Resolve In the Pittsburgh Marathon people from all over the world will participate Over will run the half marathon will run brief stretches as part of a relay people will attempt to

  • Title: Resolve
  • Author: J.J. Hensley
  • ISBN: 9781579623135
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Pittsburgh Marathon, 18,000 people from all over the world will participate Over 9,500 will run the half marathon, 4,000 will run brief stretches as part of a relay 4,500 people will attempt to cover the full 26.2 miles Over 200 of the participants will quit, realizing it just wasn t their day More than 100 will get injured and require medical treatment And oneIn the Pittsburgh Marathon, 18,000 people from all over the world will participate Over 9,500 will run the half marathon, 4,000 will run brief stretches as part of a relay 4,500 people will attempt to cover the full 26.2 miles Over 200 of the participants will quit, realizing it just wasn t their day More than 100 will get injured and require medical treatment And one man is going to be murdered.When Dr Cyprus Keller lines up to start the race, he knows who is going to die for one simple reason He s going to kill them.As a professor of Criminology at Three Rivers University, and a former police officer, Dr Cyprus Keller is an expert in criminal behavior and victimology However, when one of his female students is murdered and his graduate assistant attempts to kill him, Keller finds himself frantically swinging back and forth between being a suspect and a victim When the police assign a motive to the crimes that Keller knows cannot be true, he begins to ask questions that somebody out there does not want answered.In the course of 26.2 miles, Keller recounts how he found himself encircled by a series of killings that have shocked the city, while literally pursuing his prey the man who was behind it all RESOLVE marks the emergence of J.J Hensley as a crime writer to watch, an author whose real world scars give him an insight into fiction s mean streets James Grady, SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR and MAD DOGSReview Impressive first novel.ully constructed mystery Publishers Weekly J.J Hensley s debut novel is a lean, fast paced, suspenseful murder mystery told with style, intelligence, and wit It pulled me in immediately and kept me guessing from start to finish John Verdon, bestselling author of LET THE DEVIL SLEEP.hensley booksBecome a fan on and or join the Resolve Facebook page at facebook hensleybooks

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      249 J.J. Hensley
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    1. J.J. Hensley

      J.J HENSLEY is a former police officer and former Special Agent with the U.S Secret Service Hensley graduated from Penn State University with a B.S in Administration of Justice and has a M.S degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia Southern University Mr Hensley is the author of the novels RESOLVE, MEASURE TWICE, CHALK S OUTLINE, BOLT ACTION REMEDY and several shorter worksLT ACTION REMEDY, which is a mystery set near a biathlon training facility, is published by Down Out Books Also, his mystery RECORD SCRATCH has been picked up for publication in 2018SOLVE was a Thriller Award finalist and was named one of the Best Books of the Year by both Suspense Magazine and Authors on the Air.He is a member of the International Thriller Writers and Sisters in Crime.Email contact.hensleybooks gmail

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    1. It takes serious resolve to run a marathon, to solve a crime, or to kill someone, and the 26.2 miles of this Pittburgh race provide a perfect framework for the murder to come in J. J. Henlsey’s Resolve. But what drives a runner to push his body so far? And what makes a former police officer turned criminology professor turn so far from the rule of law?The route twists and turns through wide streets of clean modernity down into poverty and shame. Meanwhile the plot twists through Dr. Cyprus Kel [...]

    2. Fabulous! A must read. Murder at the Pittsburgh marathon. I listened to the book three times and purchased it on audible. I love the storyline and the narrator does a beautiful job reading J.J. Hensley's words. I look forward to reading more of Hensley's books

    3. This book was amazing. Great story, twists and turns galore, written in a style that is unique and brilliant.The story involves a professor who teaches at a Pittsburgh university, and ran the Pittsburgh 26.2 mile marathon. His tale is about the race and so much more. He is the narrator and says "8,000 people will enter this contest, half of them won't run the entire race, 200 runners will have some sort of injury and drop out, and one person is going to die How do I know that one person is going [...]

