The Haunted House

The Haunted House Compiled by Charles Dickens and counting Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins among its contributors The Haunted House is an ingenious tale of the supernatural with touches of pure Dickensian comedy

  • Title: The Haunted House
  • Author: Charles Dickens Wesley Stace
  • ISBN: 9780812973068
  • Page: 266
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  • Compiled by Charles Dickens, and counting Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins among its contributors,The Haunted House is an ingenious tale of the supernatural with touches of pure Dickensian comedy When the narrator espies a deserted house from his railway carriage, he cannot resist the challenge of taking up residence in a place no one else will inhabit Local legend hCompiled by Charles Dickens, and counting Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins among its contributors,The Haunted House is an ingenious tale of the supernatural with touches of pure Dickensian comedy When the narrator espies a deserted house from his railway carriage, he cannot resist the challenge of taking up residence in a place no one else will inhabit Local legend has terrified the nearby villagers, and they, in turn, convince his servants to abandon ship Undaunted, he and his sister invite a group of friends to join them Having shared out the household tasks, the guests are then commissioned to rout out the supernatural from their respective rooms On Twelfth Night they meet to share their ghostly tales The result is a feast of lively and bizarre storytelling, uniting the finest in Victorian literary talent As a document of self revelation, The Haunted House is of the utmost significance for anyone interested in exploring the genius of Charles Dickens Peter Ackroyd in the ForewordTales included are Mortals in the House by Charles Dickens Ghost in the Clock Room by Hesba Stretton Ghost in the Double Room by George Augustus Sala Ghost in the Picture Room by Adelaide Anne Procter Ghost in the Cupboard Room by Wilkie Collins Ghost in Master B s Room by Charles Dickens Ghost in the Garden Room by Elizabeth Gaskell Ghost in the Corner Room by Charles Dickens

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    1. Charles Dickens Wesley Stace

      Charles John Huffam Dickens 7 February 1812 9 June 1870 was an English writer and social critic He created some of the world s best known fictional characters and is regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era His works enjoyed unprecedented popularity during his lifetime, and by the twentieth century critics and scholars had recognised him as a literary genius His novels and short stories enjoy lasting popularity.Born in Portsmouth, Dickens left school to work in a factory when his father was incarcerated in a debtors prison Despite his lack of formal education, he edited a weekly journal for 20 years, wrote 15 novels, five novellas, hundreds of short stories and non fiction articles, lectured and performed extensively, was an indefatigable letter writer, and campaigned vigorously for children s rights, education, and other social reforms.Dickens was regarded as the literary colossus of his age His 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol, remains popular and continues to inspire adaptations in every artistic genre Oliver Twist and Great Expectations are also frequently adapted, and, like many of his novels, evoke images of early Victorian London His 1859 novel, A Tale of Two Cities, set in London and Paris, is his best known work of historical fiction Dickens s creative genius has been praised by fellow writers from Leo Tolstoy to George Orwell and G K Chesterton for its realism, comedy, prose style, unique characterisations, and social criticism On the other hand, Oscar Wilde, Henry James, and Virginia Woolf complained of a lack of psychological depth, loose writing, and a vein of saccharine sentimentalism The term Dickensian is used to describe something that is reminiscent of Dickens and his writings, such as poor social conditions or comically repulsive characters.On 8 June 1870, Dickens suffered another stroke at his home after a full day s work on Edwin Drood He never regained consciousness, and the next day, five years to the day after the Staplehurst rail crash, he died at Gad s Hill Place Contrary to his wish to be buried at Rochester Cathedral in an inexpensive, unostentatious, and strictly private manner, he was laid to rest in the Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey A printed epitaph circulated at the time of the funeral reads To the Memory of Charles Dickens England s most popular author who died at his residence, Higham, near Rochester, Kent, 9 June 1870, aged 58 years He was a sympathiser with the poor, the suffering, and the oppressed and by his death, one of England s greatest writers is lost to the world His last words were On the ground , in response to his sister in law Georgina s request that he lie down from

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    1. Not so 'classic' Charles Dickens Sad to say, this was my first experience with reading Dickens. Might have been better to have read one of his more famous tales as he has, to this day, quite the reputation of being a great writer of the Victorian Era.This novella, compiled by him and edited by him, includes stories from other authors as well as himself. Some being short , some being a bit longer, some ghostly, and others not ghostly at all. But I still found this book very interesting and readin [...]

