Flee, Fly, Flown

Flee Fly Flown When Lillian and Audrey hatch a plot to escape from Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home borrow a car and spend their hastily planned vacation time driving to destinations west they aren t fully aware of

  • Title: Flee, Fly, Flown
  • Author: Janet Hepburn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Lillian and Audrey hatch a plot to escape from Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home, borrow a car, and spend their hastily planned vacation time driving to destinations west, they aren t fully aware of the challenges they will face All they know is that the warm days of August call to them, and the need to escape the daily routines and humiliations of nursing home life haWhen Lillian and Audrey hatch a plot to escape from Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home, borrow a car, and spend their hastily planned vacation time driving to destinations west, they aren t fully aware of the challenges they will face All they know is that the warm days of August call to them, and the need to escape the daily routines and humiliations of nursing home life has become overwhelming But their trip is almost over before it begins, until they meet up with the unsuspecting Rayne, a young hitchhiker As Lillian and Audrey try to take back the control that time and dementia has taken from them, Rayne realizes the truth of their situation But it s too late he has fallen under the spell of these two funny, brave women and is willing to be a part of their adventure, wherever it leads them.

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    1. Janet Hepburn

      I live in a small town in Southern Ontario I love to read and write poetry and fiction and would love to perfect my skill in the art of short story, one of my favourite genres right now Publisher Second Story Press has just released my first novel, Flee, Fly, Flown March 2013.

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    1. What's the opposite of pretentious? Humble? Sincere? Honest? Flee, Fly, Flown is certainly the latter. It's also a funny (sometimes hilarious) look at aging, adventure, and friendship set against the backdrop of mental illness. Hepburn takes the reader down paths with predictable conclusions, but veers away from the clichéd every time. Highly recommended.

    2. I love how you can pick up certain books and think hmm im not sure about this one. But i am so glad i decided to read this. Here we meet Lillian and Audrey, both residents of Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home in Ottawa. Sadly they both have Alzheimer's. Soon the ladies think there must be more to life than being stuck in the home popping pills and sitting around not doing much. With this in a sane moment, they plot an escape to go on Vacation. After fleeing the home unnoticed they get a car, some mo [...]

    3. Audrey and Lillian have alzheimer disease and are living in a long term care home in Ottawa Ontario. They are fed up and decide they would like a holiday.They have a plan to get a car and escape and have a nice holiday away from the humiliations of the nursing home.Their plan was all but over until they met up with an unsuspecting young fellow named Rayne whom they ask to drive them. Since his father is in BC, he offers to drive them there and in so doing also has transportation to get himself h [...]

    4. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is not my usual genre of book, and when I was first approached about reading this story, I was going to turn it down. However, after reading the synopsis and thinking about it, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did, because I LOVED it!Lillian is a wonderful lady. I loved this feisty octogenarian. I could imagine her as a younger woman with a backbone of steel and a penchant for taking risks. [...]

    5. Lillian and Audrey are tired of being bossed around in the "Home" they live in. They get told when to eat, when to get up, when to play Bingo and even when to poop. They might not remember as much as they used to but they do know that this is bull. They want to live a little and they are dang tired of oatmeal and jello.So they devise a plan to 'escape' and go on a road trip.Audrey remembers selling her car to the kid next door and she just happens to still have a key. So the 'girls' escape and " [...]

    6. Great book, should be made into a movie, Janet Hepburn's Flee, Fly, Flown. A fun read,well written about two very endearing old ladies with Alzheimer's who decide to go on vacation from their nursing home!

    7. Meet Audrey and Lillian, two ladies with alzheimers who feel like prisoners living at "Tranquil Meadows" nursing home on the locked floor. Lillian hatches a plan that they need to escape and go on vacation without telling anyone. They get their hands on scissors to cut off the arm bands that monitor their whereabouts, get their hands on a car (Lillian kept a set of keys to her car when it was sold to the neighbour boy), get some cash and head off. Lillian is not the best of drivers, so when they [...]

    8. Meet Lillian and Audrey. Two women who live in Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home - called The Home by Lillian - suffering from Alzheimers and yet they have a thirst for adventure and leaving their mundane and monotonous everyday routine. Queue the clever scheme by Lillian to coerce a way to get scissors through craft-making, breaking out, taking a taxi, stealing a car, and driving off into the sunset. Does that sound like a classic road trip book or what?Except, it isn't. The story is told through L [...]

    9. This is a very touching first novel. The story line is that two ladies with Alzheimer's escape their "secure" retirement home, to take a "vacation". They manage to get their hands on a car (Lillian kept a set of keys to her car when it was sold to the neighbour boy), get some cash and find a nice young man to drive them.It takes a day or two, but "Rayne" finally figures out these are not just two nice old ladies on vacation. And so the fun begins.This is a great road trip story. Along the way we [...]

    10. I very much enjoyed this book, in spite of the fact that both main characters suffered from Alzheimer's. It's laugh-out-loud funny in places, and heartwarming, despite knowing there can be no real "happy ending". I guess it's the same as in real life - we need to find the laughter and love in the journey and just live each day to the fullest.

