Pirates Love Underpants

Pirates Love Underpants Grab your peg leg and your parrot and don t forget the underpants This wacky picture book pairs pirates and underwear in an uproarious adventure These pirates SO love underpants They re on a special q

  • Title: Pirates Love Underpants
  • Author: Claire Freedman Ben Cort
  • ISBN: 9781442485129
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grab your peg leg and your parrot and don t forget the underpants This wacky picture book pairs pirates and underwear in an uproarious adventure.These pirates SO love underpants,They re on a special questTo find the fabled Pants of Gold,For the Captain s treasure chest.This laugh out loud Underpants adventure is full of pirates, sharks, and treasure You ll be yo ho ho inGrab your peg leg and your parrot and don t forget the underpants This wacky picture book pairs pirates and underwear in an uproarious adventure.These pirates SO love underpants,They re on a special questTo find the fabled Pants of Gold,For the Captain s treasure chest.This laugh out loud Underpants adventure is full of pirates, sharks, and treasure You ll be yo ho ho ing with hilarity until the pirates conclude their zany expedition

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    1. Claire Freedman Ben Cort

      I ve been a writer for over 15 years now, but it wasn t planned I had a variety of jobs, including secretary, trainee buyer at Harrods, dental nurse, production assistant in a reprographic and printing company and various others.I began to write after joining a creative writing class I had no success with article writing, or short stories, or fiction, but the first children s story I wrote, for a magazine called Twinkle, was accepted for publication Hooray Things snowballed and a lot yes lots and lots of hard work later I now write full time and have over 50 books published I still go to the same writing class and we have become a big happy family of writers For me, writing is the best job ever I couldn t imagine myself doing anything else I love to create worlds for young children to enjoy and escape into whether the stories are educational, bedtime, problem solving or just plain good fun It s also very exciting to see the first picture roughs, as my wonderful, talented illustrators bring the text to life.I live on the Essex coast in a lovely two bed roomed flat, which I share with my husband, Michael At long last I have an office to write in, with room for all my books and bits of scribbled on papers.The seafront is still just around the corner, and I find a bracing walk it gets freezing when the East wind blows from the North Sea or gentle stroll when the weather is warmer, is great for clearing my head and mulling over story ideas excerpted from her website

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    1. This book came into our household as a birthday gift for one of my children. It has since become a firm favourite.The Black Bloomer and the pants pirates are on the hunt for the famous golden pants to add to their treasure booty. Will they find the famous pants of gold or will another pirate crew get there first?Some children's books are obviously educational, others hide the lessons in the pages. Some books are just plain old fun, and this is one of them. Don't get me wrong there are opportunit [...]

    2. My daughter really enjoyed 'Alien love Underpants', so when we saw this follow-up from Claire Freedman at the library, we grabbed it. We weren't disappointed - it may be even better than the original. Lovely illustrations that are full of fun and plenty of things to spot and discover on re-reads, just the right mix of rhythm, rhyme, zaniness and story in the text. We got it out two hours ago and have already read it four times. Highly recommend this to any parents of toddlers.

    3. Not quite as clever as the first, but the 4yo was happily engrossed with the pictures for at least 15 minutes after we finished reading it, looking at the alien, the cat prowling along the boom, the parrot wearing underpants, and so on, so although I'd personally rate it 3 stars it seemed worth bumping up.

    4. Cute book. Haven't read the rest in the series. Kids obviously love it. Some rhymes are a bit forced but 'the captain has a cunning plan, it's clever! It's fantastic! Grab their fancy underpants and Cut through the elastic!' Is pretty funny no matter how old you are. ;) the pictures are engaging and well done.

    5. I read this as a bedtime story to my younger brother, and thoroughly enjoyed this, as did he. The Rhyme that flows through the story is excellently well done, and rather witty. This illustration which accompanies it is also very fun, and could easily tell the story without some of the text to back it up. As a quick and fun read I would recommend this story. It is a book that could support the writing of rhyming poetry as it subtly introduces children in to this style, and could be a potential st [...]

    6. This book is about a bunch of pirates seeking the golden underwear. They find that another group of pirates found it first and decided to cut the elastic in their underwear and steal it. Even the sharks are wearing underwear in this story.

    7. Silly book about pirates who wear underpants of course! My daughter found it hilarious. It's a short rhyming read that's funny to kids every time.

    8. SUMMARY: A crew of pirates is on a "special quest to find the fabled Pants of Gold." They follow a treasure map to the treasure island, but find a surprise when they reach it. Someone else has beaten them there. They follow the foot tracks to where the other pirate crew lays sleeping with their golden find. But the captain has a clever idea to stop the other pirates in their tracks in order to steal the golden pirate bootyLUSTRATIONS: The pictures are large, brightly colored, creative, and full [...]

