The World of PostSecret

The World of PostSecret A ton of secrets one postcard at a time

  • Title: The World of PostSecret
  • Author: Frank Warren
  • ISBN: 9780062339010
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A ton of secrets, one postcard at a time.

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      312 Frank Warren
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      Frank Warren Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The World of PostSecret book, this is one of the most wanted Frank Warren author readers around the world.

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    1. These are always fun. They appeal to the psychological voyeur in me, giving me a glimpse into other areas of humanity, allowing me to be horrified at how well I relate to some of the things that I wish I couldn't relate to or letting me laugh at how jacked up people really are. Plus, the creativity of some of the post cards, it's pretty spiffy.I used to make postcards out of 3x5 notecards, rubber stamps, glue and little bits of stuff. That was a long time ago.Reading these postcards makes me won [...]

    2. I feel like everyone knows this, but I am a huge, HUGE fan of Postsecret. I have all the books and a highlight of my week is when I get to check the website every Sunday.I love it because while there are secrets that make me laugh and a few that make me cry, every week (and every book), I find several that make me feel less alone. I think we can all get isolated by things and feel that we're the only one who feels a certain way, and this website makes us feel like we actually aren't as alone as [...]

    3. I have never heard of these books of that people were ever doing this. My first thought is "Wow, I can't imagine sharing a dark secret with a stranger". Yet then my next thought was after reading some of the secrets is "What do you have to lose about sharing your secret with someone you have never met. It might be therapeutic." Which reading some of the secrets that people were willing to share, they felt very comfortable sharing their secrets. Although some of them made me wonder what happened [...]

    4. For everyone who ever had anything in them that ever made them feel alone, you need to discover The World of Post Secret. You'll be amazed what sharing secrets could do.It made me laugh, it broke my heart, and most of all, it made me feel human. Only one among so, so, so, so many others. This was a wonderful read, endlessly creative, incredibly thoughtful and I absolutely loved the idea of PS. It's literally life changing.Honest. Down to earth. Uplifting. Empathic.Recommended to all.

    5. I always have fun reading these collections of postcards mailed in to the author. Each postcard shares a secret. Some I could totally relate to, others not so much. I did not love this one as much as the earlier collections. What I enjoy about these books is the window into the sheer variety and commonality of humanity on the planet. And that makes me happy.

    6. Omg I used to be obsessed with PostSecret! I completely forgot about this project up until yesterday when I stumbled upon this book at the library! I loved reading this!

    7. I've loved all the Post Secret books, and this is a substantial collection both of cards and of essays about the experiences of those involved in the project. By turns funny, disturbing, and heartfelt, it reminds me of the freedom that comes from living honestly.

    8. Beautiful as expected. I loved that this one actually had so many written stories from Frank, in addition to the secrets. Lovely book that just lets us know we're all connected and no one is truly alone.

    9. "The sad thing is, Kirkup said, "Suicide doesn't end the pain. It just passes it on to someone else." THIS QUOTE IS THE ONLY REASON I AM STILL HERE" -pg.160"I was 9 when i told my mom my first real secret. The next day she was discussing it on the phone with her friend. I've never trusted her, or anyone else with anything real since then. Except for you. Thanks for listening." "We stopped for dinner on the way home from the hospital and missed a call from my Mum. I didn't call her back as i didn [...]

    10. Amazing collection of stunning and humorous secrets, much of what you'd expect from a Post Secret book. I like the inclusion of the editor's commentary (is that what Frank Warren would be), it's interesting to see the perspective of the secret keeper.

    11. I read the PostSecret blog for years in my twenties. Last September, I heard the site's author, Frank Warren, speak in my town. The event and his words touched my heart, and I was able to talk to Frank for a few minutes afterwards, while he signed a book for me and someone I love who was going through a hard time. I was very emotional, and he was very kind. So, in addition to the actual content, this book means a lot to me for those reasons, too.

    12. The World of PostSecretFrank WarrenIf you pick up The World of PostSecret by Frank Warren, it's probably because you're already aware of the PostSecret project that he runs. You probably also read his weekly post where he shares some of the thousands of secrets he receives via postcards from all over the world. If you're a PostSecret addict (like I am), you'll love this book.Contents:Introduction; PostSecret at a Glance; The PostSecret App; Surprises with the Project; Controversial Secrets; My O [...]

