Naughty Bits

Naughty Bits THE COMPLETE NOVELTo better serve the customers of her lingerie shop Madison must explore the pleasures of giving up control After inheriting her sister s North Carolina lingerie shop Naughty Bits

  • Title: Naughty Bits
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780425276433
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE COMPLETE NOVELTo better serve the customers of her lingerie shop, Madison must explore the pleasures of giving up control.After inheriting her sister s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, Madison jumps at the chance to dump her boring finance career and try her luck down South But even before Madison can settle in, she catches the attention of the owner ofTHE COMPLETE NOVELTo better serve the customers of her lingerie shop, Madison must explore the pleasures of giving up control.After inheriting her sister s North Carolina lingerie shop, Naughty Bits, Madison jumps at the chance to dump her boring finance career and try her luck down South But even before Madison can settle in, she catches the attention of the owner of the neighboring hardware store Sexually dominant Logan Scott recognizes a submissive when he sees one And what he sees, he wants He presents her with three very tempting gifts handcuffs, erotic cards, and an open invitation to start her sexual training She has to accept After all, how can she hope to sell fantasies to lingerie customers without embracing her own Now, she s about to discover just how far her fantasies can take her and how far Logan will go to make every one of them come true.

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      BDSM Romance for the Heart Soul Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W Hill has published over forty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including six series Her emotionally intense love stories offer everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids Free excerpts from all her works are available at her website Additional vignettes, character interviews and graphics inspired by the work are at the fan forum site.Website storywitchTwitter twitter JoeyWHillFacebook facebook JoeyWHillAuthorFan Forum storywitch community

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    1. Naughty Bits - The Complete Series by Joey W Hill 4.5 StarsPart 1: The Lingerie Shop This is a Novella series by the wonderfully talented Joey W Hill being released monthly. I have to be honest, if I see her name, then it is an automatic purchase. I was not disappointed. After her sister Alice passes away, leaving Madison her Lingerie shop Naughty Bits, Madison's life changes. Madison has shown submissive interests and has visited clubs in the past with her sister but since she has had many fail [...]

    2. Full review at bookcrack. Naughty Bits was a wonderful surprise! A stand alone novel, this book is a perfect representation of how well Joey W Hill does SMEXY, smart D/s romance! To quote Romance Times, “BDSM can skate a fine line between sensuous and pornographic, but Hill is a master of this subgenre [of romance].” She's a 1-click erotic/BDSM author for me now! I have several from her Nature of Desire and Knights of the Boardroom in my TBR and can't wait to read them!At its core, Naughty B [...]

    3. Joey W. Hill is a master author! I love her work, how she is able to interweave emotions with her striking dialogue, bringing her characters to life. But more so pulling those emotions from her readers. Each time I read a JWH book she leaves me raw and open. Naughty Bits is the full novel, and combines the previously issued novellas of Madison and Logan's story, the story of Madison accepting her submissiveness and Logan becoming her Master. It is humorous, it is real and it is wonderful. I love [...]

    4. If you love smart, erotic romance, then you should definitely read this. So glad I got it in one complete novel, because it was written as a serial. This book was sweltering, but it was done with so much class and taste that it sneaks up on. From the very first I was intrigued, but once it go to that first session (this book is bdsm themed) I was completely floored, squirming in my seat and wishing that I could have been Logan's assistant for the night. All of that and we also get to see a woman [...]

    5. 2.5-3 whip me stars!! I liked this book. I had a few problems, the first one was I wish that Madison would have acted upon her wants instead of having to read page after page of her fantasizing and her self love! Now Logan on paper should have been smoking hot, just burning the pages. He was'nt. I was bored with him and his attempts at flirting. Troy sounded awesome, but didn't really know why he was in the book-I mean I know why, but he wasn't needed in this installment so why even introduce hi [...]

    6. DNF at 15%This is too freaking heavy. I was hoping for a sexy read but this is a woman who's a submissive (and knows it) but she's dated men who aren't into it so she decides that the whole relationship thing is not worth it? I mean WTH? That doesn't even make any sense.Add on top of that, dealing with a guilt about her dead sister and this is not sexy at all.