    11. I really enjoyed this book about two elderly women with Alzheimer's who break out of their nursing home and take a road trip across the country. It did not give in to the enormous temptation of making them into cute, twee, feisty Manic Pixie Dream Seniors, but instead made them interesting, grouchy, funny, smart, and sometimes pitiable. You know, like real people. Recommended.

    12. A road trip extraordinary .Two elderly women tired of the rules and regulations of their retirement home make a grand escape.Fleeing on a road trip the only catch they have Alzheimer's.A touching hilarious wonderful novel.

    13. This book features a delightfully unreliable narrator (she has Alzheimer's) and a Thelma and Louise-style adventure. Simply delightful.

    14. This book would fall into the same vein as other silly senior escapades like the Little Old Lady series or The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped Out the Window. It follows the same concept of elders being upset that they are in a nursing home and eventually escaping. The only change in this story is it gets darker due to the fact that the two ladies in this book who escape have full blown Alzheimers. I felt like with every forgotten detail or wild adventure, I was supposed to feel like this was lighth [...]

    15. A fun, light read about two women with Alzheimer's who escape from their nursing home to adventure westward across Canada. They meet a street youth, Rayne, who drives them west, figuring out that the women aren't entirely all present, but that they deserve a holiday as much as anyone. It's a sweet book and gently provides insights about Alzheimer's that the author clearly understands.

    16. Two old ladies with Alzheimer's break out of their nursing home in Ottawa, steal a car and head for the west. It's hilarious in parts, but also very poignant. The author lives in Port Dover, Ontario.

    17. Such an entertaining read! It really makes you think about the quality of life for some of our seniors and how important it is for them to still feel they are living, not just waiting to die.

    18. Lillian and Audrey escape their quiet nursing home in Ottawa, to search for an adventurous vacation. Between grand theft auto, picking up a young man, and adopting a dog, this is the vacation that they were hoping for if only they could remember it.Flee, Fly, Flown is an excellent written novel. Janet Hepburn, instills in the reader an understanding of what Alzheimer's is by giving us a first person perspective through Lillian. Lillian and Audrey face hardships that come hand in hand with aging [...]

    19. This book is not for sissies although it has been described to me as "fun" and "amusing". It is a candid portrayal of what it must feel like to be suffering from alzheimer's disease combined with being a buddy road story. There are parts that are blackly amusing but for me it was deeply saddening. I think I would prefer to walk out onto the iceflow than be as perkily and selfishly clinging to a crumbling life as the protagonists of this story! The narrator is Lillian an old woman suffering from [...]

    20. I would actually give this book a 2.5 rating. It was a very easy read and I did find the characters endearing. There was a mixture of humour and sadness and it did give the reader some insight into Alzheimer's disease and the struggles of aging and the elderly. However, I found the storyline monotonous ie same issues, different day and as the story line progressed I felt myself losing interest. The ending was predictable and I felt the ending was rushed in comparison to the rest of the story lin [...]

    21. Isn't it funny how one can just pick up a book from the library shelf at random and fall in love it? Well this is the book to fall in love with. A story about two older ladies, both with early on set of Alzheimer's disease, are a tad forgetful at times but so with it at other times. These two fabulous ladies decide to go on a vacation to escape the sameness of their nursing home. Without permission they take off and embark on a great adventure, making friends and hitting road blocks along the wa [...]

    22. After reading many of the other reviews I realize that I am probably the least generous in my review. After having watched my mother suffer through the slow living death that is Alzheimer's, I found this book to be trivializing this awful disease. I understand where the reviewers are coming from when they write about the "endearing" characters and their "escapades", especially if they don't know someone who is or has suffered from this terrible disease. Alzheimer's is not cute, the people who su [...]

    23. This was a tough one to rate. I would give this a 2.5 star but since that is not an option, I felt a little generous today and bumped it up to 3 stars. I enjoyed the concept of the novel and the adventure with Lillian and Audrey but I was disappointed with the abrupt ending. It was also quite a sad story. I mean sure we laugh along with their antics and the mix up of their past and present lives, but at the same time it was sad and I can only imagine how frustrating that must be living with Alzh [...]

    24. Great read! Funny but with some sentiment, and bonus points for it being set in the Ottawa area, since that's where I'm from. I thought the ending was a bit rushed but that was the only flaw I can recall. I'm glad no one ended up dead but I'm curious what's going to happen to those two old ladies I feel sorry for them being so controlled, but if they were allowed to do whatever they want they might get hurt it's a tough line to walk as a family member or caregiver of someone with dementia, I sup [...]

    25. Audrey and Lillian are tired of the bland food and restrictive rules of their Ottawa nursing home and hatch a plan to get out. Soon after their escape, they meet a young man, Rayne, who joins them on their cross-country vacation. These ladies are determined to enjoy their adventure, despite the devastating effects that Alzheimer's is having on both of them. A sweet, and often sad, story.

    26. Two women with Alzheimer's escape from Tranquil Meadows nursing home in Ottawa and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across Canada. With the help of a young man they pick up on the way, they set their sights west. A quick read, funny yet poignant, Flee, Fly, Flown by Janet Hepburn hit all the right spots with Marina.

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