Return Fire

Return Fire It s am on a warm July night in New York City Four months after they first encountered one another NYPD rd Grade Detective Sam Archer and Alice Vargas are working in the NYPD Counter Terrorism B

  • Title: Return Fire
  • Author: Tom Barber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s 2 30am on a warm July night in New York City Four months after they first encountered one another, NYPD 3rd Grade Detective Sam Archer and Alice Vargas are working in the NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau and also living together.However, things between them are strained both are struggling to deal with the aftermath of a terrifying ordeal in a Harlem tenement block theIt s 2 30am on a warm July night in New York City Four months after they first encountered one another, NYPD 3rd Grade Detective Sam Archer and Alice Vargas are working in the NYPD Counter Terrorism Bureau and also living together.However, things between them are strained both are struggling to deal with the aftermath of a terrifying ordeal in a Harlem tenement block the day they met Before long, the tension between them boils over and Vargas walks out, going to Spain to visit family.Seven days later, Archer still hasn t heard a peep from her.Unable to sleep and sitting on the balcony of his apartment, Archer suddenly hears a knock on his front door.It s his NYPD partner, Josh, and he has some shocking news.Vargas has been abducted.Archer and Josh are soon at the Bureau, working with two other members of their team to try and find out what happened a preliminary lead suggests Vargas may have been taken to London Within twelve hours Archer suddenly finds himself back on his old turf, reunited with old friends and team mates at the ARU as the Unit and Archer s NYPD team work together to try and find Vargas.As his past and present collide, several unexpected and violent incidents occur and the situation starts to deteriorate at a frightening pace Using all his skills but with his back against the ropes as their every move seems to be anticipated, Archer starts to unravel the mystery surrounding Vargas disappearance and begins to realise just why she was taken.However, as events unfold and the confrontations with the enemy intensify, one thing remains constant.Every second Vargas is missing is another second closer to never seeing her again.And if Archer stands any chance of ever finding her, he s going to have to return fire with fire.

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    1. Tom Barber

      Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in England and Brunei, Tom Barber has always had a passion for writing and story telling It took him to Nottingham University, England, where he graduated in 2009 with a 2 1 BA Hons in English Studies Post graduation, Tom moved to New York City and completed the 2 Year Meisner Acting training programme at The William Esper Studio, furthering his love of acting and screen writing.Upon his return to the UK in late 2011, Tom set to work on his debut novel, Nine Lives, which has since become a five star rated UK Kindle hit The following books in the series, The Getaway, Blackout, Silent Night, One Way, Return Fire, Green Light and Last Breath have been equally successful, garnering five star reviews in the US, UK, France, Australia and Canada The Sam Archer series has sold over 77,000 books worldwide and each title is currently being adapted into audiobook format.Tom spends most of his time back and forth between the US and the UK He can be contacted at tom barber For info on all upcoming releases tom barber6st manage1

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    1. In the sixth book of the Sam Archer series by author Tom Barber, "Return Fire", explodes after Archer and his team have to track down some evil kidnappers. That kick starts a wave of danger and adventure like no other Archer book. From the previous NYPD-CBT adventure, Archer and Alice Vargas have become a couple and now live together. Following a minor spat, Alice jets off to Spain to cool off emotionally. While in Spain, a gang of terrorists kidnaps Alice. NYPD's CTB has determined the kidnappe [...]

    2. If you like fast paced breathless action, you'll love this ARU/NYPD action thriller. I know, it may not be realistic but I don't care. It's fun and it's escapism. No one does it better than Tom Barber. I love Sam Archer and his crew. There isn't much in terms of complexity of the characters but you'll love the chance to escape with this action packed novel.

    3. ArcherYou want action, romance, plots intertwined, then go no further than Mr. Archer exploits. From NYC to Spain to London, a trail of bodies are left as Archer is on a quest to find his kidnapped love. It does seem as if the back-up is always late and the criminals are early, but this always leaves room for our hero to plan a nefarious escape. All you want in a book is loaded inside this novel. Lean back and enjoy, you won't regret it.

    4. So SoAlthough good action and story, bit weak in details. Why would you continually split your group into small units. Why in blue-eyed blazes would experienced antiterrorism officer gather around a mystery box while Archer is being forced to open. Maybe the idiots should have considered taking cover?

    5. The books get better every time!!I've been reading the books in this series since I bought the first book a while ago. Each book has been better in it's own way. The one thing that I loved in this book is the plot twist that author gives. It made me think about what happened in a previous book.

    6. Intense plot with plenty of action!Save for some editing errors, I have really enjoyed this series. The author has a good grasp of the plot and where he takes the reader. Character development has been well done. One question I have is: When was the last time anyone saw a late model US law enforcement vehicle with a "handbrake" ?!!!

    7. This has to be my favourite series of books ever! WHEN WILL WE SEE THE MOVIES?!!! Every time you think he can't improve on the last one - boom. nice crossover link with Sam's old unit - my lunchtimes at work weren't long enough to read as fast as I wanted. Top, top read!

