Loved By A Werewolf

Loved By A Werewolf When you re screwed anyway hope for the best and get what you can Kidnapping the son of one of the mob leaders isn t easy and when said son happens to be a werewolf s mate it s bound to get messy

  • Title: Loved By A Werewolf
  • Author: Bronwyn Heeley
  • ISBN: 9781771118002
  • Page: 408
  • Format: ebook
  • When you re screwed anyway, hope for the best and get what you can.Kidnapping the son of one of the mob leaders isn t easy, and when said son happens to be a werewolf s mate, it s bound to get messy.

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    1. 3 1/2- 4 stars!I will also admit I am not somebody who gets all excited over werewolf books. I can’t even say I understand why I feel that way? So for me this was a whole new experience. To me this novella was the perfect length to reel me in and it certainly made me want to read more in the series. I loved the fact that even though it was a paranormal book (werewolves) there was no lengthy drawn out world building which easily confuses me and puts me off reading books from this genre.The char [...]

    2. Couple spoilersFirst off, I didn't realise that this novella was one of those books that ends on a cliff hanger right in the middle of the story (I absolutely hate those). Second, once again I didn't know it was a New Adult story. I usually try to avoid those cause I don't care to read about teenagers (that's just my opinion, don't shoot me!). I just didn't feel the story it actually kinda made my skin crawl at certain times. Getting off while the werewolf is killing dudes and talking about a su [...]

    3. Was this book edited? The premise, friends to lovers, fated mates, son of a mob man had great potential. There was even a hint of something different with how the werewolf and his mate shared physical trauma that was intriguing. But I can't help but feel the publisher just shoved this short story out there without proper editing and it's quite a shame. There were whole paragraphs that were confusing. And if a reader skimmed the story instead of reading the story then it could easily be missed. " [...]

    4. Since I read almost every paranormal M/M book that is published, I was excited to see a new author from eXtasy Books, which is my go-to company for my shifter fix. However, Loved By A Werewolf just wasn’t my cup of tea.From the cover, you’d never be able to tell this is a Young Adult novella, not a traditional M/M book. That was my first surprise, but since I’m an avid fan of the television show, Teen Wolf, that did not deter me. What did drag my rating down was the lack of editing, the we [...]

    5. Did I really just read that rape = okay because he's gay and would 'probably enjoy it'?Did I really just read that cum in your ass is the same as diarrhea and pissing out of your ass? Just to clarify, it takes A LOT for me to give a 1 Star and I'm (not) sorry to say that this one is from me. My first comment on the rape did it for me. I finished it, but I should have just stopped at that point. Luckily it was short.

    6. I'm having conflicted feelings towards this book.It's not bad, definitely not the worst book I've read this week but I wanted more. I'll have to wait till the next one to be certain that i like it.

    7. Original Blog Post: headouttheoven/20My Rating: 3.5 StarsSeries Overall Rating: 4 of 5 StarsThe Moonlit Wolves series is about this group of werewolves who banded together for one reason or another. The most common element between this band of wolves is that they need to be together to keep themselves strong, healthy, alive and be with their mates. Thing is, when they got together, they really did not know the hows and whys of their being werewolves. They knew some of the stuff but a manual they [...]

    8. Growing up Jex was taught life lessons from his father that other boys never learned. As the son of a mob boss Jex was taught how to survive a kidnapping, among other things, which was coming in handy at the moment. Jex managed to get away from his assailants, but he knew it was only a matter of time before they caught him again.Hiding in the thick foliage Jex realizes that someone or something else is hunting tonight. Whoever is out there appears to be protecting him though he can’t imagine w [...]

    9. I could not get through the first chapter. Here's why. In the excerpt below, the main character thinks that being raped would not be a hardship because he's gay(!). No, I am not making this up.Don’t think they won’t hurt you, boy, just because they are going to sell you back to me. There’s a lot of things you can do to a body that leaves them still looking fresh when you hand them back.Thanks, Dad, for that lovely reminder. At least with that one, Jex had to hold back a smile. His dad been [...]

    10. This was a really short read about friendship and love. The story opens as Jax was in the woods , held captive and awaiting for his captor's plans. Being in that situation , left him to think about his life particularly his mob father and his best friend Matt. Suddenly, he got rescued by some wolf and then there was a tearful reunion and some realization.The author leave us with something to look forward in her next book so you what you can expect is not really a cliffhanger but mostly what will [...]

    11. Pretty much crap. Had great potential and even some hinting and some major kink but the sex was a major let down. From the very beginning the story was just difficult to follow and completely uninteresting. The story would hint to interesting things happening but then nothing happened. Major bummer.

    12. Reviewed by: LexiGenre: M/M Paranormal2 HeartsSee Review Here: Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link: facebook/pages/Hearts

    13. Intriguing premise but execution failed due to lack of a quality editor. I'm lazy so I'll just direct you to Rachel's review, which really says it all anyway.

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