Angela and the Baby Jesus

Angela and the Baby Jesus When Angela sees the baby Jesus in the Christmas crib at the church she feels sorry for him He looks happy but she wonders why he has no blanket to keep him warm She decides to take the baby home wit

  • Title: Angela and the Baby Jesus
  • Author: Frank McCourt Raúl Colón
  • ISBN: 9780007262380
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Angela sees the baby Jesus in the Christmas crib at the church, she feels sorry for him He looks happy but she wonders why he has no blanket to keep him warm She decides to take the baby home with her, when no one is looking, and make him comfortable But hiding the baby Jesus isn t easy How long can she keep her big secret

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    1. Frank McCourt Raúl Colón

      Francis Frank McCourt was an Irish American teacher and author McCourt was born in Brooklyn however, his family returned to their native Ireland in 1934.He received the Pulitzer Prize 1997 and National Book Critics Circle Award 1996 for his memoir Angela s Ashes 1996 , which details his childhood as a poor Irish Catholic in Limerick He is also the author of Tis 1999 , which continues the narrative of his life, picking up from the end of the previous book and focusing on life as a new immigrant in America Teacher Man 2005 , detailed the challenges of being a young, uncertain teacher who must impart knowledge to his students His works are often part of the syllabus in high schools In 2002 he was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Western Ontario.He died Sunday, July 19, 2009 of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer He was 78.

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    1. I picked this up the day Frank McCourt died, but couldn't read it until today. Having read all of McCourt's other books, I've been saving it for the right moment, and for some reason it felt like the right moment just now. Reading it felt like getting one last Christmas present from a much-loved uncle. Delightful book. It is Frank, at his tender best. The artwork is fabulous. To think there were a million other wonderful stories inside him, and now they're all gone. I miss 'im.I know this sounds [...]

    2. Riding on the popularity of his Pulitzer award-winning book, Angela's Ashes, two years before his death, Frank McCourt (1930-2009) wrote this book, Angela and the Baby Jesus. According to Wiki, this is based on his mother's story when the latter was a small girl in Limerick, Ireland. The book is an easy 15-minute read. It is about a girl who thinks that the statue infant in the manger of their church is real. Since it is cold in Ireland in December and she, the dirt poor girl, feels cold, she th [...]

    3. This story was based on a true story about the author's mother. I liked the family interaction in this book and enjoyed the sweetness of the little children. Angela's brother is willing to go to jail for her (she stole the baby Jesus out of the nativity because she thought he was cold) because he loves Baby Jesus and he loves his sister. Too sweet! There were also some really funny lines that we all laughed about.The illustrations were unique and very beautiful!

    4. A wonderful book about Frank McCourt's mother who, as a little girl, worried that the baby Jesus was cold in the manger at church. So she sneaks him home. The book is also, tangentially but quite touchingly, about her intellectually disabled brother. The illustration of the baby Jesus flying over the garden wall is quite something to behold. A great gift for children (and Godchildren).

    5. Story about THE Angela of Angela's Ashes.I wish Frank McCourt had penned more children's books before he died, this one is a treasure, and has brought the word "whingeing" into our verbage.

    6. This is a beautifully-told story with lovely illustrations. Six-year-old Angela is worried that the baby Jesus doll will be cold. What she does to warm the doll leads to the whole family getting mixed up in the priest's consternation.

    7. A wonderful true story by a beloved author!Frank McCourt writes about young Angela, his mom, and how she agonized over Baby Jesus lying naked in the Christmas Church crib and catching a cold, so she had to act fastA tender, heartwarming Christmas read!

    8. This is such a sweet book. Frank McCourt wrote this short story about his mother when she was a child. Angela sees the baby Jesus in the manger at her church and believes he is cold. She takes him home to keep him warn.

    9. Frank McCourt recreates a Christmas story he heard from his mother in Ireland, and it is enlarged and enhanced by stunning artwork, and a gentle, lullaby-like, cadence. A masterpiece from the master storyteller himself. One of my most precious collectibles of children's books.

    10. I liked this concept, but the execution was a bit long winded and complicated for a two year old. It was also a bit confusing if you are not a catholic family. But Angela was cute, and her siblings were funny, and I liked the ending as well as how the other nativity figures were given « feelings. »

    11. Sweet, true story about his mother as a little girl riding on the success of McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes. The edition I read has soft, evocative illustrations by Raúl Colón.

    12. A sweet Christmas story of Angela, the author's mother, when she was little, and her concern that Baby Jesus was cold where he lay in his cradle in the nativity scene at her church.

    13. Sweet story of a little girl who felt sorry for the baby Jesus from the church's creche. She thought he was cold, so she snuck him home and put him in her bed to warm him up.After her parents find out, they make her go back to the church with the baby, where the police have been called by the priest.

    14. "Angela" is Angela of Frank McCourt's award-winning Angela's Ashes. There are two versions illustrated by different artists of this true adventure McCourt's mother had as a little girl in Limerick, Ireland―one for adults, another for kids; I have the young(er) readers' edition.The Sheehans would have been a traditionally religious working class family in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Catholic Ireland; Angela has learned their practices of piety, church, and caring for others―her distress abo [...]