    9. This book had me laughing out loud alone in Barnes and Noble! The pirates in this book dream of attaining the glorious gold underpants, they go on a journey to capture the gold undergarment. They must get creative when they find another boat of pirates has already found the glorious gold draws! Will they ever finally have the panties to themselves? And have they searched through your underwear!?Activity: Have the students create an alternative ending, what if the pirates did not have a way to st [...]

    10. This is a lovely rhyming story that will have children giggling and on the edge of their seat. The pirates love underpants and are on a special quest to find the solid gold trophy which is shaped like underpants. The story follows a group of pirates who are on a quest to find the special solid gold trophy but to their surprise, another group of pirates have already found it! We read on to discover the other pirates are sleeping so they must tip toe past them to claim their gold. The children wil [...]

    11. Clearly, Robert Louis Stevenson Missed the Boat On This OneWe sure start off with the right ingredients - I mean who doesn't like pirates or underpants? But a clever premise does not necessarily make a good kid's picture book.Here, we get the full monty. Clever rhymes, goofy bright drawings, a plot with a trick ending, and even an underwear centric moral. While never straying from the underwear theme we even get a lot of piratey stuff. This is a fun read to and easily becomes a read with and lat [...]

    12. This is a 2 1/2 stars. (So sad) I saw this book at a Library in England and thought "Hey we need this book" We have the Aliens and Dinosaurs love underpants books and they are super dooper funever, this one just isn't as fun as the others. Now in and of itself I should give it a higher rating, but I got it because I liked the others in the series, and I was disappointed, the ratings reflects that. Now if I had never read the other Underpants books, I might have liked this one betteroh well, live [...]

    13. I love Aliens Love Underpants. That book just makes me oh-so-happy. So once again I am excited to see another one in this series. It isn’t quite as funny as the alien edition…but there is still room for swash-buckling fun. In fact, the pirates are looking for the treasure of all treasures (some golden underpants). In order to get them they have to cut out the elastic on some other underpants. So if you ever wonder if your underpants elastic is not stretchy enough…it just might be the fault [...]

    14. I am on a course at my sons school and we are making story sacks. I choose this book as my book for the sack as have lots of pirate resources at home that could be used and my son loves the dinosaurs love underpants book.This is a lovely rhyming story for young children and as its about pirates and pants boys think its great! It is well written and although only few lines per page is long enough to explain what is going on.

    15. To finish off our PIRATES & CROCODILES story time we let the children choose between this story and another titled "Pirates Don't Take Baths". Predictably they chose this one. It's told in verse and includes lots of clever pirate and undies tags such as "Black Bloomer's" sail, "Big Knickers Bay" and "Long-John Bridge".

    16. A silly story about pirates who love underpants and go on an adventure to find the Pants of Gold. I would not use this book as a read aloud to teach a specific concept, instead I would just use it to read aloud for fun. Children will enjoy reading about these silly pirates who love underwear almost as much as they love gold!

    17. The pirates so love underpants that they are on a quest to find the Pants of Gold. They succeed, though they are not the first group of pirates to have arrived at the treasure. The pirates slit the elastic bands of the sleeping pirates' underpants and steal the Pants of Gold.Silly, but only okay for me. PreK-2.

    18. This pirate crew is obsessed with underpants of all sorts but they are setting out on an adventure to find the most splendid pair of all. The Golden Underpants. They set to sea in their ship and arrive on an island only to find another pirate crew has gotten to the treasure first. What will they do in this face to face underpants war?

    19. Cute and funny story. Some people seem to not like the 'forced' rhyming, but children don't notice or care. Parental enjoyment of their child's books is important - and certainly a tale about knickers is humorous enough to appeal to many.

    20. Bright bold illustrations and rhyming text are filled with humor. Add to that underpants, GOLDEN underpants and a childish prank and you have one pirate story that will make kids - and - their adult partners laugh out loud.

    21. The idea is clever, but it doesn't translate to American English well enough for it to be funny. More than half the time the author calls the underpants, pants, which is the same thing in the UK, but doesn't work here.

    22. I have not personally read the prior books in this series, but I thought it was a fun way to introduce underwear to kids. I will admit the part about cutting the elastic made me chuckle. I found the golden pants to be a bit silly. The artwork also made this fun too.

    23. This book takes something ordinary and makes it into a comical object for children. The play on words will make any reader laugh. The imagination of the boy will help children with their imagination as well.

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