    4. I really, really liked this! I knew this was a first-time novelist so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the premise is fantastic. Each chapter is one mile of a marathon, and you know from the very beginning that someone will die during the race, because the main character is going to kill them. I love that the beginning of each chapter described what the runner was seeing and feeling during the race, including the great descriptions of Pittsburgh (this is where the race takes place). It's obviou [...]

    5. A professor of criminology at Three Rivers College, Dr. Cyprus Keller, is caught in a web of murder and intrigue when a student, with an apparent crush on the ol' professor, is found murdered shortly after being turned down by Dr. Keller. The next day his teaching assistant assaults him in the parking lot and soon Dr. Keller finds himself as the primary suspect of multiple crimes. The twists and turns of the story are doled out to the reader in a rather unique fashion. The story of Resolve is br [...]

    6. Resolve has all of the elements that I love in a book. It is a mystery/thriller with an intelligent, often quite funny protagonist in a great setting, the Pittsburgh marathon. As a runner, I love the detailed mile-by-mile account of the marathon. Each chapter is a mile of the marathon - what a creative way to organize a book. As a reader, the flashbacks and twists and turns of the book are outstanding. The author successfully combines the non-fiction aspects of running a marathon with a well-con [...]

    7. I will state upfront that if all the posts people make about running on FB annoys you, then don't read this book! It is a suspenseful mystery with lots of great twists and turns but it is also full of great running references. In fact, a newbie could learn a thing or two about running while trying to figure out "who done it." The main character is a former police officer who finds himself in the middle of a murder and an even greater mystery. Cleverly formatted, the book takes 26 point 2 chapter [...]

    8. Suspenseful and deeply interesting form the from start until finish. The level of detail for all aspects of the story is awesome. I read the last 13.2 miles plus epilogue in one sitting yesterday I could not stop. The premise of marathon and murder is so unique and executed so well, with everything happening efficiently, during the race and as flashback. Balanced and full of action, without filler or frivolous description. Highly recommend to anyone, non-runners included.

    9. For a first time author this is a genuinely impressive novel. It not only has credible characters but a great sense of intelligence in the way the plot is put together. This is definitely an author to watch.opionator.wordpress/2013/0

    10. Won this one on First reads. I liked this one quite a bit. Story held me all the way through, and I liked how the narrative jumped back and forth between the race and the events leading up to it. Makes me want to get back in to running regularly.

    11. I adore this book. I always enjoy a good crime thriller. Yet this murderous tale is interwoven and framed by another of my favorite interests--running. Instead of chapters, Resolve constructs its narrative through flashbacks along each mile of the race. I really enjoyed the construction of the story, but even beyond this innovation, the story itself is captivating. I liked the character of the narrator. I cared about him and what was happening to him, all of it drawing me in. Marathon pace is pe [...]

    12. It will not seem like a grueling marathon to read this book. Instead it will be a sprint to the finish as you will want to find out how the race and the book ends! I'm not a huge fan of crime novels but this one made me a believer. Filled with interesting characters, twists and turns, and a compelling plot line- I enjoyed this read each step of the way. Now I am anxious to read more from this author.

    13. Just finished listening to this book on Audible. I would highly recommend it! It was a totally gripping and very smart thriller. It definitely motivated me to get out for my morning walk each morning, because I wanted to keep listening. I can't wait to read more by J. J. Hensley!

    14. This book held my interest from the first page and kept me guessing as to whom would be the victim. As a first offering, I think J.J. did excellent and recommend this book even to those who are not your typical crime mystery fan.

    15. This is a high-paced thriller set in Pittsburgh. The back drop for the story is the Pittsburgh Marathon and the story races around the whole city. Resolve is a thrill ride from the beginning to the end.

    16. The Permanent Press (March 15, 2013)249 pp"It wasn't always the loudest. It wasn't always the smartest. It wasn't always the meanest, the most popular, or the most daring. The last man standing was always the one who had the most belief. Right or wrong didn't matter."Marathon's are killer to run in. For one runner in particular, this marathon will beterally.J.J. Hensley's first book Resolve was rightfully nominated for the Best First Book award at this years Thrillerfest that was held in New Yor [...]