    15. Angela and the Baby Jesus (Unabridged) Author: Frank McCourt Date:23-NOV-2007 Narrator:Frank McCourt Provider:Simon & Schuster Audio Running Time:18 min 9 s Format 4 "When my mother, Angela, was six years old, she felt sorry for the Baby Jesus in the Christmas crib."Six-year-old Angela looks at the naked baby Jesus in her local church in Limerick, Ireland, circa 1912, and thinks he looks cold. She wonders why his mother, or one of the shepherds, doesn't put a blanket over him. She decides to [...]

    16. This story is beautifully written Christmas story about the compassion that a 6 year old little girl had on the statue of Baby Jesus. The love and caring she felt toward him knowing he was out in the cold; she wanted to take care of him and keep him warm. So although she knows it's wrong to 'steal' she slips out of her home and hides out in the confessional at the church until she knows no one is around and she takes Baby Jesus home. Her little brother sees her bring him in but no one believes h [...]

    17. This little book carries a powerful punch in just 26 pages. The telling of the author's story about his Mom when she was 6 years old is so real you can just see it your minds eye as it plays out. Her concern for Baby Jesus outside in the cold weather (in the manager with his mother Mary and father Joseph) as an reenactment of the birth of the Christ child at Christmas dressed only in a diaper. To make sure that he was kept warm she took him home and there her brother saw Baby Jesus laying in her [...]

    18. Sweet Christmas story about Frank McCourt's mother Angela as a little girl. Little Angela sees the Baby Jesus in a manger scene at church. She worries about him being cold, as she is poor herself and often feels cold. Angela decides to bring the Baby Jesus home and warm him in bed. You can hear McCourt's voice and humor in the words as Angela tells the Baby Jesus that "he's not to be flying about like an angel" as she has to take the baby across the wall to get home. Charming and beautifully ill [...]

    19. This is a charming little book and it was so wonderful to have the opportunity to hear Mr. Frank McCourt himself read a good part of it. It's a story his mother used to tell and it's not just for the faithful. It's actually quite an amusing tal. Little Angela frets over the figure of the baby Jesus in front of the church not being covered in something warm. Obviously a quick read as it is primarily marketed to a juvenile audience, but it's worth it if you're a grown up in need of a little holida [...]

    20. This book should be read with an irish accent, which I do not have but try to imagine. It carries a similar theme (I think) to the author's pulitzer prize winning novel Angela's Ashes, that being that it is a story from a poor life in Ireland. It tells of a small girl's plight to get the church nativity's baby Jesus warm. I found its tongue-in-cheek humor charming though it would be easy for a child to miss it and get the wrong interpretation of the story. Children with more literary aptitude wi [...]

    21. This is a must-read for Christmas! It is great fun to read aloud, especially if you can pull off an Irish accent! Who can resist the story of little Angela who steals the baby Jesus from the nativity display in St. Joseph's church? She only wants to warm him up, and if he'll cooperate she'll let him rest in her bed. This book is the perfect balance of sweet and funny. Your teenagers and maybe even your husband will listen!

    22. This is such a great holiday book with such an endearing story. I love reading this every holiday season. Frank McCourt relates a story from his mother's childhood where she saw a nativity scene in their local church, and, thinking the baby Jesus would get cold, decides to take him home to keep him warm. If you're not religious, obviously this story will not appeal to you, but if you are, this is just a sweet story.

    23. This is a really funny book (and touching) To really get the whole kick, read it out loud to the special little ones in your family with an Irish brogue. I guarantee that any nearby adult will also be laughing. And I don't think it's at all irreverent. You may want to change a few lines as you read, I don't know. For instance, the mother says that to lie in the presence of the Baby Jesus "it's worse than any sin in the World."

    24. Angela and the Baby Jesus is a sweet story written with good old Irish humor. Six year old Angela is troubled baby Jesus will be cold lying in the mangage at St. Joseph's Catholic Church; so she takes baby Jesus home with her and hides him in her bed to keep warm. Once the parish priest realizes the baby Jesus is missing the police get involved. This delightful story will put a smile on your face no matter what season it is.

    25. I love collecting Christmas books, and I especially love it when they make me cry (although my family won't agree with the last sentiment!). I checked out this Frank McCourt Christmas book from the library and am putting it on my Christmas to buy list! "Angela and the Baby Jesus" is a beautiful story which I'm assuming is a true account about McCourt's mother. Now I want to read "Angela's Ashes"!

    26. This sweet tale reminds us that a story can happen anytime and anywhereof course it helps if Pulizer Prize winner Frank McCourt is the person recalling the tale. This story is heartwarming and a bit bittersweet. Angela cannot think of letting the poor baby Jesus sleep out in the cold. The illustrations in this version are fitting.

    27. The late Frank McCourt is best known for his book Angela's Ashes, a bittersweet autobiography of his childhood in America and then back to Ireland. This current work is Frank's dabble into the realm of Christmas literature. As such, it is very short and very touching. I'm working on a Latin translation for my students.

    28. Children's Christmas book given to me Dec 2008. I was surprised and pleased to discover that this is a true story of the author's mother's experience growing up in Ireland. This made it even more endearing to me.The pictures in the book are darling. I'm drawn to the sweet faces of the characters, especially Angela's.

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