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    3. It’s Not the House That’s HauntedI am sure that I will not spoil anything when I tell you, right at the start, that you must not expect a haunted house in this collection of short stories. Rather, each of the stories included in this collection tell you something about the fears, worries and preoccupations of the minds of their respective narrators. This could be the breeding ground for some truly spine-chilling yarns, but alas! the title The Haunted House is misleading in that the house is [...]

    4. Not everything by Charles Dickens is worthy of being called a masterpiece. The Haunted House is a selection of short stories on the theme of a haunted house. Dickens dashed off the joining story and two smaller contributions, and edited the other stories. The contributors included Wilkie Collins (who wrote the only good story in the collection) and Elizabeth Gaskell, along with three other writers whose names were not familiar to me.At first I thought the stories would all be about ghosts in the [...]

    5. Published in 1862 in the periodical, 'All the Year Round', 'The Haunted House' is a portmanteau of seven 'ghost' stories including a narrative poem, by different authors that Dickens invited to contribute to an annual Christmas collection. These authors included Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins, both personal friends of Dickens. However, if the reader is expecting full-blown supernatural Gothic effects, he/she may be disappointed. However, it is a collection that repays reading to appreciate [...]

    6. This book was my first attempt at reading a full-length Dickens novel. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until I'd got home from the library that it was a collection of short stories, a collective round robin of Victorian literary minds. This didn't detract me though, and I'm very glad. Though Dickens only contributed a few short chapters to the "novel," he orchestrated the whole scheme, and his humor and affinity for the supernatural was present throughout the work. This was a very enjoyable read [...]

    7. “Sento di poter dire con una certa tranquillità che a infettare ogni uomo sulla faccia della terra siano nient'altro che le sue paure.”Un'antica villa immersa nella campagna inglese, uno stuolo di fantasmi che terrorizzano abitanti e servitù, ed un'impavida comitiva pronta ad affrontare gli spettrali inquilini della casa; il tutto nella classica cornice delle feste di Natale: tradizionale momento di riflessione e, secondo l'uso anglosassone, d'inquietanti ed affascinanti storie gotiche.Gli [...]

    8. Good idea--interwoven ghost stories all set in the same haunted house--but not so great in execution. Dickens's setup was good, but the rest of the stories far less so, and the transitions were terrible. Ehh

    9. An interesting concept for an anthology of short stories, very unique! The introduction and setting of the Haunted House was creepy and funny, and created a vivid atmosphere for the stories, so that though they were extremely varied, they always hand an air of mystery, as well as a bridge between their widely differing genres and styles. The ending of the book fell a bit flat for me though, since the ghostly activity from the beginning of the book was never sufficiently resolved, and just seemed [...]

    10. Once more my foray into the library fiction shelves was rushed. I quickly grabbed this thinking I was going to read a spooky tale by Charles Dickens. 'The Haunted House' it turns out, is a collection of short stories. 'The Mortals in the House' by Dickens. 'The Ghost in the Clock Room' by Hesba Stretton. 'The Ghost in the Double Room' by George Augustus Sala. 'The Ghost in the Picture Room' (a poem) by Adelaide Anne Procter. 'The Ghost in the Cupboard Room' by Wilkie Collins. 'The Ghost in Maste [...]

    11. "The Haunted House" is an "exquisite corpse"-style novella, created by Dickens for his own literary journal, and published originally in installments. Fitting in with several of his Christmas ghost stories ("A Christmas Carole" obviously being the best loved and known), this tale is great fun because Dickens asked several of his novelist friends such as Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell to contribute a chapter. Dickens wrote the first chapter, a middle section that is shockingly experimental, [...]

    12. I think I didn't understand anything O.OI read a bad edition, I guess. The editing was atrocious.Can typos and errors turn you off from a book? YES, DEFINITELY :/

    13. Che cosa c’è di meglio, quando nell’aria s’inizia a percepire l’atmosfera natalizia, che immergersi pienamente in questo clima magari leggendo un buon libro ambientato in questo particolare periodo dell’anno? Le mie ultime festività natalizie sono state allietate dalla lettura de Le stanze dei fantasmi; come se avessi, incoscientemente, voluto rispettare la tipica tradizione inglese vittoriana di leggere dei racconti popolati da fantasmi e spettri proprio in questo periodo dell’ann [...]