    13. really enjoyed this one! it's a lot bigger than the others i have read, and it was nice taking my time with it and becoming absorbed in all of the secrets, quotes, artwork and stories from frank warren and his former postwoman kathy:)here are a few of the secrets that i liked:"i find more spiritual comfort in libraries than i ever have in any church.""i wish the people who clean my office at night were invited to our company christmas party today. they're employees too! (one of them is my uncle) [...]

    14. I read this book in two sittings, because I couldn't put it down. I had heard interviews with Frank Warren over the years, but was never really interested in his project to collect annonomyous secrets. Now I wish I had been because this is his last book. Warren developed this art project as a safe place for people to unburden themselves of painful or otherwise difficult secrets. He asks them to send an anonymous postcard with their secret straight to his home address. He later developed a websit [...]

    15. If you've somehow missed out on the PostSecret phenomenon, you'll definitely want to click here to check it out. Once you've seen it, I'm pretty sure you'll be as hooked as I am. This collection is the (maybe) last in a series of books that collect the post card secrets sent to Frank Warren, as well as some secrets submitted to the app. In addition, it contains several short essays that describe significant moments in the project's history, controversial posts, and how the app influenced the pro [...]

    16. This was an excellent book for many reasonso many to adequately list in fact. It showed a remarkable connection between people; something not often seen in today's world. It showed compassion in many undefinable waysd it showed hope. I can't speak for everyone, but my wife and I read it together over the course of 3 hours, and it was something special for us to share. As a matter of fact, we wrote down the time and date we read it, and we'll do that each and every time we read it. That's not som [...]

    17. I have always been fascinated with Post Secret. In high school, I used to visit the site all the time. Recently, I got back into it and picked up this book. There's a funny way that other people's secrets affect you; it's indirect but still meaningful. Loved this book. There were a good amount of secrets but also I enjoyed the story that linked them all together. Good read for a rainy day, or for when you feel melancholic.

    18. Post Secret is a guilty pleasure of mine. I always look forward to checking out the secrets every Sunday morning. With this book it seemed like we got some behind the scenes of the secrets, the books and even Frank himself. It was fun to read.

    19. Fascinating, enlightening, heartbreaking, uplifting, sad, humorous, scary, deep, freeingThese postcard show that all people want to be funny,  to be loved & valued, to be free, to be accepted, to be understood, to be connected, to be safe and to be heard.

    20. I read this shortly after reading Warren's first PostSecret book ('PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives'). Although similar to his previous PostSecret book in that he collects and presents the anonymously mailed secrets of people from around the world, it was great to get an inside look into new secrets of others. This book did have a few pages of stories from Warren himself and from his previous mail lady, which was interesting to read. But this book follows the exact same [...]

    21. 'The World of Postsecret' is the sixth compilation book of postcards from Postsecret, a project by Frank Warren which invites people to send anonymous postcards confessing a secret. If you've seen Postsecret before, either the weekly-upadted website or the previous books, you know what to expect. Glossy pages of artful secrets; some funny, some thoughtful, some regretful, some hopeful. It's an interesting spectrum of human experience and emotion. A good'un.

    22. I huge fan of the whole series. I love the concept behind it and how they just keep coming. There's some that feel so relatable and almost comforting knowing your not alone. I have been collecting these as I like to glance through them periodically. These books truly are art and a way to openly express yourself but without that judgement or backlash.

    23. This is the second or third PS book I've read. There are little essays in addition to the many wonderful postcards, from Frank and other country's secret keepers and even Frank's old mail carrier. There are secrets from, and the story of the rise and fall of the Post Secret app. It's a pleasure and a slap in the face, as always.

    24. Cool, funny, and smart. I really loved seeing all of the notes Warren has collected over the years. Some made me laugh, a few made me cry, and in the end, I wanted to spill all my secrets to the next stranger who would listen.

    25. I started reading the Post Secret blog many years ago when I was in college. While I was aware of the books I never took the time to read them, however, I saw this one in my local library and finally decided to read one. As much as I enjoyed the secrets themselves I liked seeing Frank's additional stories throughout. Definitely worth a read.

    26. I loved this book. I used to like reading these things online back in the day. Some of them are funny, some are inspiring and some are just heartbreaking.

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