbucks he runs into Lelia and love is found with a few minor twists and turns.

    18. This book had great plot. I liked the idea of him looking for a wife. I do wish you got the feeling that Leila was falling in love. She kept her feelings locked up so we could not tell if she found her true love. All in all good book.

    19. Marriage of Convenience: ABWWM Billion n airs love StoryAnyone who enjoys a Great love story, will love this book! She is on her way to work, on her bicycle, and gets hit. He gets her medical aid and falls in love then and there! You must read this book to find the answer!!

    20. Really refreshingI enjoyed this story. The relationship between Jonny and Leila was fun and lite. I would for the author to do a follow up story so we can see how their marriage progressed and to see how the relationship with the grandfather turned out.

    21. Marrying who u wantThis novel is a lighthearted romance between Jonathon and Leilae novel flow quickly the support characters was hilarious. Jonathan and Leila made the grand father eat his words true love wins all the time. Read this delightful novel u won't be disappointed.

    22. Another good readI really enjoy reading your books. I usually don't do romance novels but find myself really enjoying your books looking for more.

    23. PowerfulThis has more twist and turns then a tornadont wait to see what comes next. Can this couple find their way back?

    24. CoolI really enjoyed this book! I definitely recommend this as a quick read, it will keep your attention from start to finish. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!!!

    25. Enjoyable bookJonathan and Leila story was fun. I enjoyed how the two met and started a relationship. I was happy with the true feelings they started having for each other.

    26. Wonderful bookIf you buy this book I guarantee that you will not put it down until you are finished with it

    27. Marriage Of ConvenienceThis was just wonderful. I knew he was smitten with her from the start and she was attracted to him. Glad his grandfather came to his senses.

    28. Short but goodThe story was well developed. It showed how love can win despite the best circumstances. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    29. OkI guess I was a little intriguing I will try another book by this author. This was my first book by her yes I would recommend.

    30. Marriage of ConvenienceThis book is okay. Some interesting parts, but it may take more time to read it than necessary. I'll probably read more books by her.

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