    8. ArcherArcher and his team go to London to find a kidnapped officer. A plan has been put in place to stop them!

    9. Good, quick summer readingIf you like the fast paced stories of Tom Barber, this fits the mold. Quick read, fast paced action. Nothing amazing but enjoyed.

    10. Enough is enough. Very predictable, over-the-top, tiring, boring. What's not to like? I'm cashing out my Sam Archer chips.

    11. I'm not sure it's a good idea to read these back to back, it's a lot of adrenaline! Again, the pace is very fast and it doesn't slow until the end. It was good to see Vargas, briefly, from book 5 (which is my favorite of the series). The setting goes back to London, and I was happy to see Chalky, but the poor guy really went through the ringer. The villain was truly evil, and brought back some earlier book storylines.My only negative was the amount dead bodies in correspondence to the number of [...]

    12. Sam Archer's girlfriend, also a NYPD detective has been kidnapped. It seems she has been taken to London so Sam and his American team head to London to get together with his former British team. Together they are lead on several wild goose chases but manage to survive the attacks while they try to figure out why someone would be wanting to kill all of them. When Sam realizes that he is the true target things begin to change.Yet again, another fast paced, edge of your seat storyline. The exciteme [...]

    13. Thrill Read!Great cat and mouse thriller. Well thought out and executed! Action packed with great stand alone stories but you like the characters and the expertise the author uses crafting this series! I was entertained reading the fight scenes where MMA was included. It's not easy to break down a submission or choke into written words let alone complete cohesive scenes. Well Done!

    14. Sorry, I quit reading the book a few chapters in. This is the sixth book in the series. Maybe if I started with the first in the series, it would have been better. The author spent an inordinate amount of time bringing the reader up to speed about what has happened in the previous books in the series. The early part of the book was a lot of omniscient viewpoint story telling. I wanted a story but got a lot of backstory.

    15. Heart pounding thriller.Archer and Vargas recovering from Harlem building siege by the bank robbers. Tension high in their relationship, Vargas takes off to the hands of kidnappers. Archer and fellow officers fly to London to find Vargas. Next twelve hours, gun fights with Saudi, South African and Afghanistan mercenaries with the help of ARU members. Bloody and long detailed gruesome killings. Eye for an eye revenge.

    16. Another Barber emotion packed, heart pounding thrillerAdd together Sam Archer's current life and his job in New York with his former job in the UK, both as a counter terrorism officer. Sprinkle in kidnappings, sniper attacks, bombings, car chases, and add a terrorist mastermind with a viscous violence streak, and this novel starts your heart thumping from the very first pages, and keeps it that way until the very end. Another masterpiece of written word.

    17. This is my second "Sam Archer" book and I read them both in the last week, (Maybe too close together?) This one is full of action - gunfights, car chases, close physical combat - which creates non-stop excitement. I still like our hero, Sam, and it was fun to readBUT the book seems a little short on character development, or plot twists, or subtlety. Perhaps I should read some other authors and/or other genres before returning to another of Tom Barber's books.

    18. Archer is back and his past has caught up with him. Revenge is the order of the day and Archer has a battle to survive the onslaught. He teams up with his old unit and current NYPD team to track down his kidnapped girlfriend as a trail of destruction is left across London. Good read and looking forward to the next Archer book.

    19. Tom Barber Does it againEven though the main character gets into and out of impossible situations, it is action-packed and keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. Just when you think there will be a lull in the story, the next impossible situation takes place. The language could have been leaner, but otherwise I enjoyed the book.

    20. Sam Archer & his girlfriend both work in the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit. She is kidnapped and the search continues to London where the perpetrators kill many police from both countries. Trying to figure out who, as well as why, Sam finds the killers are operating in revenge mode. Lots of action. I rate this a 4.8.

    21. Tom Barber returns fire with another fantastic Sam Archer novel. In typical series tradition the Acton is fast and frantic in this brilliant thriller. If you haven't read any of the previous novels you really are missing out on an explosive set of thrillers.

    22. BrilliantA mile a minute. You are always guaranteed a rollercoaster full action ride with Tom Barber,s Sam Archer novels. If you have not read any yet what are you waiting for? I guarantee you will really enjoy.

    23. Non-Stop ActionVargas is kidnapped and Sam Archer and his team are involved. Reuniting with his mates, Archer and his team from NYPD are thrust into action nearly as soon as they step off the plane.

    24. Suspension of Belief RequiredHave enjoyed the other Archer books more than this one; the special squads seemed so clueless, bumbling into one ambush after another. Hope the next installment is more cohesive.

    25. Return Fire Great BookSam Archer is just about fit for duty from his last book. But somebody just kidnapped his new girlfriend, and he is back to work. Just like all Sam Archer books, it's hard to put down, even to eat a meal.

    26. Action!It's action at a fast pace from the beginning to end. Sixth in the series it lives up to the previous books high quality.

    27. Second of this series I have read. While I enjoyed this book, I found the other one, number 5, to be better formatted and more interesting. Easy to read and worth the time.

    28. Get ready for some bloodshed! This one is an action-packed page-turner that you won't want to put down until the end. 5 stars!

    29. Hard charging,good writing.Well another one for the books. Opened good and stayed the course. Good pace well thought out. moving! Running! Fun

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