Starship Blackbeard

Starship Blackbeard In the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed and sentenced to hard labor Now Drake is on the run from Lord Admiral Malthorne while anoth

  • Title: Starship Blackbeard
  • Author: MichaelWallace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race, Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed and sentenced to hard labor Now Drake is on the run from Lord Admiral Malthorne, while another pursuer, Drake s old friend, believes the accusations are true, and promises to bring him to justice.But Drake won t go down without a fight Rather than surrender, he llIn the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race, Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed and sentenced to hard labor Now Drake is on the run from Lord Admiral Malthorne, while another pursuer, Drake s old friend, believes the accusations are true, and promises to bring him to justice.But Drake won t go down without a fight Rather than surrender, he ll lead his loyal crew into the lawless frontier worlds, infested with pirates and smugglers, to repair and rearm his ship Then he ll return to attack Malthorne s estates and seize the evidence he needs to clear his name.But than just Malthorne s estate is at stake If Drake is captured, he and his crew are doomed and the kingdom will be plunged into another war.Book 1 of the Starship Blackbeard Series, by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Michael Wallace.Book 2 Lords of Space Lords Space Starship Black

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    1. No! No! No!Tell me, when you turned your ship around (after the mutiny) did you use orbital mechanics or physics to do so? Wasn't it hard on your tires? Did it drain a lot of power from the captain's magic wand. Were there <1 singularities about? Did you patent your method of reversing your orbit so your pursuers can't do the same as you? Do you know why a stern chase is a long chase? It's because one doesn't turn.What will it take for people to stop photocopying the British Royal Navy into t [...]

    2. This one was a surprise. I picked it up for free or .99 on Kindle (it may still be so, I only got it a day or two ago). It was completely a cover buy. I've been hankering for some scifi and this had the perfect look. I'll gather my thoughts a bit more, but I did have a lot of fun with this. Strangely the most likable characters for me were the side characters though eventually our Captain's slow descent and questioning grew on me.I think I like where it's going, tackling the idea of slavery and [...]

    3. *Disclosure - The author provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*I don't usually accept review copies of books due to my inability to soften my harsher opinions, but this was a book that I was eager to get ahold of. The blurb sounded interesting and the cover was pure sci-fi eye candy.3.5 stars. This really was an enjoyable little romp. I fired it up during a particularly mind numbing stretch of work and the day flew by, I was disappointed when things came to a close. Hopef [...]

    4. This is a new author for me and a different type (sort of) sci-fi thriller, than my usual fare of sci-fi literature. Apparently this is the first book of a series and the book is short only 6.3 hours long.Our hero is Captain James Drake. He commanded the HMS Ajax during the war against the Hroom. Captain Drake was court marshaled and found guilty of shooting down an innocent merchant ship. His first mate and crew believe he is being framed and rescue him and steal the Ajax.Drake and crew seek he [...]

    5. A shorter novel, which I think is a plus when faced with a TBR list filled with 1000 page tomes. I really enjoyed the quasi-Victorian, quasi-American plantation feel to it. In some ways, it reads as an SF adaptation of the opium wars. I was a little detached from the main character, Drake, but my love of his ExO Tolvern and the assistant pilot well made up for that. It ended on a harsh scene-cut cliffhanger. It's been a long while since I've read one of those, but since there are more books out [...]

    6. Starship Blackbeard is an enjoyable space opera. The reader is dropped right in the middle of the action, but facts are revealed as needed and I never felt confused. My problem is the ending, or lack thereof. I don't believe that a trilogy means one book chopped in to thirds. I feel that each book should stand on its own. Obviously events should progress from book to book, but this one ended abruptly, like a television cliffhanger. If I had known this would be the case I would have waited until [...]

    7. First book in a series. I found it engaging and cleanly edited. Our protagonists are not outlaws by choice, but y treachery. The reader will follow them from sentenced traitor to bull-on pirate in this novel. The ending is a clear set-up for the next novel in the series.My rating system (* = star)1* couldn't finish book2* finished book, but didn't like it3* a good read4* a very good read often with a novel concept or unusual plot5* an exceptionally good read, a prominent example of the genre

    8. Short story and book is only 177 pagesStory line just isn't there. Space ships of the future with kings, queens, dukes & commoners of old earth. But no one's actually been to earth. Ships designated names from ww2. suddenly book 1 ends and your expected to buy another extremely short story. I think not.

    9. This is a brilliant series, the author has basically taken the entire concept of the old Colonial sailing days on the high seas, and the Royal Navy protecting the Colonies for the King from Pirates etc, and put it in space.Captain James Drake of the Starship Ajax, has been wrongly accused of crimes, and as a result, lost his command, his ship, his commission, and is off to a penal colony to do hard labour. His loyal crew, however, has other ideas and mutinies to rescue him.What follows is what c [...]

    10. The set up was the main purpose of the first book so I felt it was slow. The premise of the story is now established an when the text read "end" it surprised me. Now I am ready to get into the story on a deeper level but since it is 1:00 AM I will start tomorrow. The characters are fleshed out and the ones who will be the main actors appear to be likable. A couple characters are hard to measure as to their part in the events to come. The main villain is a high ranking officer the military and th [...]

    11. Interesting beginningI have enjoyed reading this first book of what looks like a good series. We see a Royal Navy captain falsely sentenced to jail for a attack his ship didn't do. But on been rescued he finds that there is more going on than they are aware of. I am sure that book two will give us more information on the problems within the Navy.

    12. A fun read. Reminds me a bit of Firefly with the (mostly) good guy pirates in space. I will read more from this series. Recommended to sci fi fans.