    14. DNF: 40%You know what, No, I'm not going to finish this book.I always want to finish all the books but to be fair, this book bored me and I barely knew what I was reading because I was skimming over most of the parts to be done with it.It started to feel like a mandatory school read and I'm not about that life.This will definitely not put me off from reading any other Charles Dickens books because I was actually happily surprised that I did like the part Charles Dickens had written, the rest I j [...]

    15. Klasik bir kurgu olmasından dolayı kitap biraz sıkıcı. Ama Charles Dickens başarılı bir edebiyat duayeni bu kesin.

    16. The ending was very abrupt. The second chapter of this went down a road I really didn't understand, I am guessing it is because it is one of those classics with some hidden meaning.

    17. Charles Dickens is often credited with having “invented” Christmas as we know it. This claim might be exaggerated (as is argued here), but one can hardly contest the fact that his “Christmas novels” are a major contribution not only to the literature of this feast, but also to what might be termed its “social iconography”. Works such as “A Christmas Carol” or “The Chimes” both fed and met the expectations of the periodical-reading public whilst tapping into the tradition of t [...]

    18. Divertente, come il primo esperimento che ho letto l'anno scorso, La casa sfitta.Continuo a provare una forte invidia al pensiero di tutti questi autori incredibili insieme, riuniti a scrivere un'unica opera Perché non posso avere una macchina del tempo e partecipare? Porto anche solo il caffè, mi occupo del camino, faccio tutto Ma fatemi partecipare!Il circolo si allarga, da quattro a sei, e acquisisce sfaccettature in questa storia di fantasmi atipica: un gruppo di amici decide di passare il [...]

    19. This book is an anthology of short stories by Charles Dickens and his circle of Victorian Age writer-friends. My book group focused on the following stories:Dickens, "The Mortals in the House," Wilkie Collins, "The Ghost in the Cupboard Room," and Elizabeth Gaskell, "The Ghost in the Garden Room." In the first, which serves as an introduction to the collection, Dickens sets the stage for a series of ghost stories by describing a sojourn in a haunted house. However, the other stories depart from [...]

    20. Una estrella por los cuentos (simplemente DECEPCIONANTES)Cinco estrellas por el oficio(Están escritos de manera EXCELENTE)Opinión visceral: 1 estrellaEs un libro COMPLETAMENTE PRESCINDIBLE. Si no lo leen nunca, no se perderán de nada. Me dio la impresión que Dickens y sus amigos no tenían nada mejor que hacer,que juntarse a escribir unos cuantos relatos narrados genialmente,con una trama pésima, que no tienen ni por asomo elementos de misterio o terror. Si buscas un libro que tenga estos e [...]

    21. After reading several reviews, I knew before reading this book that it was not a traditional haunted house story and so was not disappointed in that manner. The hauntings are more of a psychological or traumatic nature - many of which seem to have no relation to the house itself. I chose to read this book as I am a fan of Dickens in general, and wanted some 'light' reading. This book was gifted to me and seemed like a good choice. Overall, the short stories were engaging, some more than others. [...]

    22. My problem with The Haunted House is based entirely on my expectations, which I based on the jacket description promising "an ingenious, multi-authored tale of the supernatural." Dickens, acting as ringmaster for a host of his literati friends, does in fact provide a brilliant conceit wherein the narrator becomes taken with a haunted house and decides to shack up there with a house party and have each guest expose, room by room, the supernatural shenanigans within. However, by the end of the sec [...]

    23. If you're waiting on my every review - you'll know I don't really like short story collections. This caught my eye because the title, and, well, the length (have to get through 100 books this year, yo). I didn't realize it was a collection of short stories and that the stories are really about a haunted house. Kind of disappointing all around because I had different expectations. Although, the length didn't disappoint.

    24. This was a challenging book in that it wasn't at all what I expected and I really had to see the hidden meaning . That being said , the book was interesting and I recommend it to anyone who would like to have a book that requires some reflection.

    25. It was boring I tried to find the mystery and horror in it,but all my efforts were in vain. After reading it,I read many of the reviews and saw that most people felt it to be some big deal. So may be I missed something. But as things stand,it was boring,dull and draggy.

    26. Wth?In every edition I've found, only the first and second chapter are included, and I'm pretty certain from reading the comments that there are supposed to be other chapters by other authors. I'm not going to rate this until I find the complete story and can finish THAT.

    27. Divorato. Letteralmente. Grandi nomi per bellissimi racconti, collegati tra loro da una storia di base, alcuni veramente degni di nota.Non può proprio mancare nella propria libreria!Consigliato!

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