Wishing You Were Here

Wishing You Were Here She s out of place He s out of time In Joey Tempo was the biggest sensation to hit Memphis since Elvis Presley Within twelve months he was gone killed in a transatlantic plane crash Half a centu

  • Title: Wishing You Were Here
  • Author: Catherine Chant
  • ISBN: 9780988673106
  • Page: 449
  • Format: ebook
  • She s out of place.He s out of time.In 1956, Joey Tempo was the biggest sensation to hit Memphis since Elvis Presley Within twelve months he was gone killed in a transatlantic plane crash.Half a century later, Callie Reinard is headed for college and her dream career in radio broadcasting When she discovers Joey s iconic first album, she s mysteriously drawn to his tragShe s out of place.He s out of time.In 1956, Joey Tempo was the biggest sensation to hit Memphis since Elvis Presley Within twelve months he was gone killed in a transatlantic plane crash.Half a century later, Callie Reinard is headed for college and her dream career in radio broadcasting When she discovers Joey s iconic first album, she s mysteriously drawn to his tragic story A profound desire to change his fate invokes a mystical force that sends her back to 1957 to make things right What Callie doesn t expect is her meddling to make everything worse much worse Joey may be glad to be alive, but not everyone welcomes her presence Especially not Joey s glamorous fianc e, who has her own plans for his future.Every second Callie spends in the past she s altering much than Joey s fate She s changing the lives of everyone around her And she s growing closer to Joey by the minute.If Callie can t find a way back to her own time soon, she may lose than a college education and the career she s always wanted She may lose her heart to a boy she can t have.

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      Catherine Chant is an active member of the Romance Writers of America RWA and a Golden Heart finalist Her young adult time travel series is available at and other online retailers She has also written two installments in The Vampire Diaries world for s Kindle Worlds, and a non fiction creative writing book on plotting a novel.Catherine is currently working on a new young adult novel and teaching online writing workshops to RWA chapters and other writers groups.When she s not writing, Catherine can be found knitting or crocheting, playing The Sims or other video games, drawing or painting, or gardening She also enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, and watching movies.You can find out about Catherine at her website CatherineChant, Twitter Catherine_Chant or Facebook CatherineChantNovels.

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    1. 3.5 timeless stars!*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, I wasn’t too keen on the time travel bit at first. So, it took me quite some time to actually get started on the book. However, once I started it, I could NOT stop reading! I actually finished this book in one-setting. It was that entertaining! The thing is, the description doesn’t really reveal much, and it didn’t necessarily motivate me to start reading the book righ [...]

    2. I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was a delight to read, and drew me in from the beginning, even though a few times I was wondering were the plot was headed. This story starts off in 1956, by introducing us to Joey Tempo. He was the newest singing sensation to hit Memphis, but within twelve months of being discovered, was killed in a plane crash back to the United States from London.Now, fifty years later in the present, we have Callie. While looking [...]

    3. Callie Reinhard is listening to an old record of Joey Tempo's, a famous singer from the 1950s who died in a tragic plane accident flying from England to the US, in the US when she falls asleep, only to wake up at London's Heathrow Airport in 1957 where she learns she has been sent to "make things right." After she manages to convince Joey to change his flight, much to the annoyance of Joey's manager, she ends up moving to the south to work for his record label. Joey's fiancee lives there, too. T [...]

    4. 3.5 starsTime travel (and also reincarnation) is not my favorite story. I feel it is a little bit tricky than other stories. It’s because the authors have to have a good reason to cause their characters to time traveling. Thus they also have to provide the logic in it. If the characters can do it how they are going to back to where they belong, what happen with their life if they change the past, whether they can carry on things when they time traveling and other stuff like that. If the author [...]

    5. I was sent a copy of Wishing You Were Here by Catherine Chant from the author in exchange for an honest review.My kind of time travel:The concept of time travel is something that intrigues me, but I admit that I am quite picky with the books I read that focuses on this idea. I am not a big fan of science fiction or fantasy, so technical time travel having to do with time machines and the like don’t really appeal to me. However I do like it when it involves a more fate based storyline, like Wis [...]

    6. *I got a free copy of the book from the author, in exchange for an honest review* 4.25 stars!“She's out of place.He's out of time.”First, the story is brilliant.It’ll make you curious, it’ll make you confuse, it’ll make your heart leap, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you smile. You’ll have your emotions scrambled up while reading this book. But in the end, you’ll actually love this book for making you feel mix up. Why? That’s because the story line is pure awesome. The prolog [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsI've been struggling with my review of this book since I completed my read. I received the book as a read to review and overall, I am glad I did. It's a good book, one of those that sticks with you when you're not reading it. I enjoyed the premise. The author has a great writing style, not too weighted or wordy, yet immersive pictures are conveyed with great ease. The characters are well-rounded and mostly believable. I loved the book in so many ways, but here is why I've been strugglin [...]

