The Beginning

The Beginning Nic my friend you think Fate s a bitch Just wait until you meet her sister Destiny Connor Holden Earl of FeatherstoneEvery story has a beginning often driven by Fate With The McKinnon Legends that

  • Title: The Beginning
  • Author: Ranay James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nic, my friend, you think Fate s a bitch Just wait until you meet her sister Destiny Connor Holden, Earl of FeatherstoneEvery story has a beginning often driven by Fate With The McKinnon Legends that beginning starts with Nic McKinnon and his unconventional bride, Morgan Pembridge, Seventh Duchess of Seabridge.Not your typical Knight in Shining Armor Damsel In Dist Nic, my friend, you think Fate s a bitch Just wait until you meet her sister Destiny Connor Holden, Earl of FeatherstoneEvery story has a beginning often driven by Fate With The McKinnon Legends that beginning starts with Nic McKinnon and his unconventional bride, Morgan Pembridge, Seventh Duchess of Seabridge.Not your typical Knight in Shining Armor Damsel In Distress story, The Beginning starts the reader on a journey of deep love, treachery, and mystery of the way time and space collide with characters that are believable Staged initially in the late fifteenth century this love affair sets the foundation for an amazingly strong and solid family legacy spanning centuries in an eight volume series.Join them on their journey of growth and change to ultimately evolve into the McKinnon Legends.

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      384 Ranay James
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      Ranay James Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Beginning book, this is one of the most wanted Ranay James author readers around the world.

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    1. This book had so much potential and I was excited to read a historical romance story set in medieval times with a time travel theme but the content did not live up to the synopsis of this book. I found myself skimming through parts of the story and I couldn't wait to reach the end. Here are some of the issues I've found:Plot/languageI was looking forward to the the time travel theme but it turned out to be a small aspect of the story that was thrown in at the end of the book as a plot device for [...]

    2. This book was not what the synopsis led me to believe or I probably would not have bothered. A knight in the 15th century does not say "Wow!" As he is not a time traveler and has known no other time, nor met any other time travelers, he should not have that word in his vocabulary. I could not connect with the characters, as they were not believable for there time period with their modern speech. Everyone had modern speech, not just the main characters.The whole thing was just too drawn out & [...]

    3. The story is excellently written and I really enjoyed it. Strong characters and such a good plot. I hope it continues this good throughout this series.

    4. Not your typical "damsel in distress" story. I liked the story but found the writing lacking (grammar, wrong words, missing scene parts,). At this point, I'm not sure whether I would read the next book to find out how the story of Morgan and Nic continues.

    5. Disappointing on all levels.Most of the men were pigheaded and stubborn, so much so that they would almost let a loved one expire while they insisted on knowing all the facts leading up to the problem FIRST! The main female character acted like she was from the 21st Century most of the time, demanding on being in charge of every decision relating to her. I realize she was a Duchess and that she spent 7 years imprisoned, but she didn't act anything like the women in her century. When I got to the [...]

    6. I know this book has had mixed reviews but very much enjoyed it. The story is a good one, the characters the ones you like you like and the ones you hate you hate. Nic is a knight in the truest form. Morgan is an abused woman who has run away . She meets Nic and there is a lot of misunderstandings and firey tempers but a love story unfolds. I really liked this little couple Nic and Morgan. Time travel really isn't a big factor in this book. It does take someone away. I think that the mention of [...]

    7. Very well rounded, believable characters. Though the speech patterns weren't always totally authentic to the time period, It was written in a way we could understand. I could feel Morgan's fear, sorrow and strength. I also loved the beautiful love story without the need for gratuitous sexual play by play (not that i mind that). A book I can share with my mother or daughter. Loved it!

    8. This book was given bad reviews on due to typographical errors, but this must have been fixed as I only found 1. Some of the context was off for the 15th century, but it was well worth reading. It has been a long time since I have not wanted to put a book down and this was the one I was waiting for. Excellent read. I'm looking forward to book 2.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. At first I was surprised at the modern language that was used, but soon realized that it was actually part of the plot. Keep reading until the end and you'll understand. I have already downloaded the next book. I can't wait to read Connor and Reagan's story.

    10. Small amount of time travel in the first book. Plenty of action and emotions. Was not able to put it down. Very good!