    17. Back in 2014, J.J. Hensley joined the inaugural #30Authors event. He was, and is, quite a fan favorite and has joined in every year since. Even so, I hadn’t read any of his books until recently. This was mostly because I like him as a person and was afraid that, because he writes a genre I don’t read a lot of, I wouldn’t connect with the book. It’s a thriller that uses a marathon to propel the story forward and as someone who doesn’t love most thrillers or run (at all), I was nervo [...]

    18. March 15th was the publication date for this debut novel and I just couldn't wait to review it. It's a different type of plot than I've ever read, set during the Pittsburgh Marathon with flashbacks to fill in the storyline.Each chapter is a mile of the marathon. Protagonist Dr. Cyprus Keller is running the race. He explains that 18,000 people are participating. Some will drop out for various reasons, others are running relays or just a half-marathon, and one person won't finish the race because [...]

    19. As a runner and a lover of crime/mystery novels, I was looking forward to Resolve. I was not disappointed. It was a page turner right to the end.

    20. We are always told to write what we know and that is exactly what Hensley does here, writes about running (amazingly well with some descriptions that can’t be faked) Pittsburgh, and law enforcement. All done beautifully and sewn together to create an irresistible page turner that will keep you entertained and intrigued until the very end.

    21. Resolve is one seriously good debut. Seriously good!Set during the course of the Pittsburgh marathon, the story evolves in real race time, switching between current and the story behind it, almost as though the lead character, Cyprus Keller, is churning the events over in his mind, going over them again, making sure he hasn't missed anything, justifying to himself what he is about to do, because he is about to commit murder.Cyprus is a professor at Three River University and a former police offi [...]

    22. Maybe I'm just been picky giving this book a 4 instead of a 5. Intensity, plot, characters, writing, wording and editing were all excellent. Not to mention the visual, imagery, voices, and humor all enhance the presence of running along with the protagonist. I especially love his narrative about the dog. I can almost see the dog right in front of me. I admire the author for beginning the book with the start of the marathon and also end with it. The technique of jumping from one scene to another [...]

    23. First I only wanted to read this book because it's set in Pittsburgh, and I was pleasantly surprised. I fully went in thinking it would be just okay, or worse. I'm really picky about mystery novels, and don't read many mysteries for that reason, but the author made this interesting with his infusion of dry humor, writing style, and execution. I could tell I was going to like this before I was finished with the prologue. It continued stringing you along until the very last page. I would have read [...]

    24. I LOVED this book. I loved it so much I slowed down reading it so I could make it last longer. The book is set during the Pittsburgh Marathon and each chapter is a mile. Cyprus Keller then tells the story as backstory as he makes his way through the course, getting step by step closer to committing murder.I loved how the story unwound slowly. I was kept guessing on who was committing what crimes and why. I also liked the flawed and wisecracking main character. He reminded me of Robert B. Parker' [...]

    25. I gave this novel a shot when I saw it was a 2014 ITW Thriller Award Nominee for Best First Novel, and I wasn't disappointed. It starts as a murder mystery in the Pittsburgh area involving a college co-ed, and a college professor and several of his marathon running friends become suspects and / or subsequent victims. I normally don't care too much for books written in different times, when you have to alternate between the current time and a past or future time or place, but the author, J.J. Hen [...]

    26. Thank you for a page turner. I have been suffering through boring one note novels and I received this one from LibraryThing. Fantastic. It is a book that runners will love as well as mystery buffs will find it a great read. Very easy read. Resolve travels back and forth from running to mystery and back seamlessly. I read it in a couple of days, since I am disabled it is easy. Thank you J.J. Hensley, please write more!!!!!!!!I do not like to write reviews that talk about exactly how, who, why. Re [...]

    27. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this when it started. It begins with the man telling us he's about to kill someone. It moves around through time and space instead of chronologically, and I wondered if I'd be able to follow it. The story was fascinating and the character had a self-deprecating humor that made the fact that he planned to kill someone, and I didn't know why not so bad. While there were moments I questioned, the story was well written and an interesting character study. Worth [...]

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