    8. Books & Sweet EpiphanybooksandsweetepiphanyThis is the best book I've read in the month of July.Wish You Were Here is a book where you can't stop reading, your heart pounds in time with the characters in the book, the writing style just drags you into the story and in the end, you can't help but fall in love with the book.I love the time travelling theme in the story and the beautiful love story between Callie and Joey Tempo.When I said "love story", I meant there's a lot of pain, anguish, s [...]

    9. I missed the fact that this was YA book when I bought it - and boy was I glad. The book had me hooked from the start and was gutted that I had to put it down at 1 in the morning to sleep. I good length book with a brilliant story. I am looking forward to reading more by this author. I recommend this book to anyone who loves YA books and to everyone else - there is no "naughty" bits and I would let my daughter who is 16 read this. There is a love story in the book and just a fabulous read.

    10. 4.8 stars (rounded to 5 on my list) see review at mamabookasaurus--I picked up my iPad at 1pm yesterday and read through my son's nap. At the bus stop picking up my daughter and waiting at the pharmacy on my other son's medicine my eyes were glued to the pages. Reluctantly, I put it down when I had to stop to make kids dinner, change diapers, fill sippy cups, review homework, give said medicine and tuck them in for the night. Then I read non stop till 12:30am. And I am sitting here writing my r [...]

    11. Wishing You Were Here is a compelling love story with a twist. The main character, Callie, has traveled back in time to save the life of a could-be legend. Immediately, I was drawn into the story after hearing about this girl's normal home-life situation, with an annoying little sister and an unusual love for all things 'dead' - as her sister likes to say.It is only after familiarizing us with the home-life of the normal modern-day girl that she wakes up in unusual clothes in an unusual place an [...]

    12. I won a copy of this ebook from YA readers Lounge for a review!3.5 stars. Callie loves music and she hopes to build her career in radio broadcasting. She discovers a old record of 50's sensation Joey in her attic and travels back to the 50's through the record. The catch is, she is supposed save to joey, who will be dying in a plane crash later that day.I like Callie. If I had been in her shoes, god knows what I would have done (running crazy seems to be a very possible outcome). She kept her co [...]

    13. Callie Reinhard is an avid music fan with dreams of a career in radio. Though she’s drawn to music from the 60’s and 70’s, an unexpected discovery of a vintage record from the 50’s by an artist named Joey Tempo proves irresistible, and Callie is drawn to learning more about his music and his life. She can’t shake the feeling that their lives are connected. When she discovers that Joey died on a transatlantic flight in 1957, Callie is determined to somehow change his fate. After a myste [...]

    14. I just finished reading this wonderfully fun YA/NA time travel story by Catherine Chant.Callie Reinard, a 21st century Boston teen, has just graduated from high school and is looking forward to college and an exciting career in radio. So how is it that she finds herself thrown back in time to 1957 and to London's Heathrow Airport, trying to stop the tragic death of '50's Rock'n'Roll heartthrob, Joey Tempo?After Callie succeeds in keeping Joey off that doomed plane, she thinks her job is done and [...]

    15. *I received the book from the author, via , in exchange for an honest review*Oh my goodness, I love this book! I love the flow of this book, and the writing style was great. As some previous reviewer's mentioned, I would have loved to have Joey's POV, but it would have given too much away :)Callie is a sweet, kind girl and I love her character. I was a little creeped out when Callie and Joey started falling in love, just because of the perceived age factor. But as the story progressed, I forgot [...]

    16. Catherine Chant spins a great story about a young girl who travels through time to help a singer achieve his dreams.Full review in March 2013 issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    17. Not my style of book as it's romance genre, but it is well crafted for this type of book, and if you like y/a romance, including one with time travel, I recommend this book.

    18. Rating 3.5. The last half of this book was better than the first half. The self-doubts and regrets and arguments and issues in the first half of the book seemed to be churned over and over. They needed to be there, just not in the quantity they were. I really liked the last half and hadn't seen the last twists and turns coming. Although it isn't listed on , this is book one in a series and I look forward to book 2. (There is a novella listed on but supposedly book 2 is in the works.)

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