    7. Logan. All in one place.I've already read each of the four separate parts, but no Loganus-interruptus in this complete version. And that's a good thing

    8. One of the best books in this genre that I've read in a very long time.The sex scenes were so very hot, the characters felt real and the thing I was probably happiest about- the BDSM was like it should be. The mindsets and feelings were pretty spot on and Logans instructional discussions of the aspects of BDSM didn't feel forced or too dry to keep the readers interest. I really liked all four parts and would recommend them, especially to anyone interested in BDSM but has had a bad taste in their [...]

    9. Logan is, with Dale (from Unrestrained), my favorite male character in all Joey's books. I reread this story (its very rare I do this). What I like the most about joey's character, is they are real. And even the doms sometimes makes mistakes. I remember, in this story, Logan and Madison are in the back alley, and Logan say something that upset Madison, and he apologize. I remember that I thought : Wow, I want a man like that in my life! Dominant, yet able to admit he's wrong without becoming a c [...]

    10. I'm sonewhere between a 3.5 and a 4 on this one. I liked alot but, partially i think as a result of this being a series of shorter things that got compiled vs a novel originally meant ot be one thing, there was some repititon/ reminding of things that had me like. um i know, i was there, it was like 20 pages ago. some parts dragged a little for me but overall it was fun, interesting and the characters were good to spend time with.

    11. Glad I as able to read it as a complete book and not as Novellas as it was originally written. I love how Joey W. Hill gets into the heads of the characters.

    12. A much better read then Fifty Shades of Grey. Instead of a man who turns to BDSM as a means of psychological survival, we have a true Dom who wants to cherish his sub and show her what it means to submit your desires to another and find happiness.

    13. I’m not sure where to begin with my thoughts. I was expecting some kinky fun wrapped around the story of a woman discovering herself after losing her sister while learning to be a shopkeeper. I was not expecting such a heartwarming and romantic tale with a heavy dose of D/s kink. Madison, our heroine, is a smart woman in her thirties with a crap dating record and a habit of suppressing who she could be. Her sister Alice leaves her Naughty Bits, a lingerie store, as an inheritance and makes Mad [...]

    14. Hill never fails to write the human condition with empathy and sensuality. Madison has been irritated with her older sister's meddling in Madison's love life, or more accurately, her failed love relationships.What her sister doesn't tell her, is that she is dying. With only a few days of life remaining the sisters are finally united and Madison is left her sister's sexy lingerie store, Naughty Bits. What comes with it is a very intriguing hardware store owner right next door. Logan and Madison a [...]

    15. This collection from Joey Hill had been on by TBR list for ages, so I decided that the time was rightMadison inherits 'Naughty Bits,' a lingerie store, after her sister Alice passes away. Madison's not sure she wants to bother trying to run the store, but decides she might as well give it a try. She soon meets Logan Scott, who owns the hardware store next door and who was a good friend to Alice, and he encourages Madison to stay on. Madison's attracted to Logan, but is afraid to admit how much h [...]

    16. When Madison inherits Naughty Bits from her sister, Alice, she has no idea of what she's getting. After all, she's a sales whiz, so what could be so hard about selling, well, naughty wares to people that want them? What Madison finds, though, is that she has also inherited Logan Scott, owner of the hardware store next door to her store. Because Alice knew things about her sister that Madison didn't even admit to herself, and was taking care of her even from beyond.I wasn't quite sure what I was [...]

    17. Madison leaves her high paying job when she finds herself the owner of an erotic lingerie store after her sister’s passing. Knowing she is out of her element, but unwilling to admit defeat quite yet, Madison tries to settle in, not realizing that there is more to running an erotic business than she could ever have imagined. Madison wants the shop to continue to be a success but needs guidance on how to help her customers make their buying choices. If she can’t trust her own desires and fanta [...]

    18. Review posted at: bookcrushbookreviews/2015/Rating: 4.5 starsMadison's sister (Alice) has passed and in her will leaves her lingerie shop Naughty Bits to Madison. Madison has desires she's kept on lock down and while Alice left her a letter stating Madison could trust Logan, can Logan truly be the one for Madison to embrace these desires with, to relinquish her control. Logan owns a hardware store that sits next door to Naughty Bits, so there's no avoiding him. Madison is hesitant and fearful, y [...]