    13. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Starship Blackbird is, admittedly, silly. An amusing sci fi romp that you really shouldn't take seriously and just enjoy it in all its B-movie DNA glory. For what we have here is the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean transplanted to space: replete with doubloons, grog, pirate women in low cut garments and gold hoops, incompetent aristocrats, sugar plantations and even slaves to work there (in the form of aliens who are addicted t [...]

    14. A good space opera read.As others have mentioned, it is reminiscent of age of sail stories.I'd like to learn more about the back story of some of the characters, maybe in book 2 or laterOne thing I found frustrating is "gaps" in the story: One chapter they are discussing a tough navigational challenge, and the pilot hoping he is "mentally sharp" enough to handle it. The start of the next chapter they are past that. Hod did that happen?Despite that, I found it difficult to put down.

    15. Starship Blackbeard Rocks! What a great book! I really had a great time reading it, and hated to even put it down for the night. The characters are entertaining and interesting, as well as believable.Who would have thought that history can repeat itself, even in deep space.

    16. While it was enjoyable to read, it ends right in the middle. The correct way to write a series of books is for each book to complete an adventure. The incorrect way to do it is to write one book and split it into several partially finished stories so people have to buy each one. This is my least favorite part of the independent publishing era.

    17. Michael Wallace continues to write exceptional novels proving his skilled talents. This was a solid science fiction/fantasy with everything I would expect in this genre. It wasn't predictable at all and included all the technical details I would expect to read or listen to. It had a great plot with unexpected twists. He writes in a way that engages all the senses of the reader or listener. You feel as if you're right there in the story.Along with great characters, one can picture the spaceships, [...]

    18. What starts off as a pretty standard "royal navy in space" adventure turns into a fairly good "finding a crew" story. The main two characters are well enough written and interesting, I especially enjoyed the first mate. She is smart, gungho, and loyal to the end but the quick peeks inside her mind point to much more character depth than we are initially presented with. As the story develops, the additions to the crew prove interesting as well. The setting was interesting as well with the sugar-s [...]

    19. Excellent start to a SciFi series by Micahel Wallace. "Starship Blackbeard" is the first book in the series that promises to be more than scifi to the realms of a Space Opera. Right after the Peace treaty is signed between Humans and Hroom we find that Captain Drake has been arrested and convicted of Murder by destroying a friendly vessel. His crew mutiny the new Captain and rescue Drake before he is shuttled to a prison planet. As they escape they are attacked by friendly ships not to stop but [...]

    20. Curse you, Michael Wallace. I thought I was done with you after finishing The Righteous series, but no, once again you have me hooked, like I was a Hroom on sugar. In fact I just ordered the next book, Lords of Space, which should be out in a few days. Starship Blackbeard was a quick read that immediately grabbed my attention and kept me interested until the end. I like SF and this was done quite well, but parts of the story remain a bit unclear as he introduced elements of uncertainty like you [...]

    21. I was caught up in this book immediately, and found its fast pace pulled me along inexorably until I'd stayed up far too late at night reading. :) I found it a good example of taking something known (the British navy) and twisting it with something new (transplanting it to deep space and another system of worlds) to make a satisfying milieu. Despite the quick pace and action, I thought there were enough insights into the characters to make them real people and not just caricatures, and the plot [...]

    22. A REAL PAGE TURNER!I usually don't read this kind of gentry, but once I started to read this book ,I found it hard to put down. It's fast moving with lots of twists and turns. The characters are well developed and strange. I actually believe that the " Hrooms", aliens were real. If you really want a great futuristic fast paced book to read, you will enjoy this one. I recommend that you get the second one in this series "Lord of Space" as soon as you get this one read, because "Starship Blackbear [...]

    23. Yarr! Pirates, neo-British monarchy and a new triangle trade!Well, I'll admit I picked this up as a bargain - the $2.99 ebook grants a $1.99 *audiobook* Wallace puts together a good scenario - an honorable captain, falsely courtmartialed, is rescued in a mutiny by his loyal crew and leads the Royal Navy in a merry chase. Troubling his loyal friend who is tasked to capture him, there's plenty of action, intrigue and adventure in an interesting quasi-Honor-Harrington story. Book two is queued up n [...]

    24. This was a good start to a series with plenty of action. Mutiny, evil empire building, addiction, piracy, and so on. There is a lot to keep the story exciting. I felt the characters could have had a little more depth to them. They felt a little one dimensional. I enjoyed the characters but I wanted to care more about them. I'm looking forward to reading the next one and seeing what happens to Drake and his crew.

    25. I give it a 3.5 rating. I would have scored it higher but there seems to be a chapter missing. The plot line leads you up to a hard 'jump' into a Red Dwarf star gravity well and then nothing. The missing chapter. It had the potential to be a nail biter chapter and the whole thing was omitted! So sad.

    26. Thinking mind's work slow,but get things done faster.Consider you are starting from nothing but gaining Info will things are happening to try to slows you down and Chang your mind. But it's the info that keeps coming in that keeps you going. knowing that life will Chang as you know it but will it save lives?

    27. A great space opera! When Captain Drake is framed for a crime he didn't commit his crew break him out and flee to the outer reaches of space. What's left for a man but to turn Pirate? This was a lot of fun and there are several plot lines in it I hope are well served. The characterization is good and the action is rollicking! Fans of Carson Mach or Honor Harrington will enjoy this one!

    28. There's a nugget of something good in here but it's lost in trying to connect too tightly to old royal navy stories. The mixture of naval lore is bit a of mess and the characters are stilted. The references to sugar and sugar plantations almost made me quit reading but the explanation is one of the things that works.

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