    11. Awesome free ebook! I loved it and can not wait til the others come along, I've been all over google and amazon trying to find when the next ones will come!

    12. oh this is gonna be another great series to followarently there will be a total of 8 books, 3 still to be published!it has it alllove, love lost, love found, love lost agaon and found again. pain, joy, treachery, devotion. a bitter and twisted wait TWO bitter and twisted uncles out for all they can get. an unrequited, inappropriate, love for his sister in law. violence, although graphic in places, its very much in keeping with the story. sex.ough its not described at all, in any detail, and for [...]

    13. Very rarely do I not finish a book once I've started, but I just can't continue reading this one. The characters are flat, cookie-cutter stereotypes. The plot is predictable. The bad guys are 100% bad and the good guys are 100% good. Predictable romance conflicts caused by lack of honesty and communication. Characters falling in love in the space of a paragraph (but taking a few hundred to admit it to themselves or each other). "Sex scenes" that go from starting to untie a bodice to waking up th [...]

    14. The heck? Ok chapters 1 thru 20 were OK, but then it went down hill with the clichéd "misunderstandings" etc etc. The writing and dialogue left the century it was supposed to be in. She had knights speaking like normal dudes. It was weird. And the time travel? Laughable. Toward the end the mc meets a girl that we can guess is from the future but only because no one else in the story is and there has to be one, but it is not revealed until the very last chapter (almost last page). Lame. I still [...]

    15. This book was awesome and the characters are very well rounded. I fell in love with all of the characters and places in the book. When I finished this book, I went immediately to purchase the second in the series and I am anxiously awaiting the third book. The only drawback to these books are the editing. I noticed many grammar and spelling issues in the books. This author needs a good editor and proofreader.

    16. I really liked the story line and never would have guessed the ending, but I really did not like the modern day language. It's suppose to be a period peace. It takes away from the "Magic" of the time period when the language doesn't fit the time period. I was very disappointed with that fact.

    17. Interesting to put Reagan into another century. I always knew there something weird happening in this plot.

    18. Not a bad book, but how many misunderstandings can two people have? At one point I wanted to whack both the main characters on the side of their heads.

    19. Enjoyable story. I did see some editing issues, however they were easily overlooked. I felt it was a little rushed in some spots. I am certainly going to continue this series.

    20. The intriguing book synopsis and classy cover lured me in, folks. This “new to me” author kept me engaged, but I can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t wrapped up in one book. To me, it seems that could have easily been accomplished, since the paced slowed dramatically, and there was only one underlying main theme. The good news is you can now purchase one book with both parts included. The advanced reader copy I was gifted via NetGalley in exchange for a fair review only had Part I. So my [...]

    21. I liked this book, it was a really good read and I absolutely loved Nic. He was sweet, charming, and very protective. I liked that he figured out Morgan's ruse, but still let her be her own person. I liked that he was determined to protect her and break her out of her shell, especially when he didn't have to.What ruined this book for me, was Morgan. I get that she has trust issues and I get that the only man she knows was evil, abusive, and as vile as they come, but he wasn't her only example of [...]

    22. Hallmark of a book I loved? Wondering when I can get my hands on the next book in the series!This was a fun read with the period details to make it a historical romance story. I have a soft spot for tales in long ago England and this one was wonderful. Beyond the love story which is woven for you, there's plenty of tension with a villain as well.

    23. Fantastic right up to the very end!!! Gets a little odd when they reveal the time traveling, but if you can get passed that, it has a fantastic love story!!!

    24. I could have liked this book, except for the ridiculously stupid H and h. She was forever angry and running away, and he just continuously failed to communicate anything. They were a great couple, they should have been perfect together, but both persisted throughout the book to do things they knew would make the other angry. And then, the book ended in the middle of the story, a ridiculous device to make me buy another book. I won't. I received a free arc for an honest review from netgalley.

    25. I was really fascinated with this book, once I started it I couldn’t stop. I liked the stile and the history, but I was so disappointed with the end. It was totally on me, I should have realize it’d end with a cliff-hanger -I absolutely hate cliff-hanger- but it just work, an HEA would not have been believable at that point. I still have a lot of question, many topics were left untouched, why did her mother knew something was going to happen? Why the king agreed to the late duke’s terms? I [...]

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