    19. I’m not too sure what to say about this book. While I found some of the sex scenes extremely hot, there was just something about the book that didn’t do it for me. I think it is because too much time was spent in Madison’s head struggling with her submissiveness. I get that was the conflict of the story, but it got to the point it was tiresome. The extent of her submissiveness was also hard for me to identify with. Another reason I don’t think the book was for me is that while I can enjo [...]

    20. I didn't know Naughty Bits was initially released in serialized form. I suggest reading the whole series of books together.Madison is the storyteller. Unfortunately, she has way too much internal monologue. It was tedious, and I was wanting the story to move full-steam ahead! Not only that, at the most climatic moments of the story, the voice of Madison's dead sister, Alice, would intrudeonce again. Of course, Madison has been burned by seven lovers, so, trust issues abound; cue the BDSM. I real [...]

    21. Madison's career with finance doesn't fulfill her as she wants and when her sister leaves her her lingerie shop in the will, it's her sisters way of trying to get Madison to reach for joy and happiness in her life.And explore her need to submit, even if she doesn't want to acknowledge it, even to her self.When the neighbouring shop owner turns out to be a good friend of her sister, and a Dom, all pieces seem to fall in place. And through soft coaching, Madison gets her first task from Logan.Loga [...]

    22. Naughty Bits   I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley. You can NEVER go wrong with Joey Hill. Her books are fabulous. When I read the first installment for the Naughty Bits (Ebooks) I was thrilled and I was already dancing in anticipation in hopes for them to get put into an actual (print) novel. Joey's work makes me feel like a kid in a candy store when I find her work, I absolutely love her. Naughty Bits is a great tale with a great build up which I really enj [...]

    23. This book was very hard to get into. There were a few times I just wanted to quit reading.Logan was just too much of a bulldozer. On one hand he was telling Madison to take her time but at the same time he is forcing his Dom "games" on her. I especially hated it when Logan was trying to fulfill one of Madison's fantasies. I can't believe he sent a Mistress and her boytoy to pick her up and then gave boytoy permission to punish her. This is supposed to be their first real scene. Their whole Maste [...]

    24. Don't think I've ever read a JWH book I didn't like or cry after some scene.Naughty Bits certainly tugs at the heartstrings in so many ways. Logan and Madison are multi-layered characters with a powerful story that enthralls the reader bit by bit and draws them along for the ride. I had to put the book down several times when the emotional punches left me reeling, and come back to it later. I could not NOT come back to the story.Didn't want this book to end. It's another keeper.Thank you Ms.Hill [...]

    25. Read this based on a Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review that said if you were really interested in a BDSM book that portrays a healthy relationship (unlike a book that involves the word shades) that this was one to try. I'm not particularly interested in BDSM, but this book was thought provoking and did seem to fulfill the healthy relationship caveat. So I read it more out of personal curiosity than anything. But not bad overall. If you are a fan of the aforementioned "shade" books or you are re [...]

    26. received the book for free through First ReadsReally like this book. Would have been 5* however, all of the 'psychologist babble' made it a little to ' teach me' for my taste. It is nice and steamy , learned a lot about BDSM. Defiantly would have paid for the book. Makes me want to go to Naughty Bits store to shop for my Hubby.This is a book that is for those that cringe at the violence of BDSM, Yes the punishment is there but NOT HARD CORE. Easy read. I recommend to those wanting a little Bit [...]

    27. It is necessary to read these 4 books as one. They are one story. Madison inherits her sister Alice's business, a lingerie and sex shop, after Alice passes away. Logan Scott owns the hardware store in the adjoining building and was a friend to her sister. Their story in one of love, sex, pain, pleasure, and letting go of old ideas. A very enjoyable and romantic story, this is, told with Ms. Hill's inimitable style.

    28. I think I was expecting a book too much like the previous one by Ms. Hill that I read, which isn't fair, because even based on the blurb you can tell it wasn't But I think what REALLY got me was all all ALL the sister stuff. A bit too much - but it was nice how into her the hero was. (Although the whole "she gave you to me" :|)Not my cuppa, but definitely emotional and well written.C+

    29. I could hardly wait to get these books. Joey W Hill has a wicked way with her writing to draws you in and keeps you enthralled and unable to put her books down. Although Madison and Logan were brought together because of the death of Madison's sister, what they find together is a beautiful gift. One Madison learns how to use to help fulfill her customers desires on a very intimate level.

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